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Music - Bad Influence

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by Paul
I think that Manson was made a scapegoat, somewhat unfairly, for what happened at Columbine. Ironically, his villification came as a knee-jerk reaction from conservative right-wingers (or is that whingers?
) who (rightly or wrongly) are against gun control.

On the flipside though, I think that most young people are shaped and influenced to some extent by musicians, celebrities etc, however alternative or mainstream their style is, because they are role models plain and simple.
That said, if someone's driven to kill by what they hear on a record, then I think that the seeds were already there, and you can't blame the music or musicians.
A massively greater number of people kill in the interest of financial gain (whether it be a robbery, gang killing, act of war etc), but you won't hear any outcries of 'ban capitalism'.

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I agree with you, and this is why, now this paragraph is long, so here it goes.
Man, this is long ago, but before I became a BSB fan, I remember the Top 40 Station WNCI, talking about gossip about them three saturdays stright.
week 1: Nick loses virginity at 17 and posts it on, week 2: Boys sleep with 1,000s of women in Europe and America. Week 3: BSB and "Teen Bop" acts supposedly increase sex rates(lost of virginity) in US middle(22%-34%) and Highschools(27%-50%). I still remember the stats, now that's scarey. But ultimately, it's always your choice. I could be mad at them, but I "grew out" of it along time ago. Because it's MY life and if they want to screw around and get STDs that's their choice, if I want to read a book I will.


This also allowed UNESCO, and certain memebers of both parties( and the UN PACs and lobbyists) to stay in power by increasing SEX-ED resources as appose to say "Social Studies", "The Arts", or "MATH/BUSINESS". And now we're at #10 w/ Uganda(in world education), how nice of those rich, self-absord, spoiled, lying men.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 03:54 PM
I think people who listen to music with "bad" lyrics are already some what f*cked up, so I don't think the music is what causes them to do crazy sh*t. For me heavy metal is a release, it doesn't cause me to do bad things. I guess it depends on the person...

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