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AlterVerse - Disruption Now Playable!

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posted on Feb, 10 2020 @ 11:51 PM
Greetings, having been a member of ATS for many years, I would like to introduce the community to a game project I joined last summer as the Public Relations Director. We are proud to announce that the first of 17 games to be released within The AlterVerse, Disruption is now playable on Steam! The AlterVerse is an alternate universe that can be accessed through a portal, created by massive Disrupter space ships. The game pits crews of the various ships against each other, competing on time, combat progress, and eventually the ability to raid each other's vault and pilfer the actual contents.

The game uses Enjin Coin backed items, a cryptocurrency designed for gaming tokens that allows gamers to keep their items safe in an external crypto wallet, which can be used, traded, sold, and in some cases imported into other games for multiple use cases. This innovation coupled with the massive scope of gameplay within the AlterVerse will create a realm of fantasy to suite all styles of gamers. While the first game is a 1st person shooter, the 2nd game will be Sky City, hosting futuristic racing in a city floating above the clouds over a low-density planet.

I encourage you to enjoy the sci-fi stories I have been writing as the Public Relations Director for our new empire, and public announcements such as our initial release! We are having regular contests in our 'Alterverse' - Telegram channel with game item prizes, and welcome you to join us. Our community is friendly and supportive, with lots of daily activity. I will check in here periodically to reply to comments and questions, thanks for checking it out!

Sci Fi Tale - Shipping Out!

Disruption Is Now Playable!

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