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RICO cases for CPS and Foster Care

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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:32 AM
Child abuse is an ugly topic, something usually left behind closed door and not talked about. There are systems in place to help address some of these issues, but what can we do when these fail as the abuse goes to the next level? I started looking into these issues on another thread that is collecting various sources and issues around these topics.

Timothy Holmseth vs Craig Sawyer

The picture that is emerging is not just a few isolated cases, but large scale corruption as financial interest have come before the interest of the child. The legal system has become corrupted in defense of networks of bad actors. In many cases the police just step away and pass it on to Child Protective Services (CPS), which further reduces oversight of the most vulnerable in society.

The Next Big RICO case: CPS and Foster Care

This 1 hour interview by Steel Truth is with Michael Volpe, a long term researcher and journalist into many cases of abuse of power by CPS. He has a strong understanding of many districts, Judges and other actors involved in repetitive bad judgments, child neglect and corrupt practice amongst staff of the Judiciary, CPS, Foster Care and Medical Community. Micheal does see strong grounds for RICO or racketeering laws to be used and does make a plea for the FBI to pick this up and help clean up some of these issues.

Kirk's Law Corner Special guest from our Texas case

In the mean time, this 2 hour discussion with E Clause LLC talks about a more practical approach someone can take to address grievances with the corrupt legal processes used against a family. You will not win in a court against a corrupt judicial system, the system does not have the processes to fix itself when it does go bad.

You need to start by filing a petition to your local legislative branch. You do not need a lawyer to start this. Just need to state your case, provide what evidence you can and ask for what you would like to see. The legislative branches of government do have other processes than can fix other broken government systems, a separation of powers. If your local legislator is just as bad then you will need to file with the state, or then the federal legislators.

With the mud pit we are in, some on the internet think E Clause LLC and Kirk Pendergrass is a fraud. The image of the following document (from the above video) is clear and strong evidence that the method of going to the legislator to overcome a corrupt court process can work. A Family court in Ector County, Texas was shut down with all of its case load moving to another court.

The issues of child abuse and human trafficking can be very dangerous for all involved. For any legislative members with these matters on the table, take care and keep your heads up as there are many examples of good people finding suspicious and untimely ends.

Oddities in the Nancy Schaefer “Suicide” Case

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

I don't really see the FBI being the ones to clean up corruption in the foster system since they can't even prevent corruption in their own agency.

The system is beyond f'ed up. I've met a lot of very nice people that are always taking in children. There were some just doing it to pay their rent/mortgage. Very sad situation for kids to just be a meal ticket.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:01 PM
a reply to: Ksihkehe

I am aware there are lots of people in these systems doing the right thing, some could do better with a few as rotten as it gets. The way the financial systems are structured do create conflicts of interest, some of which does get exploited.

Reforms to put the interest of the child back on top is highly challenging. Mandatory reporting is one way to encourage the people involved to talk more about these issues when they do surface. Having the police at least make a report when concerns do come forward does help the legal system identify troubling trends further down the road.

RICO laws are a big messy case that takes a lot of resources to properly follow it through, which is why it is usually left to the domain of the FBI. They do come with a big hit of 20 year sentences as a starting point, strong enough to give those on the edges of the cases an opportunity to do the right thing. As far as I know anyone can start such a case, but it will take a lot of resources to follow it through.

Donald Trump has set things in a better direction to address the bigger issues around this on 21 Dec 2017.

Executi ve Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

According to data collected by the U.S. Department of State, the number of convictions around the world for human trafficking related offences has seen a rise of 4,905 from 2009 to 2016. Last year, an estimated total of 9,071 convictions were made.


Progress is getting made and these issues are being taken seriously at the highest levels of government. When we have people like Hillary Clinton building her career on defending abusers, getting disbarred and almost winning the Presidency, there are big, systemic problems going on.

William Barr has recently set a clear direction to go after violent offenders. It is looking like it will be months away before John Durham drops his case. The recent IG report does acknowledge the FBI has problems. There is work going on to make things better, it does take time. E Clause LLC is currently working on Broward County, Florida with another messy situation there. There are social media groups and personalities working at bringing some light to this darkness.

There is a spiritual war going on. It is easy to get discouraged when confronted with an overwhelming force. For anyone caught up in such a situation, you are not alone. There is growing support out there if you look for it.
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posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 04:36 AM
Legally Kidnapped: A CPS Whistleblower Fights Child Protective Services

This 40 min presentation is by Carlos Morales, a previous investigator for CPS. He has worked in the system, seen the corruption and the damage the system has done to children.

Some of it is misguided good intentions. Is exposing the parents and children to incarceration where there is a likely hood of rape and abuse really better than leaving the kids alone in a playground? The excessive use of psychotropic drugs in the foster system has also caused a lot of long term damage.

