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Another second-hand tale of a sighting

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posted on Jan, 11 2020 @ 02:10 PM
Having read one story on here today, it has prompted me to tell a short account that I was only told yesterday by a work associate. We were actually discussing programs on Netflix or Prime when I mentioned that I watch 'Ancient Aliens' and the like.

He came back with
'I saw a UFO!'

I thought he was going to come out with some kind of long-winded pun, given his nature but he was straight faced in telling me of his time spent being a taxi driver in the west of Scotland, near Loch Lomond and how, after dropping off a fare, he was returning up the west side of the loch on the A82 road when he glimpsed a light over the loch.

At first he thought it was a reflection off his dash but there was something more intriguing about it. He slowed the car and took a better was reddish orange light that appeared to be rotating, maybe about 30 feet [pure guess] above the water. He put his window down to take away the chance of reflection, the object sped up then lifted straight up into the air and he lost sight of it. He said he was travelling around 60mph, it was dark and the object appeared to keep pace with him before the rapid acceleration and take-off.

The event occurred in late 1997, he had no interest in UFOs and although he related the story to his friends and relatives, it didn't push him on to investigate the subject any further and he put it down to a strange occurrence that has never happened again.

I believe him and despite his often jokey nature, he has a really good memory and eye for detail. I was quite surprised at the tale and quite envious that someone without any leaning towards the subject had such an encounter.

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