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Uncovering [YHWH] and [Satan] - Part 1 of 3 - The Canaates

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posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 01:07 PM

This thread is the first of a 'Trinity' of threads, exploring several ancient regions and religions, with the ultimate goal of discovering the identity of [YHWH] and [Satan]. In part 1, I'm going to focus mainly on the Canaate part of the story, with some influences from other regions here and there.

[Note: This is actually my first thread, so apologies if it isn't in line with the rules, wrong forum, or if the layout is a bit of a mess.]

Religious practices of the Canaates

The Mother Goddess of the Canaates is [Ašerah]. She is the Lady of [El], the Creator, Father and Heavenly Bull. [Baäl] is one of her many children, but these 3 Gods are the most important Trinity of the early Canaate people.

[Ašerah] is often depicted as a tree. The word 'ašerah' (no capital) means as much as pilaster, column or pole. It is also a name for a 'sacred tree'. A green tree which was seen as a reference for life and near which often a local treecult arose. Usually, two of those tree's would stand at the entrance of a temple.

[Ašerah] is also known as [Elat], the female form of [El], and [Qodesh], meaning Holyness. Her holy women or temple priestresses were known as 'Qadešu'. The High-Priestresses were very important to the Canaate people, as they were considered the representative of the Mother Goddess, and were therefor the absolute rulers of the land/city. It was the High-Priestress or 'Baälat', also 'Belit', who gave the Lord 'Baäl', also 'Bel', his rulership by way of ceremonial communion. This was a sexual ritual which represented the union of the son with his mother/wife.

Honorable women were deemed to serve as templeprostitutes. Selling their bodies and virginity in service of the Mother Goddess and [Baäl]. It was therefor seen as a highly respected position. The money they earned with their sacred service were donated to the temple, meaning the High-Priestress. The 'Baälat'. Eventually, their servitude naturally ended by becoming pregnant, thus proving their fertility.

Gods or Rulers?

By now, many will have recognized certain names and symbolism. To continue forward with the story, we need to figure out who was who. This is important to understand who [El] and [Ašerah] are, but especially to understand who exactly [Baäl] is, as [Baäl] is one of the most notorious character's in history according to the Abrahamic religions.

So, let's dive a bit deeper into the names, meanings and origins of these God's, and what better place to start than the biggest enemy of [YHWH] himself!


[Baäl], as I mentioned earlier, is the Canaate God of Fertility. But, he is also the God of Thunder, Storm, Rain and War, aka a [[Stormgod]]. Besides that, it is also a title given to the Lord of a city. Because of this, history has known many 'Baäl's'.

It is also important to note that the word 'Baäl' is West-Semetic, and the word 'Bel' is East-Semetic. In Hebrew the word is 'Ba'al'. All 3 have the same meaning, which is 'Lord'.

This is where many of the demons names come from. For example, ''Beëlzebub'', also known as 'Lord of the fly's', is a mocking name for 'Baäl Zebul', which means 'Lord of the House'. 'Hannibal', known by many from the movies, simply means 'Glory of Baäl'. Not to mention the word 'cannibal'... I think everyone can figure this one out.

I can list dozens of (Biblical/Historical) names/words here which are directly related to these word's for 'Lord' but I want to get on point quickly. So, I introduce to you:


This [Hadad] from Ugarit grew to be the mightiest 'Baäl' of the region, though still standing below the Father God [El]. [Dagon] was typically seen as the (for)father of [Hadad]. The holy virgin sister/wife of [Hadad] was [Anat].

Besides that, he has Three daughters; [Pidray] 'shining', [Tallay] 'Raining' and [Ar?ay] 'Earth'. It was the [[Stormgod]] [Hadad] who came into conflict with a somewhat similar [[Stormgod]] later known as [YHWH].

Again we can see the importance of the Trinity for the Canaate people. This is a reocurring theme throughout Canaan (Also, Egypt, Babylon, and more). It seems to be the cornerstone of most religions on Earth.

This time however, there is no mention of a Mother Goddess. Instead we were just introduced to [Anat], his holy virgin sister/wife. It is likely she is either a form of the Mother Goddess, or a Temple High-Priestress, respresenting the Mother Goddess, which was [Astarte]/[Ašerah]. This is especially likely if you compare the alternative name of [Anat], [Asnat], to the names of the Mother Goddess.

Besides that, [Hadad] also had two brothers, [Jam] and [Motu]. We will skip [Motu] for now. Instead, we want to focus on [Jam].


Of all the Gods, [Jam] is the most hostile towards [Baäl]/[Hadad]. [Jam] is the god of the oceans. He is the one who controls storms and disasters. He resides at the absolute bottom of the oceans/Earth. Again, a [[Stormgod]]. According to certain texts, it was [Jam] who asked the Father [El] to have rulership over all the other Gods. [El] agreed, but only if he could defeat the [[Stormgod]] [Hadad]. He lost the fight though. [Hadad] cut him in pieces and crowned himself King. According to another legend however, [Jam] was compensated (or rewarded?) by getting the Mother Goddess [Astarte] as his bride.