The financial incentives with funding based on convictions is also causing massive damage. Where one district did have its funding set regardless of outcome, there was a 70% reduction in separated families over 4 years.

Carlos does provide a lot of good tips for any family that does have to deal with CPS.
- Do not let CPS into your house. Talk to them outside if they show up.
- Do not let CPS talk to your child, you do need to let CPS see your child. If CPS must interview your child, say no to any private interviews.
- Find out what the investigation is about and stick to the topic.
- Record the conservation and make written notes after.
- Do not admit to any wrongdoings, unless CPS is already aware of it. Moving interstate will clear the record.
- Do not take a swab drug test if there is a chance you may fail. You can take this test at a latter stage.
- Let your child know to not to talk to CPS if they show up at their school.
- If you do have to go to court take your own lawyer, not all public defenders are bad, it is just a churn mill for them.
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posted on Dec, 24 2019 @ 04:19 AM
Epstein Network Still Up & Operational, Recruiting Young Girls

Shock videos show young girls dressed as stewardesses recruiting young women into the high flying world of sex trafficking while enticing men to join their club. Independent investigator reveals connections between former Epstein sex slave turned pilot and Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's property managing brother. Also of interest is how the mainstream media has ignored the obvious sexual nature of these recruitment videos from these Epstein connected companies.

This 1 hour 16 min special report by Infowars exposes parts of the child procurement program still in operation. The focus is on two aviation companies, Aviloop and Aviatri. These companies are owned by Ossa Properties Inc, which is owned by JE brother Mark. The stated purpose of these companies is to aid females getting into the profession of pilots.

Nadia Marcinko was one of the former pilots for JE. A former model and known as the Gulfstream Girl and then Global Girl after the Gulfstream company objected. Nadia was purchased by JE from Yugoslavia for the purpose as a sex slave at age 15. She moved up the ranks to become the pilot for the Lolita Express. Nadia was granted immunity during JE 2008 conviction. Also has a close business relationship with Mark.

The promotional videos for Aviloop do appear some what inappropriate for its stated audience. Business details where changed when the reporter started asking questions and the website hidden behind an 'under construction' page. The full associations with human trafficking still need to unfold as the investigative reporter in this case has more to go.

Alex Jones has collected over 200 reports of industrial scale sex slavery and snuff films including:
- 'He how must not be named' What Alex Jones and Voldemort have in common.
- Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, senate report says.
- The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti human trafficking.
- The Clinton - Silsby trafficking scandal and how the media attempted to ignore/cover it up.
- Has the UN learned lessons of Bosnian sex slavery revealed in Rachel Weisz film?
- Jeffrey Epstein wanted to turn New Mexico ranch into a baby making factory.
- Jeffery Epstein hoped to seed human race with his DNA.
- National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200, Implications of worldwide population growth for US security and overseas interests, Kissinger Report, Dec 10 1974.
- Top Billionaires hold secret meeting, run by Jeffery Epstein.
- Billionaires try to shrink world population, report says.
- MIT media lab rocked by new Jeffery Epstein revelations.
- Photo shows Harvey Weinstein partying together with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
- Epstein was a Mossad agent used to blackmail American politicians, says former Israel spy.
- Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein where spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, 'ex-handler' claims.
- Here is all the twisted sh*t found in Epstein's home during FBI raid.
- Before the SHTF lets revisit Jeffery's little black book.
- The list goes on...

Laura Silsby and since changed her name and heads up the company in charge of Amber Alerts. These are call outs made when a child does go missing. I am sure the establishment would appreciate someone of this character in such a role. Does look like a good place to start a RICO due to the connections such a role would have and how such an important institution in the protection of children has been compromised.

The rest of the video goes into topics like Hollywood culture, Dynacorp, decadence and decline of civilization, how we treat our children shows our future, crimes too big to admit, psychological and memetic warfare, the slippery slope, symbolism will be their downfall, expose to fight.

Madeleine Albright - 'I think the price was worth it'
Hillary Clinton - 'We came, we saw, he died'

posted on Jan, 1 2020 @ 07:54 AM
"Crimes and Consequences" 'Dr. Judith Reisman' on Cancel The Cabal Show

This 1 hour and 10 min interview by superbigbadman2 is with Dr. Judith Reisman, a researcher on the issues of child abuse for 50 years. The Kinsey Reports was a bad turning point in which it looked into the sexuality of children and babies. Parts of Academia have continued on this work, despite all the lies and lack of follow up with the subjects of this study.

The pornography and powerful blackmail industries have supported and promoted this behavior. Dr. Judith Reisman did undertake one study with the FBI, which was stopped by high officials in government. From her research, it has only been the last 3 generations that a more common and greater acceptance of child abuse has taken place.

