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Being politically active and aware has become physically dangerous in one on one situations

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 09:23 AM

originally posted by: HighasAkite

originally posted by: xuenchen
I bet the vast majority of the perpetrators are angry Democrats that are shallow thinking and desperately afraid because of something the MSM has instilled into their heads 😊

I'm sensing projection levels over 9000.

Whats funny is I bet the vast majority of the people who attack Trump supporters aren't even registered to vote or even know who Bernie Sanders is. They're people who see in Trump and his supporters the same exact narcissistic and abusive behaviors that they dealt with as kids from adults who were supposed to care for them and this causes those scars to tear open and they lash our in anger. No it isn't ok or right for them to do that but the fact that you all revel in "triggering" people and taking pleasure in their pain which is due to childhood trauma that you all are recreating for them is seriously sadistic and twisted.

So what I hear you saying is:
The victims of the violence are to blame for the violence. Because the victims are purposely recreating (by wearing a certain hat for example) the perpetrators scenarios of previous trauma.

Am I correct?

That the victims remind the perpetrator of someone who abused them in the past. So the victims really deserve to be assaulted because the perpetrators of the violence subconsciously think the victim has the same tendencies of those who abused them in childhood based simply on who they voted for.

So you blame the victims? Ok, that is a rationalization.

You also indicated that the concern is overblown.

I posted links that proved that for over 3 years now on average every 3 days someone is assaulted for their bumper sticker/hat/t-shirt/sign. What if it was reported with concern and questioning as to why it is happening on CNN, MSNBC,etc. with panels convened to try and find the root cause to stop it.

Some victims who you hint at deserving it, are children (teens),
and the very elderly who end up in the hospital -
are total strangers to the perpetrator,
who knows nothing about the victim except their political party :
but you see that political party as so heinous that anyone who belongs to it deserves to be victimized by people who have been previously traumatized and are projecting their rage onto the totally unknown victim.

In other words, you blame the victims for being assaulted by total strangers while ordering coffee, while eating at a fast food restaurant, while walking down the street on a shopping errand. Ok. They should have known better than to let anyone know they are a conservative? Ok.

If it were reported in the mainstream media exactly how bad this is, we would see it as an epidemic. But it is overlooked by every outlet that supports the progressive/liberal/left socialist agenda.

What if in the entire nation, the media began reporting every three days for years that "worshipers of birds" were assaulting, sometimes quite viciously anyone with a bumper sticker/hat/t-shirt that says they love cats. Cats routinely hunt and try to kill birds so anyone who supports and loves cats must be punished and admonished and victimized. That way they will stop loving cats and reject them.

What kind of attitude would the citizens of the US take toward this new religion of "Bird Worship"?

This is exactly what is happening and rationalizing that people who support cats deserve it and it is no big deal if they are assaulted because they know cats hunt and sometimes kill birds and must have all the characteristics of evil that cats have all the time in every situation.

I have seen no indication that conservatives are hunting (one on one) liberals. But there is an epidemic of liberals hunting (one on one) conservatives. This is wrong, this is evil, this is an epidemic, irregardless of what you think because the proof is there.

Again I don't think the average Joe/Jane Democrat knows this is happening because the media is purposely hiding this troublesome epidemic of people on the edge deciding it is ok to assault people if they don't like who they voted for or don't like their bumper sticker or hat.

Some how, the political leadership is, if not encouraging it, stoking the fires that enable troubled people to feel justified in viciously attacking people based on their political affiliation. This is the most troublesome aspect of all, along with hiding the truth from the public by under reporting it if reporting it at all.

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 09:30 AM
No issues outside but I do know in the corporate world we have issues with people that can't keep their mouths shut. We lave had to talk to many and about half get terminated because they can't act reasonably in a work environment. Once they find out someone was a Trump supporter they just seem to go full retard on them, and after a warning it gets worse EVERY TIME.

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 09:30 AM
a reply to: The2Billies

Well, if you wouldn’t wear that red MAGA hat pulled down and cocked at a provocative level...Or placed your “I voted” sticker so plain to see on Election Day...

