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Political Warfare 1994; History Repeating in 2020

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posted on Mar, 2 2020 @ 12:04 AM
Back when I was still in school, some one I knew had a collection of these publications, that he coveted even above the soldier of Fortune magazines. Once it all started to sink it, I figured out why. Warfare isn't always won with bullets.

Sometimes a little mind screwing goes a long way. That is why propaganda was utilized. Sometimes propaganda wasn't completely effective by itself, so that's where state influenced leverage comes in. Also known as political warfare. Politicians are dirty, that's an understood. But they are also so dirty that they have been tempted to work against their constituents, and have. That's when it's time to regulate.

This letter is addressed to old family Reds, central bankers, military traitors (past and present), academia, media pundits, "civil rights" activists, and "Greens." Your worst fears are justified; It exists in all branches of the military, in federal agencies, among civilians, and in several foreign countries.

I am an old Special Forces active duty soldier. I've worked with people in all branches of the military, alphabet soup federal agencies, police departments, and civilians. While most people I've worked with are passive supporters of resistance to your "global community," there are some who are willing to actively defend what they believe in.

Having traveled extensively I have seen firsthand the results of failed collectivist governments who have looted their countries into squalor. Most politically attuned people I know have seen it also and know that the only way you can achieve your global community is by doing the same to America.

Some think resistance is futile. Maybe it is. But we are willing to fight you, and make you pay DEARLY for your arrogance. We are moral, principled, and believe in the ORIGINAL Constitution and the philosophies that define it.

You see, your mistake was that you thought we'd just mumble our oath and then contradict it when ordered to. but YOU,--you promoters of the "brotherhood of mankind"--are the enemies domestic we are sworn to defend the Constitution against.

We didn't choose you as the enemy. By your collectivist ideologies and actions, you self selected.

We pray to the God you SCORN that the day never arrives when we are finally compelled to turn against you, what you expected us to do to enemies foreign. If that day does arise, lament. For I, and others like me, have been trained in the blackest of arts, and the darkest of crafts.

Your minions are useless cattle. They cannot protect you. You cannot hide. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, but you'll NEVER know whether der guten soldat you hired is one of us---or not.
So, to all you altruist-collectivist global citizens: "YOU WILL FIND NO JOY IN YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER."

Spring 1998 'Defector in Place

More thought provoking publications like the above were very popular when I was growing up. Today's current cycles especially political, reminded me of those packets and I wanted to share with those who may not have been familiar with the resister.

The Resister, Vol 1 No 2, Autumn 1994

The Political Warfare Journal

Topics strict constitutionalism, isolationism, laissez-faire capitalism, individual rights, limited government, republicanism, Liberty, Constitution, Bill of Rights

History repeats, usually because we failed to learn history.
Otherwise when history repeats, it's because it's necessary.

Let it be known, those who knew, tried ...

United We Stand, The Rest Is, Not An Option!

posted on Mar, 2 2020 @ 12:16 AM
They're just words. Look how many rights have been taken away since then, or how much of America's position was exploited for personal gain.

posted on Mar, 2 2020 @ 12:38 AM
a reply to: Masisoar

Look how many activitist judges are guilty of perpetrating such, like Ginsberg since 1996. Or obstructionists preventing things from being corrected.

Politicians allowed the mess to get worse, they could have fixed the problems by now. But they don't, and won't so long as it's profitable. Why would they...

Just like pharmaceutical companies don't want to cure, no money in that.

Presidents come and go, people like to blame all their worldly problems and angst on them. But the politicians, the politicians who have made a career of being corrupt parasites. They are the real Cancer society suffers from.

Congress barely works, because they are barely working.
173 days year and getting paid for a full year. That other time they are collecting PAC cash and running for reelection.

Today's politicians make a living running for election and taking special interest groups funds. Putting themselves first, which is not what they are elected to do.

Politicians were once supposed to be State men and Women, serving in politics briefly and then returning to their regular life. Not making a life long career in politics.

You know what that's called?
Corrupted, it's a sure sign they are bought and paid for.
Or blackmailed or manipulated by some other compromise.

Point is, politics isn't a career. It's a public service being misappropriated and highjacked to be used against the people it once served.

Can't blame the people whom are being lied to, they want to be lied to. Like sheep want to be lead. Blissfully ignorant.

Ignorance isn't bliss, especially for those who aren't ignorant.

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