This would make more sense, because of several reasons:

1; Alternative names of [Jam] are; [Jamm]/[Yam(m)]/[Ya'a]/[Yaw]/[Jahu]
2; The name of the Father God [El] was changed to [Yaw].
3; In Egyptian texts from roughly 410bC, Hebrew mercenaries mention a Goddess named [Anat-Jahu] (Anat-Jahweh).

In Israel the Heavenly Father Bull God [El got repulsed by the [[Stormgod]] [Jahweh].

It appears the God [Jam]/[Yaw]/[Jahu] took over as Father God after getting the Mother Goddess [Astarte] (or the ''holy virgin'' [Asnat]) as his bride. But, did he really get her as a bride, or was there something else going on? According to certain texts, [El] went to a more 'Heavenly' place, and gave the 'Crown' and Rulership to the younger Gods.

posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 01:07 PM

[Dagon]/[Dagan] (Possibly [Hadad's] forfather) is in the Ugarit language written as 'dng' and was likely pronounced as 'Dagnu', in Akkadic as 'Dagana', 'Daguna'. In Hebrew it is 'Dagon' and in modern languages 'Dagan'. He is not only symbolised as the God of rain, but is also a [fertility God]. He is later also symbolised as having a fish tail.

Dng (Ugaritic), dagan (Hebrew) and digan (Samaritan) all mean 'grain'. But, the interesting part is that 'dng' in Middle-Hebrew and Jewish-Arameic basically means 'Cut open' and the Arabic 'dagn' which is 'rain-(cloud)'.

In Ebla, [Dagan] was the headgod from roughly 2300BC on. He wore titles like 'BE-DINGIR-DINGIR', ''Lord of the gods'', and 'Bekalam', ''Lord of the land''.

Interestingly, [Dagan] was later also named 'ti-lu ma-tim', ''Dew of the land'' and 'Be-ka-na-na', possibly meaning 'Lord of Canaan'.

My opinion so far:

Canaan and the ancient religions are quite obviously obsessed with fertility and a Trinity of ''God's''. It appears everywhere and they all tell a tale of incest. The whole 'sleeping with mother/sister' theme is not only found in Canaan, but also in other regions/religions. It's interesting that they tended to name the rulers as if they were the living Gods, making me ponder if we are talking about gods or actual rulers and their incest-family relatives.

Some notes;

1: The link between the 2 tree's at a temple's entrance, and the 2 columns at a Freemason's temple is quite obvious.
2: The ''sacred tree'' is obviously a symbol of the tree of life.
3: You can already tell a transformation towards Christianity etc, with the ''holy virgin'' sister connection to YHWH.
4: 'ti-lu ma-tim' is almost an anagram for Illuminati, coincidence? [Ilu] is also another name for [El], later [Yah]
5: [Asnat] is a perfect anagram for [Satan]
6: [Dagan] is a sea God and is also known as one example by the name Leviathan. It is obviously a dragon. (More in-depth in the next thread)

In the next thread, I'm going to compare to other religions and their God's. Especially the link between the ''holy virgin'', YHWH, and the bull-God (Not to mention offerings) will be explored more in-depth.
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posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: Asgaard
When will the Anunnaki show up in this story or is this based Michael S. Heiser teachings?

posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 02:26 PM
Cool reading....I'm onboard...I didn't see the Masonic links at all till ya mentioned, thanks.....
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posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 05:56 PM
There is only one God of the Universe, all others are false. Take heed that you don't offend him!

posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: Asgaard

The story of Elijah in the O.T was about Yahweh an Baal being worshipped amongst the Israelites, and probably is the turning point of Baal being demonized. His name even supposedly means "My god is Yahweh", then there the Elohim which might be a different argument.

Funny thing is Zeus is kind of identical to Baal, all the while Yahweh an Zeus are kind of based off both El an Marduk.

Ironically, fertility could of meant sex or crops an harvests, which meant more sex later. As for your question, Royalty maybe.
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posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 10:24 PM
a reply to: Asgaard

Yah was an egyptian moon god. Laban the Uncle of Isaac means white, and refers to the moon. Lebanon is the same cognate word. The israelites spent 40 years in the Sinai, Sin is a moon god.

Huwawa (very similar to Yhwh) is the guardian of the cedar forest in Lebanon that Gilgamesh killed. He is also very similar to Bes the egyptian god of childbirth who was heavily associated with Hathor HWT-Hor

The oldest inscriptions known of YHWH appear with Bes (and Ashera), but appear to have YHWH as a sun god.

Yaw was the serpent of the sun also known as Wadd or WD, DWD is the name of david who was the original king of Yahweh

The Y-prefix may also refer to the sun staff (search Alice Linsley, also to see Horite connection)

The name of Eve is HWH which means life. Y-HWH would be the conjunction of the sun staff or male with the female (ashera)

The name Israel is Y-ShaRa-El. Shara is the name Sarah. Y-saac is Isaac Saac or Saca being the tabernacle deity that the Israelites worshipped in the wilderness according to Amos and Stephen (aka Remphan) Israel is the connecting of Y and El with the female principle. Saka is also the prefix for Sakayamuni Buddha who was of the Sun Clan. Also potentially the Sakya or Saxons, if you buy the brittish Israelism.

