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The Worst Coronavirus Conspiracy Possible.

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posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: DiddyC

The original position was more along the lines of the economic damage the coronavirus would do across the a covert bioweapon. I think it is far less about population reduction if it is a weaponized virus...there is lethality, but it is more about the drag it will have on nation states and economies. The point here is THAT CHINA HAS THE CORONAVIRUS CONTAINED within china! The number of new cases has shrunk CHINA. But the graph looks like the rest of the world is going to have a pandemic type spread...unconfined.

China, although taking a first hit from the coronavirus that dragged their economy down and killed citizens, is apparently, surprisingly, past the worst of it. They have significantly reduced new cases. Now the rest of the world is looking like it is going to get hit and may not be able to contain it like china did. China, economically, now has the upper hand IF the rest of the world gets hit harder than they did, and cant stop the economic repercussions that would overwhelm entire social medical care, medicine, supply chain, stock markets, workforce, education, etc.

IF China purposefully caused the outbreak (and that is a big if), they appear fully innocent by virtue of getting hit first. But they stopped it within their borders. It looks like they are past the worst of it. If the rest of the world CANT stop the spread like china did, economically we are gonna take a huge, huge hit from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations and every financial system in between, and china will come out on top...maybe even as more of a key supplier for what by that point would be an economically wounded world hit with social instability as a result.
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posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 03:27 AM
a reply to: Kahana1

Interesting approach , nothing is off the cards when it comes to the creation of biohazards .

But nah it's similar scenario VBto ww3 and the m a d that would be inevitable , nobody wages a war that means they get killed themselves .

It s more likely an Uber globalist secret cabal covering both east and west in tandem "might* decide Greta thunberg has a point , and go to save the atmosphere from collapsing into general unsuitability at the last minute.

Or again , some misguided idiot terrorists might have developed a bioweapon , as it's , easy to do at home. In the process, a novel virus they had no idea to expect , emerged from the rabbit diahorea they hoped would produce botulism and other serious compromises like clostridium difficile , as a novel , pnumoenteric nightmare for humans . That got publicially released , airborne, went to China , spread like wildfire and now you've got todays news.

Keep eyes on the ball , you've got two posters here saying , oooh it is only mild , meek and mild .
How do they know ? They don't .
What's more like a real problem is we don't know it's mild . If Wuhan IU s still locked down as it is , it's not a mild disease . It could be , looks like it is tbh , with the reports of tremors , brain and stem invasiveness , reinfection problems , it being pnumoenteric etc. , a proper serious problem .
Thereby the simple lie that it's only mild , like comparing flu , is the easiest lie to tell , and the biggest lie weve been hearing and possibly the worst type of conspiracy . It's reasonably well known our msm is 'handled' by certain ' doctors' . Pediatric gynecologist types of doctors who slime round the governments and interpol as well .
Channel 4 news had a proper consultant Dr yesterday who helped put the Bullsnip we've been hearing from the msm about ' flu' where it belongs .

This ain't seasonal and it ain't flu , it's as simple as that .

posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 03:32 AM
One reason this unlikely bioweapon theory popped up is that there was some information saying that children were basically not getting the coronavirus. That fact (if true), coupled with the high mortality rate among seniors, has all the elements of a perfect bioweapon for a totalitarian state simply to use on its own people. Economically, weeding the old and infirm while preserving the next crop of youth doesnt seem out of context for those besot with the worst form of leadership psychosis in a totalitarian regime.

The second step, hypothetically, if you would consider using such a bioweapon on your own citizens, certainly intelligence analysts would also have considered using the bioweapon on other nations, and would analyze the impact on those enemies.

In the case of culling a small percentage of the elderly and causing pandemic level society wide quarantines, the economic outcomes could be disastrous if the bioweapon could not be contained. It could be a socio-economic death blow on some levels if used on a nation state that could not contain the pandemic, had an already unstable/unsustainable economy, and/or significant social instability and limited capacity to handle the disruptions caused... that is the kind of death blow that could take a decade to bleed out after-the-fact.
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posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 03:44 AM
a reply to: DoctorBluechip

Thats right doctor! I anticipate little concern EXCEPT for the economic drag it could cause if it goes full pandemic. Lets hope it doesn’t. But no one can deny, when the streets of Beijing, China’s largest city, are empty, SOME KIND OF IMPACT is happening. The numbers could be in the trillions lost economically in a sustained, uncontained scenario, even if there was no mortality from the virus, and it only lasted 6 months. If the streets of major cities of America go empty for too long, the micro/macro economy/stocks tank. That would be unavoidable.

posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: Kahana1

Consider this then , that the social and economic impact is being factored against the clinical impact on the population .

Expounding the view that the economy and the functions of society like schooling have precedence in being protected , over the protection needs of individuals and the vulnerable ,
Is akin to notable Hitlerisms . For example the idea that the disabled should be sacrificed or sacrifice themselves for the good of wider society , is something he said .
Posing the radical alternative , screw the economy and schooling , forget corporate losses , bollocks to hyperinflation , etc etc , this is about human survival.
At the moment they're letting Corona in on the basis of the above , and even epidemiologists have been quoted with their maginot line nonsense about shutting borders . They're not sociologists or historians they're not geographical experts either , it's a long way to Tipperary .

posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 06:56 PM
The only thing that seems likely on the far end of the spectrum would be that China... a country of smokers and diabetics... could see fit to cull it's populace in order to stimulate a dying economy. They've already built fake cities for just this reason, so it's really not that far fetched.
I could also believe they are spraying with disinfectants (or worse) with little regard to human (or animal) life.
I'd believe they are welding doors shut and piling rocks in front of others, indifferent to starvation pleas.

I'd believe that the U.S. trade deal had an 'act of God' clause that China readily used to nix the recent trade war agreement.

I'd believe the U.S. and other countries agreed to do nothing much to stop the initial spread and allow the virus to become endemic to stave off what even the most basic economist calls an inevitable Great Depression / Recession, real or imagined in reality.

I'd believe our own CDC and the WHO, along with many other agencies across the world would slow walk a response because you 'never let a good crisis go to waste'.

I'd have an easier time believing all of that over what the media puts out daily, but in the end WHO knows?

posted on Mar, 7 2020 @ 10:03 PM

originally posted by: olaru12
It won't stop with just geezer deaths. It will go after the kids that haven't built up an immunity to anything, yes we are talking very dark scenarios...I am a senior citizen and if the millineals want my stuff they are welcome to it. I just hate being singled out. Why couldn't we have a proper nuclear holocaust like normal people.

I hear you; a noble death. Not wanting an instantaneous accidental death or a death without valor.

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