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NEW Xenon (XBOX 2) details... with screenshots!

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 11:31 AM

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On Wednesday, Microsoft finally lifted the veil of secrecy about its next generation Xbox video game console (codenamed Xenon), providing concrete information about the device for the first time. The Xbox 2 disclosures were made at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC), held in San Francisco.

Architecturally, the Xbox 2 features a multi-core processor architecture that was co-developed with IBM and an advanced graphics processor co-developed with ATI. The current Xbox console features a stock Intel Pentium III processor and an NVIDIA graphics chip. Xbox 2 will support gaming technologies such as DirectX and the recently revealed XNA Studio, which is a Visual Studio-based software development environment.

Because it is an HD device, the Xbox 2 will present games in the standard widescreen 16 x 9 aspect ratio, which will be letterboxed on standard definition sets. And with this next generation console, Microsoft will require all Xbox 2 titles to be Xbox Live aware. Xbox Live is Microsoft's hugely popular Xbox online game service.

Original News Source: News Source

Oh boy.. I'm loving this machine as more and more information is released. I'll probably be getting this (Xenon) and the Nintendo "Revolution". My bro will probably be the one getting PS3. Oh, and our CURRENT XBOX you ask? I'll be taking that (it's currently my brother's) and turning it into a small Media Center PC.

Yes, its sad that I already have it all planned out. But I don't care. I'm a tech freak.

More Xenon and other next-gen console news as I find it.


EDIT: I just found some screenshots from the GDC of the GUI for Xenon... here they are... - Xenon GUI shots

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 03:53 PM
New Nintendo? hahahaha!!! So all those people who wasted their money on games, controllers, so forth, are going to get shafted again!!!! hahahahaha!!!!! "Gee, spent 150 for GC, 300 for games, 50 for two controllers, what new system? Damn it, 500 down the drain." Why people keep buying Nintendo crap IDK, you can't play any old games on new versions, the new versions suck compared to the competition(Sony and Microsoft) and they get shafted everytime.

Any news on whether or not it will do like Sony and make xbox games playable on the new xbox? I bet they will, they both smarter then Nintendo.

Imagine if Microsoft/computer companies did what Nintendo did? "YEA! Got a Pent 2! Fastest ever! What? Pent 3 coming out? Ok. What? All my games, programs, mouse, moniter, keyboard, speakers, everything that is on the Pent 2 won't work on Pent 3? Damn. YEA! Got Pent 3, fastest ever! What? Pent 4 coming out? What? everything on Pent2/3 won't work on Pent 4? YEA! Pent 4 with HT tech is coming out! What? Everything from Pent 2/3/4 don't work on new verison? So Half Life 1/2, Far Cry, WMP, Real Player, AIM, Windows XP(or Longhorn, mouse, moniter keyboard, speakers that the new one, right?) everything else is useless?" See? Wouldn't you eventually stop buying them if everything you had was useless on the next version? "Gee, I like Far Cry, but it will only work on this computer, so either stop playing Far Cry or use old computer."

Or DvD players, say a DvD player that was built in 2003 can't play any DvDs made in 2004, and one in 2004 can't play any DvDs in 2005, annoying/expensive after awhile buying a new DvD. No WIAT! Buying a new TV! The second it turns into the New Year all shows can only be seen on new TVs, so that 62 inch flat screen tv you got for christmas is useless for it won't play shows/movies/commericals/sports on tv.

Why Sony(playstation) and Microsoft(xbox) are great. Even better if you know someone who can modify them. 200gig hd, different colors for LED in front, can save games, movies, right to HD, so rent game for 3.00, burn it, return it, got it for life. Love my xbox, and PS2. Or even cooler is friend(dif. one then the one that modified mine) modified a xbox so it had a 15 inch flat screen attached to the xbox. Not like cords hanging out going to it, but literally built into the xbox, so just plug the xbox power cord in and there you go.

posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 04:45 PM
Xbox 2 is looking real good...out November 05 is what I heard

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