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Auric Clearing and karmic issues?

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 12:24 AM
While on my traves through the WWW add fest. I have come across a few subjects that i'm trying to find "How To" or more information on.

The first being Auric Clearing/clensing is supose to remove all of the energetic blockages you have in your aura.

The secound being Past Life Karmic Issues removel. It supose to help you deal with any negitive Karma From past lifes and get it out in the open to you can deal with them and celan House.

if any one has any more information onr "how To" guides it would be a great help.

And yes i know that karma is the ying and the yang and you can't wave some magic stick to get rid of all negitive karma, but maybe a way to work with it to turn it to good karma and go from there.




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