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Deliberate Carelessness?

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posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 07:09 AM
The Corona virus is spreading to more countries every day that passes. As I write this, 19 countries have confirmed cases of the infection.

A linky-poo to keep everyone happy:

Scientists have speculated that the real number of people infected could be as much as 100k.

In Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ivory Coast all have suspected cases, and this could be the start of a mass tragedy for the continent. Emergency services would have to be assisted by first world countries' specialists and rely on outside funding.

This was the case with the ebola outbreak a while back.

This time however, it is very likely that countries that have assisted in the past will soon be too combating the virus amongst their own population.

As it stands, no country will escape the relentless onslaught that is 2019-nCoV.

The Corona virus transmits through coughing, sneezing and human touch. It is therefore airborne.

Facemasks do not offer complete protection as most were designed to protect against droplets.

Now the question remains: are local authorities worldwide deliberately careless, or are their actions of people who are severely incompetent?

The following examples are from the Wikipedia link above:

Case in point #1

Hong Kong

On 28 January Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, stated the high-speed rail service between Hong Kong and mainland China would be suspended starting on 30 January, and all cross-border ferry services would also be suspended in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The incubation period for the Corona virus is between 2-5 days.

Why wait any longer to close those points of entry?

Case in Point #2


Japan has been taking extra precautions, due to the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo.[69] Despite this, on 28 January, the fifth, sixth and seventh cases of the virus were confirmed in Japan, including a man who has not visited Wuhan. This man was reported to be a tour bus driver who had driven a group from Wuhan earlier in January.


The Olympics will continue?

The other concern I have is where are all the people now that were on the bus?

Shoddy reporting or are they still trying to find them?

Case in point #3


Eight Chinese nationals were quarantined at a hotel in Johor Bahru on 24 January after coming into contact with an infected person in neighbouring Singapore.[74] Despite early reports of them testing negative for the virus,[75] three of them were confirmed to be infected on 25 January and subsequently quarantined at the Sungai Buloh Hospital in Selangor.

So... A group of people were tested at a time when the virus was in its early stages of incubation.

They were released only to be quarantined later on.

I could post examples from most countries on the list, but you get my point.

Is this sanctioned culling?

Will this virus only become more effective?

As happened with SARS, new Corona may be mutating along the way, gradually becoming more virulent.

The Corona Virus is on its way to infect every single country on the planet.

My own opinion of course, may time prove me wrong.

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 07:17 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79
This can't be an accident. No way.

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 07:23 AM
be wary of attributing mallice to idiocy that can be explained by incopetence

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 07:30 AM
This could be the beginnings of agenda 21 just saying!!!! Who knows for sure here in Beijing more people are wearing masks but that's it! STAY SAFE ALL.

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 07:37 AM
I just watched a news clip where in international falls MN customs intercepted a shipping container full of counterfeit 1$ bills from china....

They are confused as to why someone would counterfeit 1$ bills.

My guess is that they probably contain this wonderful virus. What would be a better weapon delivery vehicle than a bunch of singles?

Are they being tested for the virus? Doubtful, as the images on my screen showed a bunch of people opening boxes of cash and playing with it.

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

Here's a crazy theory that just popped into my head.

The virus was introduced into mainland China by a foreign power.

The goal was to weaken the Chinese economy to the point of breakdown.

The Chinese, while battling the virus, has realized that eventually the whole country will be in lock down, crippling its import/export industry.

They are allowing it to spread to other countries, creating the if-we-go-down-everybody-goes-down scenario.

This happened four hours ago.

posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 10:06 AM
Finland just became the 20th country to join the list.

The virus was positively identified in the Lapland region.

15 people possibly exposed
"It was to be expected that cases brought by visitors could also come to light in Finland. However the risk of the disease spreading in Finland is still very small, so there is no need for concern," said THL director Mika Salminen.

No need for concern. Sure.
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posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 10:39 AM
The more in listen to on-the-scene reports of what's happening, the more I think this could be a population control measure. Maybe with international implications.

Of all the hypotheses posited here, I don't see any that I'd write off out-of-hand, honestly. (After all, this is a conspiracy discussion forum.) The post about the counterfeit $1 bills is especially intriguing, though I'm not sure that this virus could survive being shipped internationally on the surface of pieces of paper. But then, again, if it's an engineered bio-weapon ...

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posted on Jan, 29 2020 @ 10:56 AM

originally posted by: 19Bones79
The virus was introduced into mainland China by a foreign power.

Or introduced by China as an instrument of State control. Just imagine if it wiped out all those pesky Uighur Muslims who are filling up China's concentration camps.

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