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Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September

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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 03:35 AM
Disappointing but not unexpected , anyone who followed the progress of the Witcher 3 will know that CD Projekt Red won't release a game until it's done which is the best policy if you're hoping to release a fully working and polished game , CD Projekt have said the game is playable but has many bugs so the extra time will allow them to squish the bugs and add some more polish .... plus Half-Life: Alyx releases a month before the old release date so they get out of that sticky release window.

"We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there's still work to be done," studio bosses Marcin Iwinski and Adam Badowski said in a joint statement. "Night City is massive - full of stories, content and places to visit, but due to the sheer scale and complexity of it all, we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing. "We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be our crowning achievement for this generation and postponing launch will give us the precious months we need to make the game perfect.

"Expect more regular updates on progress as we get closer to the new release date.

"We're really looking forward to seeing you in Night City, thank you for your ongoing support!"

In other news Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has also been delayed this time to sometime in 2020 , again due to release 1st quarter 2020 they want to deliver the best game they can and avoid the mistakes made with the first Bloodlines game which released the same day as Half Life 2 and was a bit of a buggy mess at launch that went on to kill the studio who created it through lack of sales.

As with the Witcher 3 I'm prepared to wait for quality and trust CD Projekt Red to deliver on their vision ... plus hopefully add VR support.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 03:57 AM
I guess Steam will have it on my wishlist for a while.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 04:11 AM
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Me and my gaming bud have been waiting for years for this game to come out and were stoked at the release date of April when it was announced way last year. Planned to take annual leave to play it too!
I agree, seriously disappointed but would be more disappointed if they released a bug filled game, especially after waiting so long for it.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: gortex

Not disappointed at all. But then I've stopped buying games at release years ago. Will get Cyberpunk next year when it has been bug tested by the masses and patched.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 06:06 AM
a reply to: gortex

But thank you at the same time CD.
Its to bad these other studios don't take pride in their work.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 09:03 AM
That's a relief.

I have to upgrade my PC pretty deeply, and this gives me a few more months to pull that money together.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 09:36 AM
Good news. Better to cook it properly than serve it to us with the inside still raw as many modern developers do.

I can wait. Not like it makes a difference as such.
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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 09:42 AM

originally posted by: moebius
a reply to: gortex

Not disappointed at all. But then I've stopped buying games at release years ago. Will get Cyberpunk next year when it has been bug tested by the masses and patched.

Same here, only concerned about buying a game early when it's multiplayer which always comes at a risk of dying quickly. No such worry that a game will have use by date when it's a single player experience.

Wish we would return to when you got SP and MP in a single game for the price of entry.

But yeah, the wait can be worth it sometimes even after launch, have purchased a couple of good triple A games on PC for a fraction of the price within a month of them launching. Waiting a couple of weeks after launch I got Doom 2016 for like $20 and Mad Max for only $6 which were both around the $60usd when they launched.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 10:08 AM
Just as the initial launch date kept getting closer and closer

But im fine with it , i too like to wait a bit more and have a perfect product.

posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 10:16 PM
a reply to: gortex

Well that sucks, I think the FF7 remake got delayed as well. Though for me its good, as I am not likley to put in much time into videogames any time soon. But was stoked to see the game come out and see whats up, and whats down with it.

posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 02:07 AM
I’d be really disappointed if I pre-ordered.
But I’m not that stupid.

Last time I pre-ordered a game was skyrim back in 2011.
I remain disappointed to this day..

With any new game - I’ll always wait, check the reviews etc. until the game is in a recommendable state.

Still disappointed though as this is the only game I’ve been looking forward to in 2020.

posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 02:17 AM
a reply to: gortex
Nice to hear that.....BUT

I wouldn’t be surprised that this will be released when the New consoles comes out. 🤔

$ony did the same thing with the PS4 🤨

I have been saying this for a while now...after each release date is posted. It is happening with a number of AAA games.

Hopefully it will be released before 2077 🤣

posted on Jan, 19 2020 @ 05:41 AM
a reply to: panicman66

I think it likely consoles are the reason for the delay but as it's due for release on PS4 and Xbone I think technical issues squeezing the game onto that old hardware is probably causing the problem rather than holding it for the release of new hardware as it will still be a launch title for the next gen consoles.

I just hope they take the extra time to add VR support as Half Life Alyx needs a little triple A VR competition this year.

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 04:37 PM
Cyberpunk has moved a step closer to being done and ready for release.

We just submitted @cyberpunkgame to age rating agencies around the world (PEGI, ESRB, etc.). While we wait for the game to get rated, we work on polishing technical aspects and playtesting it. Game is looking better and better with each passing day!

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