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The Apokálypsi

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posted on Mar, 9 2020 @ 08:51 PM
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;
The whole earth is full of His glory!”

Isaiah 6:3 New King James Version
Isaiah 6:3 (Hebraic, Ctrl-F 'Lexicon')

Sabbaoth means 'the one who sealed The Breath to the hosts'
Yaweh Seals the Breath of Life, this binds your soul to your bones, and allows your corpse to be animated.
Yaweh is a proper name, also the name of an office
Yaweh Sabbaoth is The Christ, Jesus
Yaweh Elahu is another being with the Authority of the Office of Yaweh

zeh - Those with the breath sealed by the one approaching (implies a glorified host)
wə·qā·rā - spoke, proclaimed, worshipped
el-zeh - Those with the breath who were Elohim (also sealed by YS)
qā·ḏō·wōš Qadosh (Holy) - "With highest priority, expedite their passing"
qā·ḏō·wōš Qadosh (Holy) - "With highest priority, expedite their passing"
qā·ḏō·wōš Qadosh (Holy) - "With highest priority, expedite their passing"
Yah·weh - Seals the Breath
ṣə·ḇā·’ō·wṯ - Sealed the breath to 'your bones' (Saybeyoath)
kə·ḇō·w·ḏōw - his Glory (k[y]eayuhbo[h]do[h])
mə·lō - above and below (may low)
ḵāl - the breath may unseal (khyle! (shouted))
hā·’ā·reṣ - (in) the Heavens, & the worlds formed since the(y) last approach(ed)

Yaweh Sabbaoth, and his entourage of Elohim approached ancient of days, the host of heaven present who had their breath sealed by YS worshipped them. A Living Creature Cried MAKE WAY, THERE IS NO TIME! three times to allow HIM to pass three perimeters of Great Angels without interference, to approach ancient of days on the Throne. The same Living Creature warned the host not to touch HIS Glory, and defined very precisely where in the Heavens, and in the created Worlds it was currently present, for their Health. This is the exact type of warning that the fallen watchers ignored, and were unable to return to Heaven for a Time, Times, and Half a Time.


“Holy,[a] holy, holy,
Lord God Almighty,

Revelation 4;8 New King James Version
Revelation 4:8 (Greç, Ctrl-F 'Lexicon')

One Living Creature of Four had six wings, a pair currently, before, and after you see them, a Seraphim, past, present, and future pair of wings, having no blind spots, whether surrounded by Light, or the 'Pillar of Cloud', never failing, without rest, to allow the approach of GabriEl past the three defensive perimeters of Great Angels around ancient of days on the Throne.

καὶ (kai) Spirit
ἓν (hen) One of
αὐτῶν (autōn) (them specifically)
τὰ (ta) (their order)
τέσσαρα (tessara) the Four (Winds)
ζῷα (zōa) a glorified, elevated body (Living Creature)
ἔχων (echōn) had (not wings, 1 of 4 offices; the 'Winds')
ἕξ (hex) six
πτέρυγας (pterygas) appendages that allows flight (time)
γέμουσιν (gemousin) to be full of
ὀφθαλμῶν (ophthalmōn) vision
κυκλόθεν (kyklothen) all around
καὶ (kai) spirit
ἔσωθεν (esōthen) within (or without)
ἡμέρας (hēmeras) whether in light, or cloud
καὶ (kai) spirit
νυκτὸς (nyktos) without (light)
ἔχουσιν (echousin) without
ἀνάπαυσιν (anapausin) failure
λέγοντες (legontes) Posited

Ἅγιος (Hagios) Of the Way (Holy)
Ἅγιος (Hagios) Of the Way (Holy)
Ἅγιος (Hagios) Of the Way (Holy)

Κύριος (Kyrios) Unopposable
Θεός (Theos) Who speaks religion into being (Quran)
Παντοκράτωρ (Pantokratōr) Can Create All

ἦν (ēn) Can Create (Enlil | EnKi)
καὶ (kai) Spirit
ὢν (ōn) Can Destroy (Military Lineage)
καὶ (kai) Spirit (who is)
ἐρχόμενος (erchomenos) Unstoppable

The One who can Create, who has the spirit of On, and all power granted him under Heaven. The ArkAngel GabriEl.

Compared to 'normal' translations:
The four living creatures - ONE of Four (only describes ONE AT ALL)
each having six wings - Seraphim are visible past, present, and future, so a pair of wings.
were full of eyes - No blind spot
around and within - Whether surrounded by Light or 'Glory' (can see through all)
And they do not rest day or night, saying - One and only one, said it ONLY ONCE, 'without failing'
Lord God Almighty, - The ArkAngel GabriEl.
"Who was, and is, and is to come" - Who can come, and go as he pleases.

In both cases a Living Creature allowed an ArkAngel to pass 3 perimeters of Great Angels, specifically to have discourse with ancient of days on the Throne.

The perimeters of Great Angels aren't necessarily a small space, in Gabriel's case there was a whole realm of Heaven on the other side, as well as ancient of days.

The English translation does more purely mean 'if your work was Holy, you will be allowed to pass'. The original text 'Hagios' or 'Qadosh' are not the same meaning at all, and have very nearly nothing to do with each other. Both do technically mean 'Of the Way' (at least 'Holy') Holy. Most Holy. Good.

The Living Creatures DO NOT say this more than once, EVER. They declare what they witness, as a security mechanism, to allow passage, among other things.

In both cases they were Seraphim.

Ancient of Days is a Title, that means 'from before the *Verse was created' (Uni, septi, Multi, pick one).

Abba -d- On (Father allowed the Unweaving of Creation)
A Poly On (a, obverse, poly many; 'He who is of many wars')
Bab ilu On (Bab 'gate', ilu (proper name), On; shut the gate with lethal force)

'On' means "Military Lineage", generally; death, or destruction
Passing 'On' literally means being allowed by YS to pass HIS 'Pearly Gate'.
edit on 9-3-2020 by FieldMarshallJupiter because: Added 3rd type of verse


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