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The Neophyte Contest [YA2020]

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posted on Dec, 30 2019 @ 12:34 AM
The Clock Alarm went off exactly at 6:30am as it had for the past five years. Even after all this time, having to get used to a regular routine on a daily basis still felt very strange. Slapping the clock's alarm quiet, the thought of the days agenda's are briefly scanned and considered, had every detail been considered for a victory?

The trainee attempts to get out of bed, the yawning immediately starts, but suddenly halfway through stops, "Bah, that sounded terrible" and then proceeded to try another yawn. Still, it was not satisfying at all.

Stumbling around while trying to walk upright was always a struggle in the past, but today it seemed particularly awkward. "Why today of all days.... why today?"

Getting to the closet the trainee carefully considers each costume, every detail had to be just right. "What will it be, Grocery Clerk, Policeman or Bank President?" Making a bad choice might also lower the overall score so it had to be perfect. Forming what appears to be a painful smile the choice is finally made. "Today, I'll be the best Grocery Clerk in the whole Universe".

Pulling the legs up on one of these costumes was always a chore as they seemed to get loose after awhile and would require refitting. Maybe it was a manufacturing defect, but then none of the other participants costumes seem to have that problem.

lifting up the window curtains and staring outside, the glow of the large oval sunlamp was just beginning to come up and over the horizon. The heat was almost apparent, yet there was still just a hint of a chill in the air. "Why the 'powers that be' chose this planet is beyond me" and then tried to smile as that statement seemed to glide right off the Grocery Clerks tongue. "Maybe today is going to be the day, maybe this trainee's time has finally arrived to win this Neophyte Contest".

For five years the trainee had tried to fit in this created slice of life test, every day attempting to craft the costumes persona which had been an incredibly painful endeavor to do.

Chuckling to itself and rearranging it's breasts and legs, the trainee walked with confidence for the first time that morning. "Today this stupid contest, tomorrow Earth", and with that the Grocery Clerk slowly closed the door behind her.

(hears.. "It's The End of the World as we know it... and I feel fine!)

edit on 12/30/2019 by JohnnyAnonymous because: It's really THE END... so go about your business as I can't win anyways nor would I want to steal the thunder from some other well desrving member that is most likely a far superior story teller than I as I've never considered myself as an Author because for the most part all Amateur Researchers use data to be their story and oh by the way have you noticed how incredibly long this little edit story has gone on for without a period?

posted on Jan, 5 2020 @ 08:12 PM
a reply to: JohnnyAnonymous

Nicely Done! Fun to read, and I got a laugh at Yer rambling Edit reason. Lol!! S&F!!


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