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just sharing my love of plants and longing for Spring

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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 03:03 PM
I always anticipated making my first thread here so epic, a literal mic drop moment where I shared with you guys the secrets of the universe. True story is I just wanna share my plants today. I think the secrets of the universe might be better left in secret.

anddddd I’m ready for spring.

This is my funky looking arrowhead variety that is twisting and winding around this little wooden thing my sister in law gave me, kinda by accident because it was just sitting next to it beside the shelf. I’ve let it go though. They are now inseparable. You can’t see from the pic but the parts not even near dirt are trying to grow roots. Lol

This is my Christmas tree cactus that gave me ONE single bloom this year. It started out as that one piece, though... a friend gave me a cutting last February. So the only piece that bloomed was the original piece from her plant. Next Christmas that thing is going to be gorgeous! 😘

This is my favorite. A wandering Jew. I keep cutting it and making new pots and giving them to friends and family. It’s the plant that never stops growing and wandering. The purple colors are my favorite, too. I have several more pots of this around for myself too. This is the original I purchased.

This is some variety of pothos... it started out tiny in that little tea cup and now it’s about to fall off my ledge... I’ve got to figure out some way to make it grow up the wall or something fabulous looking....

All in all I have over 35 houseplants and I dunno how many outside.

I just wanted to share them because I’m having an itch to start gardening and wanted to test the waters on how a thread looks when composed from a mobile device... so no harm done as most will prob ignore this anyway. 😉

If you love plants too and wanna share some of yours, feel free! I will probably add some more in here later... these are just a handful of my funkier looking ones.

Also, any suggestions for new ones to grab this Spring are welcome! I like unique, but I always seem kill succulents.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 03:24 PM

That's the top of my aquarium, 55g, it's covered by creeping jenny. I bought two small pots of it at Lowe's this past spring. I planted one in a planter on my front walk, the other got bog planted in my patio pond. Both did fabulously all summer and fall, but I felt bad about not doing anything to stop them from dying out over the winter.

So I took some rooted clippings out of my pond and poked them down in one of my HOB filters.

You can see the result! It has taken over the top of the tank. It has tendrils that have spread down the front of the tank and down the backside. I just recently trimmed it back so it doesn't look as impressive as it used to. It has formed a thick mat of tendrils across the back third just under the HOB outlet full of tangled roots, so trimming it is an adventure.

I should easily be able to start it up again outside from tank cuttings this spring.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 03:57 PM
I have a sage plant that I brought in, it sits on the windowsill and does not do very good. When a leave dies, it goes in the chicken soup. If it lasts through the winter, I put them outside and they do really well again. Boy, I have to water that Sage every day or it shrivels up, it sure uses a lot of water. I should move it off the window sill onto a counter, maybe it would do better. It stares out the window and daydreams and gets depressed with all the snow.

Oh wait...that is me.
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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Who told you they die in the winter????
I made the mistake of sprinkling them as filler all over the gardens. AHEM...they are now in the lawn, in the woods an still popping up everywhere I don't need them. BTW I love them, but invasive.....I'm in zone 6.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: Caver78

They're a ground cover. Mine were in pots, so I assume they're dead. The only way they're not is if the one out front put down roots into the yard when it trailed down that far.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 06:10 PM
Ooh... I love that!

I have actually been trying to talk myself into getting an aquarium.... I think the kids would love it

We have two dogs that are 13 and 14 and are on their last stretch.... and I’m not wanting more dogs right now (I found out last year, after a lifetime of allergies and living with dogs since I was little, that I am actually allergic to them! Bummer.) so I was thinking an aquarium might be fun.

Now, incorporating my plants into that sounds like a win!

a reply to: ketsuko

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 06:12 PM
😂🤷🏼‍♀️ lol

I have a feeling that my plants grow so strangely because of the company they keep.

(Me) 😉

a reply to: rickymouse

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: SouthernGift

Just make sure you do plenty of research and take your time to get it going right. A lot of people start one out wrong, all their fish die right away, and they get frustrated. Or, if the fish do survive, they get fish that get way too big for their tank or are incompatible and end up killing each other or in the wrong ratios, and they wonder why they're left with one or none in short order.

Clear those hurdles though, and they're awesome and low maintenance.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 08:06 PM
I'm a farmer, winter in Texas is springtime this year peppers and mortgage lifter tomatoes under the lights nowadays.....great hobby...600watt hps is best. I miss my houseplants.....

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 08:29 PM

And I think plants really are the secret of the universe, especially for things that like to breathe anyway.

The wife and I dont have too many indoor plants, but were starting to accumulate more as time goes by.

If I had it my way we would live in a greenhouse. I absolutely love growing just about anything that accepts our climate here. Were so far north its not much of a gardening season, and the soil is mostly sand.

We do okay though, we have one 24x24ft fenced garden, and two 4x16ft
raised beds with a small section behind them for potatoes. Also there was an established herb garden when we bought our place, but it needs redoing this year.

Perhaps when spring finally comes we can all post some garden pics and share tips.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 09:49 PM
a reply to: SouthernGift

I LOVE plants! Sorry I don't have any pics though. It's like having nature indoors and makes me smile through the long, cold, grey dreary months of winter. I love to nurture them and watch them do well.

posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 07:26 AM
Haha I think you nailed it !
The secret to the universe for me has most definitely been finding ways to appreciate the little things we have begun to take for granted!

A family member has a greenhouse in Georgia, and I plan on going sometime this Spring to check it out and she’s promised me clippings of anything I want! I’m looking forward to that!

GBP: I grew up on a farm. You miss houseplants but I miss the farm! I miss it terribly. It was more animals than crops, but all those open fields and the skies I used to just lay and look at are a place in time I purposefully visit often. We moved when I was almost 7 so I could start school. I could’ve learned more and better from just staying in nature. Lol

Random, but back in the 80’s a family friend killed a very rare Albino buck there.

and night star, I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) like something whoa. I make it fine until Christmas is over and then Jan-March is killer. I just want to feel the sunshine hit my face. The plants do seem to help.... I’ve only been at this a couple of years.

I think it would be super cool to get tips from you guys! I don’t have many to share, yet, but I definitely have the love and interest. I am planning on trying some herbs this year myself. My in-laws grow a lot and we usually have plenty with what they share but it’s time to go at it myself now that my kids are bigger and they will enjoy helping, too.

a reply to: Notoneofyou

posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 09:46 AM
a reply to: SouthernGift

Let me know if you ever want chives or mint, I've got some in the herb garden that grow like crazy without any help.

I might just do a mailing list for anyone who wants some if spring ever comes.

Still have 3ft of snow right now......

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