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 10:51 AM

originally posted by: Ahabstar
a reply to: The2Billies

Well, if you wouldn’t wear that red MAGA hat pulled down and cocked at a provocative level...Or placed your “I voted” sticker so plain to see on Election Day...

Well, it's illegal to wear that hat within 30 feet of any polling station, as is an I Love BERNIE/BIDEN hat on polling day.

But your lighthearted comment/joke highlights the fear that conservatives have of letting any liberal know of their political affiliation.

The underlying message is "liberals" are dangerous and by extension "Democrats are dangerous". This is an enormous problem for Democrats, especially for those rank and file who are not "triggered" by the mere sight of a conservative and has the self control not to assault conservatives.

Too bad the Democratic party won't address this as wrong and quash this, because their lack of addressing the problem implies they approve of this behavior, by default.

Thanks for the reply. I actually agree with you that it is way to dangerous for any conservative to wear ANY hat in support of any conservative politician, it is dangerous to put a political sign in your yard in support of ANY conservative, it is dangerous to have a bumper sticker or t-shirt as well in support of ANY conservative politician. This is how bad things have become in the US for the average Joe/Jane conservative who just wants to be able to speak about their ideology without fear of assault by someone who overhears or sees their hat. This USED to be a cornerstone and source of pride for US citizens, their freedom of conscience when it comes to ideology, unfortunately this epidemic of violent assaults has ended that, and no one political leader will address this issue.

The mainstream media plays it down and refuses in many cases to report what is happening, but conservatives know and independents are more aware than liberals think.

Liberals are seen as dangerous to anyone who dares to express any political opinion that is not liberal. Witness the earlier comment that corporations are having problems with liberals verbally assaulting conservatives in the workplace. This fear is far more pervasive than liberals and Democrats "who are not like that" care to admit, and so they hide their heads in the sand and refuse to address or demand their leadership do all they can to put a stop to it.

This fear of liberal Democrats is also reflected in a "joke" running in conservative circles. Biden has had brain surgery and has had at least 2 known aneurysms and Sanders has had a fairly recent bad heart attack.

The joke is: The Democratic Nominee better not choose Hillary as VP or they are likely to die of "natural causes" within the first year.

This is another reflection of the widespread perception how dangerous the Democratic Party can be to get what they want.

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 11:14 AM
a reply to: The2Billies

Actually it was a take on the old “Look at the way she was dressed, of course she was going to be raped” victim shaming that you brought up.

But what can you expect from the same group that says it is wrong yet uses the same statement to justify their actions. Kinda like “quit voting for the old rich white guy” when they refuse to acknowledge that there is still a young woman running for President that was born after the other two started holding office.

That is why no one takes the Democrat policy seriously. You don’t even practice your own words that you shout from the rooftops.

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 11:42 AM
A few months ago a friend of mine from the Navy passed away. In 1984 his brother was just starting a business making embroidered shirts, patches and hats. He gave his brother his first order for red baseball hats with the squadron's designation embroidered in gold thread. When he passed away his brother tracked down as many of us that he could find who got the original hats, sent us a new one and asked us to wear them in memory of his brother. Twice, I've had somebody stop me, from behind, and when I turned around one of them actually said "Sorry I thought that was a MAGA hat." Think that one through. Several months ago we had a 78 year old Marine veteran get sucker punched because of the RED Marine Corps Association hat he was wearing. When he fell, he also broke his hip and now has to live in an assisted living home.

How many other incidents haven't been reported?

For those of you who say "The other side does it too!". Really? Where? When? If it did happen the MSM would be on it like crap on a goose. Look at the incident with the Covington kids.

Some have mentioned that sooner or later they are going to pick on the wrong person and it isn't going to end well. I agree with you. I also agree that there are some on the Left who are just waiting for it to happen, so that they can run as far as they can with it.
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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 11:45 AM
Joe Biden took on a tough Auto Worker this morning in Michigan.

"You're full of sh'it":

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