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Tic Tok - Someone Unwind This Broken Clock!

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posted on Mar, 9 2020 @ 11:07 PM

Hi I'm Bob...

I'll be your host for this moment's entertainment. So what do ya say? Let's play a conspiracy game!

I'll ask a few questions and you give the best answer. At the end, we'll tally up the best answers and... Do nothing at all. We hope you enjoy. Let's begin!

In a world where politics rule the globe, a world full of countries playing underhanded games with one another through out the modern age. A world where countries's leaders realize the world is a little overcrowded. They race to find a solution but like others, they go on each day as the as the one before. (1) Somewhere in this world, a drill prepares for a virus that devastates human population. Through out the centuries, such things have happened. However our medical technology stands up to sickness today, it's never the match for this deadly cycle. (1a)

Was it time?

At the very time mock drills were being demonstrated in the US and other places around the world, though delayed, we discover that our fears are manifest and falling upon us now. One could question if this world was truly unprepared or perhaps maybe even cast it in to play in some sick game of world domination. A plague falls upon the whole earth but not unlike others, so they say. Still, this plague brings fear among some of the masses, others not so much, spreading further. It's also plausible that the virus in question could be a ploy to do exactly what it's crafters designed it to do. (2)(2a) Martial Law...

What do people fear more, virus or radical containment?

The world puts on it's breaks and slows more than just a little without knowing just how long they will hold. (3) Countries shut down one by one - Quarantines on many borders - Gatherings prohibited - while the mystery builds about this new plague as so little is known. We do know that the virus is told to be only as harmful as any other virus but still so many questions remain. (3a)(3b)(3c)(3d)(3e)(3f)

Why is this one putting the world in panic?

If the fear is an illusion, why are leaders pulling the strings towards mass containment?

Is this Martial Law in the making?

What could possibly benefit from world wide Martial Law?

Is it even possible to contain so many people if this were true?

Will a cure prevent worldwide catastrophe?

If this is prophecy, Is this perhaps the Trumpet at the Gates?


Ready for that score? ..You win!

...and so, for your listening enjoyment that will bring pleasure to your ear-holes...

I bring you.. A New World Order.

posted on Mar, 9 2020 @ 11:32 PM
Is this why the grapevine sings about Trump being the LAST president ?

Oh no.

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