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Our Suns Binary and Spiritual Second Sun (Coverup)

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posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 08:09 PM
another observation about 'facts ' ..
facts are a compilation of data that were collected from the past. That's all they are. But what was true in the past doesn't matter. What matters is what is relevant now. Because every new moment is created in/from the now. So the question is..."what is true now? " and the answer is what do you prefer to be true? Something from the past? or would you prefer to choose something different (or better)
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posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 09:18 PM
Love this thread. The interweaving of science and history in religious lore all around the procession of the equinox. Hard to debate anthropological data, but ironically the science can be debated, as it is so easy to enter erroneous data into astronomical data with so many undiscovered and ever evolving layers of our understanding of the universe.

With that said, let me stick to the anthropological and stay away from the troll geniuses.

There are a few more aspects that should accompany this work. Sumerian is a very misunderstood long dead language but it has roots in many different cultures, and is root to a lot of your subject matter. You just need to know where to look.

So I give you this

Top - Ti (TEE)
Middle - NI (NEE)
Bottom - (Teo)
APO – (Apex)
Cali (Sun)

Here are a few examples. Tibet, pronounced TI_HABETTE, is a village on the top or highest point. Teotihuacán, translates to a village that is the located in the bottom of the top, therefore a high valley. Nippon (Japan), would be NI Happon, would be land in the middle, ie island.

So that brings us back to this. There is a wonderful bastardised word .. Apocalypse. It has been around the world and everyone has their take on where is comes from, but if it is read as Sumerian, it would be APO CALI POSO.... or the apex of the sun opposed.

This is where the speculation and debate comes in. There are some that believe this is the period when the sun lines up with Sirius and is directly lined up with the centre of the Galaxy. If it is true that we are in the Sanitarian Galaxy, which is slowly being absorbed by the Milkyway, then this centre would be the Pleiades, which some ancient writings point to, and would be more or less nowish give or take 6 years.

Depending on whose work or what you read, at it’s apex, the sun is surprisingly quiet, before ultimately experiencing a micronova event, or several days of darkness. Meanwhile the earth is thrown into tremendous turmoil.

But who knows. Let me beat the trolls to it, I'm just a spewing idiot, and it is not like any of those things are happening right now.

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