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Update: Tokyo March 10th Tuesday night

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 07:42 AM
Not much going on here today. Not sure why though. But here are a few updates that I came across.

Of 530 people infected in Japan and travelers from China,
111 in Hokkaido
86 in Aichi
67 in Tokyo, this number to me seems too low, but I'm happy it to be low
55 in Osaka , expect this number to rise due to the live concerts at live house
43 in Kanagawa
23 in Chiba , this is where Disney land is
20 in Hyogo ,
14 in Wakayama
13 in Kyoto
12 in Kochi, 12 in
11 in Niigata,
Ishikawa Prefecture 7 people,
Nara Prefecture 7 people, lots of tourist in this area
Kumamoto Prefecture 6 people,
Nagano Prefecture, 3 people,
Yamaguchi Prefecture, 3 people, this number hasn't increase I think now for a week ( it also has the only airport that serves Tokyo ) these numbers although which is very good, and I hope they stay like that, but there are 3 shinkansen stations in Yamaguchi Pref. 1. Ogori 2. Onoda 3. Shin Shimonoseki (so in other words, thousand travel through area on a week end)
Fukuoka Prefecture 3 people, this is great news (got the international airport there)
Okinawa Prefecture, 3 people, number hasn't change
2 people in Akita, 2 people in
Tochigi, 2 people in
Yamanashi, 2 people in
Gifu, 2 people in
, 1 person in Miyagi, 1 person in
Fukushima, 1
Gunma 1 prefecture, 1
Shizuoka prefecture, 1
Mie prefecture, 1
Shiga prefecture, 1
Hiroshima prefecture, 1
Tokushima prefecture, 1
Oita prefecture, 1
Miyazaki prefecture one person,
Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare of staff and quarantine officers, it is infected with a quarantine airport Such as certified by the person is 11 people together.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as of the 10th,
31 severely ill persons were infected in Japan, and

1. Osaka College of Music bans students entering the campus till the 15th of March (subject to change) will cancel 11 concerts, including the graduation ceremony
2. large scale events may have to be cancelled for the next 10 days (can change)
3. possible measures now to refuse entry from March 11 for foreigners who have stayed in places such as Italy ( there's a lot more to this, but its a start for now)
4. 530 cases now of infections (subject to change tomorrow)
5. there were 29 new cases yesterday (March 9 Monday)
6. I had mentioned about Pachinko parlors and what to expect: today the govt. asked them to take disinfection measures and are to refrain from promoting advertising. Some Pachinko parlors are reported to have closed

take care ATS members

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 08:08 AM
Maybe they are low numbers cause they arent reporting the truth. When you look at Iran, S Korea, and Italy exploding perhaps they are following China's lead with under reporting.

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 08:13 AM
Update 9 pm Tokyo Tuesday

Just in 554 cases of infections up from 530 which I posted earlier.

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 08:20 AM

originally posted by: sirlancelot
Maybe they are low numbers cause they arent reporting the truth. When you look at Iran, S Korea, and Italy exploding perhaps they are following China's lead with under reporting.

That too puzzles me. You see, old people go to the Pachinko parlors and they spend hours there. Today, finally the govt. set some restrictions on them. ( something most people don't know is that the North Koreans own a lot of these parlors) We do have a Communist party here also.

But you take Yamaguchi Prefecture. (it has a lot of agriculture from strawberries to apples and...) yet it has the only airport serving Tokyo and it also has 3 shinkansen stations. All shinkansen going south come through Yamaguchi, no other way, plus there are only 3 main routes for trucks to haul goods. Something doesn't add up. Also Ube Yamaguchi University Hospital is restricting new out patients (something like that) and doctors and staff have daily update meetings of the virus. It is one hospital that can take in corona virus patients yet not a word in local newspapers of new cases. Oh, well. Lets not panic.

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