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President Trump didn't win, he stopped another attack.

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posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 12:59 PM

originally posted by: richapau
a reply to: network dude

Trump did nothing, acquit.

There it is fixed. I starred you for the change too.

posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 01:10 PM

originally posted by: richapau
a reply to: network dude

Trump did nothing, Moscow Mitch and the repukes did all the heavy lifting which amounts to treason, swearing to uphold the constitution but ignore facts, play partisan politics, and refuse to be impartial, and acquit a criminal.

I agree, Trump did nothing. I wish he would have dealt with the Biden thing another way, but he never asked my opinion.

As far as facts, if you payed attention, you saw all that Schiff had to bring. As far as first hand facts, he brought two. Vindman who's only contribution of note was that the call as released was accurate. The second was Sonland, who's only first hand account was when he asked Trump what he wanted. The answer was NOTHING, I WANT NOTHING, I WANT ZALINSKY TO DO THE RIGHT THING. All other "facts" were people who assumed, presumed, imagined, or thought of things Trump may have meant. If you have other first hand facts I missed, please, show them to us all.

posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 02:38 PM
Moscow Mitch?
These people do realize that Bernie is a commie, right. Yeah, that guy, the one who honeymooned in Russia. And let's not forget Her Highness with the Russian Reset Button.

posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 06:01 PM

originally posted by: network dude

I don't hate democrats, I just wish they would grow up and try to act like adults. Adults work towards a common goal. Together.

In other words you are crowing about something or other, throw in a somewhat deceptive heading as is your forte,
and hey presto, God gives you your lettuce.

posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 09:48 PM
Jesus, 51 plus stars for stating a post?

And what is the opposite of losing?

So he did not win?

Nothing like a bunch of 2.0 liters trying to proclaim that they are at or near a V8

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posted on Feb, 3 2020 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: Stupidsecrets

Speakin' of the devil... it's time to again whip out the
turbofan xform and haul my ex-cargoat outa here .

I think these guys couldn't stop digging now if somebody
down there smelled Mongolian beef and peppers... PS f&s, dude

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posted on Feb, 16 2020 @ 09:13 PM
The Democrats began proclaiming from day one they would get rid of Trump, and we have never seen such a coordinated effort go on so long or viciously before. Now they're getting ready for another go.
I no longer think this is about a president they don't like, or a man they can't stand. It's about a man that threatens the status quo of both parties, and sending a message to the the citizens that politics is a closed group, and outsiders are not- and never will be- welcome.
The Republicans had every opportunity to help Trump while they had control of congress, but blocked much of what he was trying to do. Many criticized him openly, and only seemed to begin 'softening' their view of him, and even agreeing with him ( if only partially) when it became obvious he was favored by more people than they thought possible. The Republicans are just as good at riding the popularity train as the Democrats are. Whatever their reasoning, I'm glad they're finally working with the president, even if it is just for better chances of getting reelected.
The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep past administrations unlawful acts from coming to light, and it is in the best interest of Republicans to not have them exposed; the past administrations of their party have a few skeletons of their own that they don't want to be scrutinized.
I don't think we'll ever have another Trump, but I sure have enjoyed the last 3+ years. I've learned a lot, too- mostly confirmation of what I already knew about our 'public servants'.

I'm really hoping for a MAGA 2020....... for entertainment value, if nothing else.

posted on Mar, 1 2020 @ 10:48 PM

originally posted by: RickinVa
I hear Trump is planning a White House dinner for the House democrats after his acquittal. Sources say the main course will be Crow covered in peach mint sauce.

Absolutely, bon appétit Trump haters. And for those who are looking for a little something to kill the boredom on your LONG Trump train ride...

posted on Mar, 1 2020 @ 10:51 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

You have some bizarre dining habits....

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