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Freaking Spiders!

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posted on Feb, 11 2020 @ 10:04 PM
I’ll just drop this and leave, since what I am going to say is pretty
much ignored, and ignored for nefarious reasons.

You mention a swollen eye socket. That, along with what
I know about the T. Cruzi protozoa, is alarming.

If you peruse sources you will find a wealth of horrific material,
including bizarre, and downplayed, vectors.

One can only assimilate so much shock at once, and this century
is at present dominated by the mass destruction weaponized e grid.
It is not a far reach to postulate that various diseases of the day,
including zootropics, parasites, may be
modulated by such an ostensibly pernicious set up.

In 40 years or so you might find it useful to remember that swollen eye socket.
That’s when the fun starts, but it will seem natural, or rather, be ‘normalized’
in diagnosis.

Perhaps in the future they won’t be sectioning persons who go there,
with the authorities, during your doctor consultation.
Doctors of today are utter hacks,
and ought to be ashamed in their confederacy.
The problem is that they don’t recognize their own betrayal

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posted on Feb, 12 2020 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: Liquesence

I would be remiss to not mention I too am actually a sufferer of arachnophobia but mildly and not as severe as some.
My mum did not like them either but would never allow anyone to harm them and it was the old cup and piece of cardboard to catch them and put them in the back yard somewhere away from the house.

Saint Theresa was also scared of spiders as well so plenty of famous people have had or have arachnophobia and it is probably one of the most common fears but you will find that it is usually not just fear of spiders but fear of all crawlies - and most such fears are learned as remember when you were a kid and played with ladybird's the only difference between them and other beetles (other than the lack of a scouse accent) is there colour.

Sadly some fears are the cause of some of the most horrendous disasters in history - or at least contributed toward them.

As an example there was once a pope in the catholic church many hundreds of years ago that declared black cat's evil (I think they have long since been exonerated but because of this the linking of them to evil and anyone with a black cat being called a witch were the result even though this was utterly wrong), since the vast majority of cats in Europe at the time were black this led to a mass culling of these furry little friend's and a resulting explosion in the rodent population which came just before the arrival in Europe of a plague that had spread from China, obviously since the fleas were carried by the rats that spread this disease and the rat population was now out of control with no cat's to keep them under check the disease was that much more devastating than it may have been otherwise.

Similarly if we think about our crawly, fury leggy little friend it keeps all manner of pests under control such as fly's that also spread disease so is an essential natural part of our world.

Great reply by the way - I was being somewhat immature in my comment as it just tickled that little boy most of us still have inside them that has the urge to pop a large harmless spider into a match box and give it to a girl as a present - for giggles of course.

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posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 02:56 AM
Just to update. Its not bed bugs and I have my bed in the middle of the room. It was spiders. I haven't had a bite in 3 days. I laid a layer of Diatomaceous Earth around the bed. It looks like it snowed in there lol.

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