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The Australia Problem

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posted on Jan, 13 2020 @ 02:50 AM
Let's look at it from one step back, the slightly bigger picture.
On the example Siemens, Coal, Fridays For Future.
Siemens is working on a little piece of logistics technology for Australia's big and controversial mine. But it's not like the mine would be stopped if Siemens would brake the contract. Yet FFF are acting like the children they are. I mean what's the objective here? Make Australia stop mining coal? That's economically important for Australia, and yes that matters. To impose sanctions on poor, burning, most beloved Australia?
And that's a generation conflict. Australia says "we want to provide a good life for our people" Siemens "that's how adults work, that's how the world works" FFF "but I want a clean and healthy Earth NOW"
FFF is seen by many as oh so powerful and scary, thankfully their not, but they're also not very democratic. Their attempts at finding solutions are mostly establishing some sort of assembly to tell politicians what to do.
But they're children. They don't know that much about what it's like to live, or history, economy, ...

Sure coal could be cleaner, but that's something they're working on too, filters and upcycling and so on. But what's Australia supposed to do? Export smoked Koala meat?
Those are the middle aged and up people talking, right? Families need an income. Preferably a good one, so they can buy regional goods.
The business world can't just abandon their projects and contracts. That's pure mayhem.

Besides the issue with climate change doesn't matter as much as the research needed to build machines clean and as energy efficient as possible. To learn the secrets of upcycling. And find a way to live in harmony with Earth, because I am sure the management of places that need to burn every other year could be improved, like resources management, etc.

But this is a conflict of bleeding hearts and the youth against the reality of a complex world.
If that's what their parents taught them I'd like to say: suicide is no solution. Not in general and also not economical. You say that doesn't matter but you know nothing else than the comfortable boredom of the 1st world.

I know ATS is not the right place to talk "the youth"

But I was just thinking about it and it hit me: this all is happening in a time when globalism and nationalism are the new line of divide in global politics. Economists are almost always globalists. And the youth is trying something like globally connected ideological radicalism.
The funny thing to observe is they don't seem to be popular in any of the groups fighting for power.
Yet here on ATS some just say "everything I don't like is the left" ignoring all the evidence that there are at least 3 parties in the conflict.

What Australia is going through is horrible, no question and they're handling it very well. But 2020 it seems like avoiding small bush fires wasn't the right strategy. It might be warmer, less rain etc. but I still feel this is a management problem, the bush needs to burn sometimes, no? And this escalation might not have happened if it would have been allowed to burn controlled.

And within that example I believe is a great lesson in how to approach the future.

posted on Jan, 13 2020 @ 04:30 AM
a reply to: Peeple

The Australia problem is management indeed. It stems into all facets of their existence let alone the bushfire management controversy.

How many Prime Ministers in the last decade? That alone shows they cannot stop acting like kindergarten children long enough to really look at any long term solutions let alone recognise the problems that need addressing.

But in saying that i really don't see any other countries behaving any better so maybe the problem is humanities approach to humanity itself.

With the earth seemingly starting to tear itself apart at the seams of late - i.e earthquakes, volcanic disturbances, etc it won't be long till it matters no more anyhow.

Until then.

posted on Jan, 31 2020 @ 05:49 AM
Today while on my lunch break at work I turned on the news and some brisbane woman rep replied to someone about the bushfire saying "I have no comments on the fire people can make their own minds up about it" which completely shocked me and threw me off completely, these politician reps keep doing interviews that go on national tv news where they're asked questions and give absolutely no answers, then tell us to make our own mind up about it when we have such a lack of information?

I'm 25 so I'm not sure if I'm what you consider youth, I'm definitely not a conservative and I see a shared thought of why can't the people running the country just act normal? / why can't we have normal people in charge of things?
By this I mean it feels like the youth realise a very large gap in thought processes to the 50-90 year old politician people, they literally just seem/look like absolute dumbasses to us, they seem to lack critical thinking, act like narcs and I wouldn't feel like it's a long shot to call them sadistic.

We're constantly confused at why our (youths) ideals of a peaceful, healthy, non-racist, nonaggressive society seems to be the last thing on anyone in auspols minds.
Why don't the older gen care more about being humane and less about corporations, mining, enslaving people and the big bad one. money

Do we feel this divide because there isn't youth represented in government positions

Is there more to being a politician than university degrees? question of morale / life experience

Will we ever have an indigenous leadership for australia? people who know how to manage the land, have strong sense of family/community good for the people and a lack of greed for big corps money

Will these ideals change once the older generations are replaced?

Do we all grow old like this?

Or do people in the gov just become jaded and soulless?

a reply to: Peeple

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