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Who needs a distraction from Annie Ant and Benny Bee?

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 05:34 AM
I started a writing endeavor, I have not completed it yet, though, it is silly and it is a book for children, based on the Adventurous Travels of Annie Ant and Benny Bee. I will share the first chapter and if there is an enthusiastic response, I might continue to share.

This is my own writing and I would appreciate if those that read it were kind enough to respect that.

Annie Ant and Benny Bee Visit the Insect Infirmary

Mary Mosquito the nurse greeted them at the door,
Annie Ant and Benny Bee had been there before,
Franky Fly had seen them together getting tests done,
He was the security guy who kept an eye on the place,
Recognizing friendly insects and giving a happy face;

Annie needed her adenoids removed and tonsils , too,
Benny needed a discectomy so he could buzz around,
Together they waited holding each others hands,
Surgery was never any fun and recovery would be tough,
No matter the circumstance, no matter how rough;

Dr. Cricket would need assistance from Nurse Beetle,
They would be up to the task, wearing their gloves and masks,
Earthworm Ernie would provide the gas for the operations,
While Tommy Termite kept the bacteria out of the way,
"Not on my watch", he proclaimed, "No way, Today!";

Slowly, Annie Ant and Benny Bee fell away into serenity,
Asleep they would dream and wake to find reality, soon,
Ouch it hurts, please make it go away, ice cream would help,
Is there a special flavor you like Lilly Ladybug the aid asked,
Annie loves strawberry and Benny loves honeydew, too;

Off she went to the kitchen and Ronnie Roach just knew,
On the counter sat 2 big bowls waiting to be removed,
The magical ice cream would do just the trick for them,
But wait, there is more, let's add some whipped cream,
They were so happy to see and begged for no end to the dream;

Together again, side by side, eating their ice cream now,
It almost makes it worth the pain, not really, but yummy,
To the very last drop the taste was so very yummy,
Healing would take a few days at least, an ice cream feast,
It feels so good going down, it removes that thorny frown;

Finally, the day had arrived, bandages removed, they sighed,
What a relief to feel better, "Can we leave, Yet, Please?",
They sang in chorus, "We want to be FREE!", Sure thing,
Nurse Beetle said Dr. Cricket, approved your release!,
Smiles stretched from ear to ear, that is Great to Hear;

So, Annie Ant and Benny Bee, packed up their stuff and prepared to leave,
Everyone came to say goodbyes, GIANT tears of joy fell from their eyes,
"Thank you, all, you've been so kind, you gave us both peace of mind!",
Benny Bee bowed down for Annie Ant, she climbed aboard, held on tight,
We may have come through the door, but the window is a beautiful sight;

Now that they are healed and can handle the stress, Benny cranked up his mighty wings,
Off they went into the wild blue yonder, Their NEW destination they will have to ponder,
Could it be, the DEEP BLUE SEA, or could the MOUNTAINS be calling their names,
Either way the Adventurous Travels of Annie Ant and Benny Bee will continue, soon,
With much to do and fun games to play, there may even be a trip to the Moon!

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