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Shadows Stain the Soul

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posted on Jan, 3 2020 @ 10:48 PM
Shadows creep out of the dark cobwebbed corners of memory
Reminders of things best left forgotten
Stifling love and joy, smothering

Past affecting present
Events thought overcome long ago consume the light
Clouding all that is good

Demons, not of Hell
Earthly beings disguising abuse as love
Darkness, confusion, fear, pain

Facades of love, concern, caring, teaching
Feigning normalcy a way of life
What happens in the family stays in the family

Forgiveness a temporary reprieve
Happiness always fleeting
Passage of time and circumstance inconsequential

Shadows stain the soul

posted on Jan, 3 2020 @ 11:22 PM
a reply to: GeauxHomeYoureDrunk

"I keep a record of the of the wreckage of my life"

Song lyric that I thought rather fits me.

Your post does as well... very relatable.

Well done!

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posted on Jan, 3 2020 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: GeauxHomeYoureDrunk

Wonderfully done!
Oh and love the new avatar!

posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 01:19 AM
Appreciate the poem. It brought back to my memory one I wrote many years ago and forgotten about. In fact I opened a drawer in my study desk that hadn't been opened in years to pull out the Moleskine notebook I would write in.

Don't know if it is wrong to impose on this thread or should make a new one. But wanted to share it...think this is the first time I'll be typing it out...


In the darkly evergreen forests so deep
Silence, the only sound so soft and sweet
A melody of nature came to greet

The longing, pining heart of a lost soul
Came yearning, searching for true wisdom to know
His hoping, groping for it to bestow

Upon his heaving, sighing heart belief
That this turning, burning world of grief
Belief that his lived happiness so brief

Purpose it bore, a lesson to be found
Not just lore, but tangible firm and sound
There to implore, a tear fell to the ground


In the darkly evergreen forests so deep
Silence, the only sound so soft and sweet
The only sound to this longing entreat

A silence so beautiful in its charm
That his beating heart forgot the harm
Of night and its continuous alarm

A silence wonderful as morning's dew
That awaken the grass the flowers too
To nurture, caress, mature anew

Timeless harmony of its tapestry
Found among each and every living tree
Honey kissed promises for all to see


In the darkly evergreen forests so deep
Silence, the only sound so soft and sweet
Beckoned forth knowledge; bid his soul to meet

The truth of life through misty tears of pain
Beckoned forth memories of long lost shame
Lost in shadows, never to stir again

Through the awakening of memories past
A speechless soul learns of life's peace at last
Of gentle cool breezes and life's repast

Put to rest the aching of his soul
Losing his pain to its call so tranquil
Learning life can be oh so beautiful!

In the darkly evergreen forests so deep
Silence, the only sound so soft and sweet
Understood the tear that feel at his feet

Thus those gilded tears that touched the dry earth
Did give forth voice to the wonderful birth
To answers of his sorrow, pain, and mirth

Beckoned forth the silvery shadows near
Approached the unfailing answers so clear
Into which his soul desired to peer

Echos the call of wisdom's voice so clear
At last bursting with song for all to hear
A melody of life, ever so dear!

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posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 07:14 AM
This is very nice writing that has a certain "deepness" to it and sets an environment that you can feel and envision through the words. Great work! Thanks for sharing GeauxHome

posted on Jan, 4 2020 @ 09:02 AM
a reply to: Lumenari

It is also something of a record of the wreckage of my life. I wrote it several months back as an addendum to a story chronicling my first memory of abuse of a delicate nature that is definitely not safe for ATS. I wrote the story for my husband so that he might gain some measure of understanding of the beginnings of my life journey and the twisted path it led me down on my way to him- and why sometimes the darkness still grasps at me once in a while. He is a damned fine man and worthy of my truth.

posted on Jan, 10 2020 @ 07:26 AM
Very poetic.
Nicely done Geaux!!

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