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Violent Storms Rage Across the World

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 07:20 AM

AUSTRALIA's worst cyclone in 30 years is bearing down on the Far North Queensland coast as thousands of residents prepare for a double whammy of a massive king tide in the region.

Simultaneously the National Weather Service of the United States has issued powerful storm warnings for its entire Eastern Coastal Regions due to a massive winter hurricane forming in the Atlantic Ocean, but to the proper warnings of their citizens of this event they are not doing.

Today this massive American storm has its center still over their land mass, but with an extraordinarily central pressure reading of 987mb. Upon reaching the ocean surface this massive storm will become even greater, and to loss of life and property for the Coastal Regions of the Americans is sure to follow, with the greatest effects being felt in the Coastal Regions of Canada, and as reported today by the Canadian Weather Service which says, "An intense low pressure system from the gulf of the Maine move to lie near Rimouski Wednesday morning then will move northward of Québec. Very great amounts of snow are expected over all the regions of the lower St Lawrence and of the centre of the province."

From our Russian scientists we have learned today that grave events are now surrounding the latest assault upon our planet by an unceasing, and increasingly more powerful, series of energy blasts hitting the earths Southern Regions. Reported to us today are that the scientific monitors measuring these blasts have exceeding their calibrated limits too.

The first effects of this latest round of blasts have caused a rare antipode weather event where massive storms are hitting both the North American and Australian continents.

If this bombardment continues coupled with the onslaught of the massive Earthquake storm we are now experiencing, this could be a violent few months coming up. It seems like both these events may be tied by an influence of the gravitational, electromagnetic fields. Thoughts?

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 07:28 AM
Actually there has been some recent solar activity that may account for both Quake and Atmoshpereic storms.

The article speaks to ozone but the size of the storms is the issue.

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 07:34 AM
Good article. I had thought the solar activity was the energy blast being refered to. Since it badly reduced the ozone, then also it could have had other affects as well. When we study geoscience, we usually find that its not one specific attribute but several acting in flux that cause these kinds of things. We might even look toward our magnetic field as a contributor too. Many people think we are on the cusp of a polar shift.

One thing is certain, Earth's climate is static and has a violent past and likely a violent future. I think we see people today who have no knowledge about any period of time other than that in which they live and do not understand the past few centuries have been a remarkable quiet period climate wise.

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