Back on track. Jacob becomes Israel at Beth-El. Beth means house and is the mother aka Ashera or HWH or HWT or Hath as in Hath-Hor. Bethel is the house of El. Hathor is the house of Horus. H and B get switched all the time in semitic languages. Since there are no vowels its BT or HT.

The entire tabernacle cultus was Hathorite. An edomite tabernacle with the same layout as the Israelite was found in Timna which housed a bronze serpent in the holy of holies. The bronze serpent was associated with Ashera and with Hathor and the serpent with EVE. they are all the same.

Hathor=Ashera=HWH=HWHW(huwawa) Huwawa is basically Bes. Bes is found with Hathor all the time, and with the earliest inscriptions of Y-HWH. Huwawa guarded the forest of Cedars. The temple portico was called... The forest of Cedars which were from Lebanon, or the land of the Moon. The Israelites left egypt through the Sinai the land of the moon. Mount Hor-Eb was a Hathorite temple.

Mt. Hermon aka Mt. Hermes is in Lebanon, and is where all the water for Israel comes from. It is where Jesus was transfigured. Hermes is aka Thoth... the moon god. Solomons temple was built by people from Lebanon.

What does it all mean? IDK
But there are some leads for you. See my signature line thread for more. And also "The cult of the Bronze Serpent" thread.

posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 11:09 PM

originally posted by: LiveWire007
There is only one God of the Universe, all others are false. Take heed that you don't offend him!


whatevs, bruv!

posted on Feb, 12 2020 @ 12:42 AM
You went straight to the manmade. What compels humans t worship their own creations?

What did the first gnostic follow? Tell me, damn you. What do u follow? Ideas of other men. Ideas you refuse to build upon? YOU'VE MISSED THE #ING POINT

There are two gods, two poles. North and South. ANODE AND CATHODE.

posted on Feb, 12 2020 @ 05:42 AM
a reply to: Asgaard

I forgot that Sarah and Asherah are basically the same word. That was the connection there.

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 05:26 AM
a reply to: zardust

Thanks for the very usefull input! I was hoping others would help me figure this thing out. I just woke up, so it's not the time for a detailed post hehe, but I'm going to continue studying this topic all day. I never trusted these snakes (no pun intended).

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 06:39 AM
a reply to: Asgaard

This is the basis of your Triangle, Yah-Khonsu-Djehuty or the Moon thrice great, it doesn't matter what the former religion of Canaan was to them because it was all assimilated, Yah is the lunar disk, Khonsu the principle of growth and expansion through assimilation and Thoth the archivist.

Iah is a very early god of the moon in ancient Egyptian religion, and his name sometimes transliterated as Yah, Jah or Aah, simply means "moon." Nevertheless, by the New Kingdom he was less prominent as a moon deity than the other gods with lunar connections, Thoth and Khonsu. As a result of the functional connection between them he could be identified with either of those deities.

Khonsu in terms of the Crescent Moon was represented as a child with the Egyptian side-locks, such as the manifestation of Yah as a child to Moses, a principle aspect was that of the traveller and pathfinder given the Moons traversing of the skies, a suitable God to lead an Exodus, he was also a marker of time and thus the duration of any such journey would have significance, his mode of travel was to be carried within an Ark.

a reply to: zardust

It is the generative principle and pre-dates Israel in terms of El-yah in Ugarit, that is El as the generator (of life), the Moon was simply a natural basis for observing the principle of generation/growth/increment, the Egyptian God Yah declared himself -I am Iah who is among the gods and I will not die’ in terms of the essence of being.

But if you consider the Proto Semitic verb there are other connotations, notably of falling, this can be in the case of love and thus suggested the loving and jealous God which is always an aspect of YHWH, to make turn towards, if the Moon as the Divine child Khonsu is talking to Moses then it could be understood as having fallen from the sky, there was a Hurrian myth regarding this prospect.

The Moon God fell from the sky and fell upon the gate complex, but no one saw him. The Storm God sent rain after him; he sent rains after him. Fear seized him; anxiety seized him. The god Hapantali went there. He stood beside him and uttered over him the words of a spell.

The goddess Kamrusepa looked down from the sky and said: "What in the world has happened here?

What the Moon God then would offer is the close relationship and the prospect of growth and expansion, though of course the Moon also wanes, that growth realized through the consumption of others as in origin Khonsu was a cannibal God.

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posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: Asgaard

In the next thread, I'm going to compare to other religions and their God's. Especially the link between the ''holy virgin'', YHWH, and the bull-God (Not to mention offerings) will be explored more in-depth.

The only problem there is that the Bible never refers to Mary as being "holy". Some Catholics added that one themselves.

(post by AnodeOrCathode removed for a manners violation)

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