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Judge Joe Brown Links Obama To Slush Fund Operating Out Of Indonesia

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posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 10:00 PM
So, does anyone remember during the 2008 campaign, when Barack Obama presented himself as someone who grew up without privileges, whose mother sometimes had to rely on food stamps to get by?

Well, it seems that might not be the case.

I just finished watching a YouTube video clip that came out 2 days ago. It's a 9 minute plus snippet of the original hour and a half interview, which was posted on YouTube back on December 21. Curtis Scoon, of ScoonTV, interviewed Judge Joe Brown during that interview.

I did a little research to confirm some of Judge Joe Brown's statements, and there's a good chance that he's speaking the truth, however, that's just my opinion and your opinion may differ.

Here's a partial summary of what Judge Joe Brown stated in that interview:

Well, they're pictures of Bush (George Bush, Sr.) with his arms around 8 year old Barack Obama, because his step daddy, adopted daddy, Lolo Soetaro, had done a lifetime worth of business with the Bush's.

...and Lolo Soetaro had been internationally executive vice president for Standard Oil.

When George Herbert Walker Bush became head of the CIA under the Ford Administration, he just got with his old buddy in the oil business, Lolo Soetaro and pulled off the hitch.

Barack's grandmother has been acknowledged as being the woman that operated the channels through which CIA money went to the South West Pacific, so she introduced her daughter, who had just had Barry...Barack, to Lolo Soetaro, and they got married and Lolo Soetaro adopted Barack Obama, the name was changed to Barry Soetaro.

Business Insider reports his (Obama) income for 2017 at over $200 million net, that's after taxes, deductions, write offs. For this last year 2018, they reported it as $570+ million dollars.

Why? Because when his step daddy died, he was one of the 10-15 richest men on Earth and he left everything in a trust fund, operating out of Indonesia, so that the American government can't touch it. It makes Barack Obama 1/3 beneficiary for the assets of one of the 10-15 richest men on Earth.

Here is some additional info. that I found on the web:

Here's confirmation that Obama's mother married Lolo Soetaro:

According to Dreams from My Father, Obama was four when he met Lolo Soetoro; his mother married Soetoro shortly thereafter; and Obama was already registered for school when he and his mother relocated to Jakarta, where Soetoro was an oil-company executive and liaison to the Suharto government. That was in 1966, when Obama was five.

I couldn't locate anything on Lolo Soetaro regarding his net worth. Could it have been scrubbed from the internet? Who knows, but I did locate the following:

Obama grew up in Honolulu, not a cheap city in which to live. His first listed address, 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, is in one of the wealthiest areas of Hawaii.

Before Obama’s grandparents and mother moved to Hawaii, his mother attended high school in a well-to-do suburb of Seattle–Mercer Island, circa 1960.

Mercer Island remains one of the 100 richest zip codes in America. Boeing, for which Obama’s grandmother worked during WWII, was a major reason for Mercer Island’s prosperity.

Lolo’s work may have also improved his position within the government. He was also a manager at Pertamina oil company, and the Soetoro family (Lolo, Ann, Barry, Lia, perhaps later Maya) lived in “the biggest” and “best home among other homes,” according to Barry’s Indonesian school friends.

When Obama lived with his mother and Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia, the family was hardly poor. Obama had a nanny, reportedly a cross-dressing man. According to Obama’s adopted sister and companion, Lia, Barry was picked up and taken to school every day in a chauffeur-driven limousine. The family had servants.

Obama at first attended a private Catholic school. Later, he attended a brand new public school, which was attended by many children of the elite in Jakarta.

His half-sister Maya attended the Jakarta International School, an exclusive private college prep school, originally for the children of UN diplomats.

Barry, while in Indonesia, enjoyed benefits from the wealthy connections of his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro, whose family lived in a large, gated compound, far from the madding crowd.

Here's some information on the Bush family and the oil industry:

And because of George W. Bush’s close ties to Texas and connections with the oil industry, the Bush family is often perceived as a bunch of oil tycoons.

