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euro newbie

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posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 05:47 PM
i am a european idealist and i have joined up to become more opened minded on the world today.

i hope i enjoy my viewings and also to not stir up controvercy.

i deeply believe in the pre-sucess of the europe union and wish to see it develop into a great world power

and thats me...

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 05:48 PM
*cough* NWO agent *cough*

we'll set you straight.
prepare for deprogramming....

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 05:52 PM
Welcome mooeuro

May the future of "Club Med" errrrr EU in becoming a "great world power" be as successful as the UN.

Please...enjoy your stay...great place with great folks.


posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 06:18 PM
Every attempt of uniting Europe in any way became a disaster in history.
If there will once be something simmilar to United States of Europe I am sure it will collapse and become a tragedy.

It doesn't need to though, all we need is a good leader.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 08:57 PM
Well, welcome to ATS. May your time here be enlightening.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 09:00 PM
Ah, you must be young and naive. Welcome, anyhow.

posted on Jul, 11 2003 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by Freddie
Ah, you must be young and naive. Welcome, anyhow.

*And you must be old and wise* hehe!

Well I'm old, but not wise and I'm glad you've come and said that you hope to *not* stir up any controversy. Lord knows we have enough of that here already!
Hope you have a great stay at ATS. Welcome aboard Moo..

posted on Oct, 10 2003 @ 06:35 PM
welcome mooeuro,

read my signature, if ya need any help with ats,just ask.

posted on Oct, 10 2003 @ 11:48 PM
No controversy?

what, why bother then?

just kidding...

welcome bonjornal!

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