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Trump’s mental state is deteriorating- psychiatrists urgently warn Congress

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posted on Jan, 10 2020 @ 12:42 PM

originally posted by: Advantage

originally posted by: RabidOne

originally posted by: Advantage
I want to hear psychiatrists and psychologists reports on all the members of congress. Theres no way we really need a professional to tell us Pelosi and company are bat# crazy, but it would be neat to see it anyway. It would be like playing UNO. They slap down this psychological report and someone lays down a stack of reports of abnormies in congress. I guess it could be a nice prion disease/TSE... I mean one like Mrs Clinton and her Kuru. She cant help it.

Pelosi is a drunk.
Clinton is possessed.
AOC is as dumb as a bunch of rocks.
Omar follows a pedophile & worships a demon.
Schifty, well, he's got to be on drugs ...... or needs to be. One or the other.

Then add mental illness to the mix.

Jokes aside, I think there is a LOT more there to Clintons weirdness.

I always say.. if youre a career politician youre a dirty monkey. You have to play ball with dirty players and you cant make a career of politics without being dirty yourself. EVERY single one of them. Im like a broken record with the demand for term limits.. but yeah, term limits.

Term limits for all!

posted on Jan, 10 2020 @ 01:06 PM

originally posted by: Subaeruginosa

It isn't like psychology is an exact science in the first place. There's no physical tests they can do to determine if a person is mentally stable or not. Traditionally, it all comes down to opinion by observing what the patient says and the way they act during diagnoses.

But that's pretty flawed within itself, since the patient can just as easily lie, manipulate of just say whatever it takes to avoid being diagnosed, if motivated enough.

So considering all that, the most reliable way to diagnose a person who doesn't want to be diagnosed as 'mentally unstable', would obviously be by observing there behavior in everyday life and how they interact with society in general.

(response to bolded text above)
Yes, easily manipulated. Case in point. While in college, I had volunteered to be part of a psyche grad student's research on this exact topic. I answered truthfully to most of the questions, but when I found a question to be completely stupid, I improvised an answer.

Psych student: "Do you know the difference between a table and a chair?"
Me: " Yes, of course."

Psych student: "Can you tell me the difference between a table and a chair?"
Me: "Yes, I can."

Psych student: "Please, tell me the difference between a table and a chair"
Me: "Well, tables don't fly, obviously! (rolling eyes)"

Psych student: (puzzled and concerned look, scribbling intently in their notebook) "Interesting, you think chairs fly?"
Me: "Yes, Don't you?"

Psych student: (scribbling more intently in their notebook) "No, I do not think that chairs can fly."
Me: (pausing, shaking my head) "Have you ever flown on an airplane before? I have."

Psych student: "Well, yes, I've flown many times."
Me: (leaning forward, staring intently into their face) "Do you stand up the entire flight? Or, do you sit in a chair?"

Psych student: (let's out an exasperated sigh, and begins to scratch out all their notes on this question) "Thank you for your time today."
Me: "I've answered your questions, is there a problem answering mine? Do you stand the entire flight on an airplane?"

posted on Jan, 10 2020 @ 01:42 PM
LOL all these people trying to convince themselves that Trump is a high functioning sociopath when it is so obvious that he is. It why fight it? Most leaders and people in power are high functioning sociopaths!

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