Prescott (Prescott Sheldon Bush) sat on the board of Dresser Industries, an oil equipment company which boomed during WWII and eventually merged with Halliburton in the late 1990s. George H.W. Bush, Prescott's son, got his start at Dresser. me-pennzoil-9

Here's some information on the Halliburton Company. Judge Joe Brown refers to it in the video clip as "Halliburt:"

Halliburton's major business segment is the Energy Services Group (ESG). It offers a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide through fourteen product service lines

The company has been involved in numerous controversies, including its involvement with Dick Cheney – as U.S. Secretary of Defense, then CEO of the company, then Vice President of the United States – and the Iraq War, and the Deepwater Horizon, for which it agreed to settle outstanding legal claims against it by paying litigants $1.1 billion.

In the run-up to the Iraq War, Halliburton was awarded a $7 billion contract for which only Halliburton was allowed to bid.

Halliburton's headquarters (North Belt Campus) are located in northern Houston, Texas, near George H.W. Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Here's the clip. The stuff on Obama starts at the 6:06 mark:

posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 10:31 PM
I haven’t watched the video yet. Would love to see the pic of Bush sr and baby Obama

Having servants in some countries just means you have a little American money.

posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 11:39 PM
a reply to: shawmanfromny

More info. that I dug up on the web, showing CIA connections to Obama's mother, father, step-father, and grandmother. Could be the smoking gun that links Obama's grandmother to George H. W. Bush:

Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii in 1960 while pregnant with Barack Obama. Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard. Dunham and Obama divorced in 1964. In the fall of 1961, Dunham enrolled at the University of Washington while caring for her infant son. Dunham was re-enrolled at the University of Hawaii from 1963 to 1966. Lolo Soetoro, who Dunham married in March 1965, departed Hawaii for Indonesia on July 20, 1965, some three months prior to the CIA's coup against Sukarno. Soetoro, who served Suharto as an Army colonel, was clearly called back from the CIA-connected East-West Center to assist in the coup against Sukarno, one that would eventually cost the lives of some one million Indonesian citizens. It is a history that President Obama would like the press to ignore, which it certainly did during the 2008 primary and general election.

Dunham Soetoro's mother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised young Obama when he returned to Hawaii in 1971 while his mother stayed in Indonesia, was the first female vice president at the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. Various CIA front entities used the bank. Madelyn Dunham handled escrow accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian dictators like Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, South Vietnamese President Nguyen van Thieu, and President Suharto in Indonesia. In effect, the bank was engaged in money laundering for the CIA to covertly prop up its favored leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

There are volumes of written material on the CIA backgrounds of George H. W. Bush and CIA-related activities by his father and children, including former President George W. Bush. Barack Obama, on the other hand, cleverly masked his own CIA connections as well as those of his mother, father, step-father, and grandmother (there is very little known about Obama's grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who was supposedly in the furniture business in Hawaii after serving in Europe during World War II).

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posted on Jan, 5 2020 @ 12:06 AM
So, basically, Obama is not someone who made it up on his own, he is an entitled black person who was never even close to poor. Yeah, I see it. If African Americans believe that someday their kids will make it to be president, it is not going to happen. Just like my kids and grandkids will never get to be president. You have to have powerful connections to make it high up in politics.

posted on Jan, 5 2020 @ 12:46 AM
Prescott Bush funded Hitler in WW2... A Skyll and Bones member as all Bush males were/are... Also members of Knights of Malta as all CI AYE heads are.. Including Mike sure the Dulles brothers were involved...a reply to: shawmanfromny

posted on Jan, 5 2020 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: shawmanfromny

Bookmarking for return perusal...damn, forgot about Judge Brown, thank you.

posted on Jan, 5 2020 @ 12:15 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
So, basically, Obama is not someone who made it up on his own, he is an entitled black person who was never even close to poor. Yeah, I see it. If African Americans believe that someday their kids will make it to be president, it is not going to happen. Just like my kids and grandkids will never get to be president. You have to have powerful connections to make it high up in politics.

Fully agreed. You either have to be born into it or groomed from the start to ensure everything you do fits the future presidential narrative from the cradle.

But, the more I’ve been exposed to and engaged with politicians over the years there’s no way I’d go into politics even if I had the choice - it’s a gross, dirty game that ruins people.

No thanks.

posted on Jan, 6 2020 @ 01:32 PM
Whaaaat? Obama is a liar?

No waaaaaay


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