Dr. Judith Reisman recommendations is for capital punishment or life imprisonment for rape of a minor. The biological father is generally one of the safest guardians for a child.

posted on Jan, 28 2020 @ 11:48 PM
Over 1,200 Minnesota Parents Are Suing to Shut Down Child Protective Services

A group of parents in Minnesota called Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children has filed a request in federal court to “shut down the state’s child protection services, stop serial abuse of families and overturn the unconstitutional laws by which the agency operates,” according to a press release published Tuesday.

The group, led by Dwight Mitchell, a father who says his son was illegally taken from him for 22 months, first filed a civil rights complaint in April, and this week they vocally publicized their call to shut down the child services agency, which they claim engages in systemic lying, withholding information, and fabricating evidence. They are asking the federal court to suspend the state’s agency from enforcing child protection laws, and according to a petition signed by almost 5,000 people, are also demanding changes to the laws themselves.

It is good to see families are working together to confront the injustices going on.

posted on Jan, 31 2020 @ 10:24 AM
'Taking Our Baby to the Hospital Was the Single Most Harmful Decision We Made'

Last May, John Cox was worried he had accidentally hurt his newly adopted infant by rolling into her when they both dozed off. Erring on the side of caution, he brought her to Children's Wisconsin hospital—where he worked, coincidentally, as a pediatric emergency doctor—just to make absolutely sure she was fine. It turned out she had suffered a minor fracture that is common in babies and heals on its own.

Two weeks later, child protective services declared him a child abuser and took the baby from him and his wife. The child has been in foster care now for eight months. She is only nine months old.

What followed, according to more than 15 medical experts who later reviewed Cox's case, was a series of medical mistakes and misstatements by hospital staff members that has devastated Cox's family and derailed his career.

Children's Wisconsin, like many hospitals, has bought into the theory of "sentinel injuries"—the idea that minor bruises can be warning signs of future abuse, so each bruise must be treated as suspicious. But as Hixenbaugh writes:

Several emergency room doctors described an "out of control" child abuse team that is too quick to report minor injuries to authorities and that is too closely aligned with state child welfare investigators. …

Five doctors told a reporter they're even afraid to bring their own children to their hospital after accidental injuries, fearing that a misdiagnosis or miscommunication might lead Child Protective Services to break their family apart.

I can understand hospitals are a good place to identify issues of child abuse. How this is getting implemented is raising a lot of very concerning issues.

posted on Jan, 31 2020 @ 02:42 PM
I am 54 male having went through foster homes from the age of 11 months till 11 years it was a living nightmare .
First ten different foster homes in 11 years .
second MOST had kids come and go like a revolving door and usually anywhere from 5 to 11 kids IN just one home .
I was drugged Molested and beat . I acutely had what was like battle fetige and even to this day some sounds or events will kick in and I get reliving the memory . Some times If i am luck I can feal it comming on and stop it befor it starts but usaly for the next few mints it sucks .
I will say just this GOD forbid a woman or man lose there KIDS BUT when it does happen the ONLY answer is adoption .
No foster homes that only Farm kids . People who adopt want the child and father more the KID will never be moved from home to home .

Yes I know but what if mom or dad get there act together ? So mom has baby and cant take care of it and no one in the family can ether and what should the kid just be passed around In hopes mom gets it together ? The KID cant wate for mom or dad to get it together they NEED A LOVING home NOW not next year or 5 years later ITS to late then the kids all messed up . It took me 12 years of studying psychology to fix enough so I could function enough to feal safe to become a parent .

Here is the worst of the worst at 7 years the last foster home which i lived longest .
The man was a retired marine and his theory on child discipline was having his wife sit on us wile he beat us with 2/4 s .
they also had a 19 year old son who took me up to his room pulled a gun sayig he would Kill me if i did not make his bed right . Cops were called he held me hostage for hours .

another home i was in at two they had a 16 year old Daughter who locked me in the closets .
Riddlen was the drug of choice .
((((((((( A living death at times and my story is NOT rare what is rare is not only did i survive I ended up becoming a fairly normal person owned a home had six kids wife dogs fish the works . My place was like right out of leave it to beaver show .
And its what I accutly modeled My life on the SHOWS I watched as a Child i HAD NO real world examples to go by .
O it worked LOL really it did my kids all were nice and stable and have family's of there own now and most are doing well good jobs homes and such . what took me 20 years they did iin 3 or 4 so I must have got it right .))))))))))))))))))))

The forster care system should be SHUT down Most kids Dont make it at my age they are dead drugged out or in prison and of corse Its all there own falt right ? they should be collage grads having 150 year jobs right ?
Thing is at 15 and over your own the streets Everyone loves puppy's but once the dog is nearly grown they dump them on teh side of the road .
Or heck no big deal so you were beat druged molested just shrug it off right ?
Spend from 18 to 23 homeless No family to turn to starting out in life But hey it was always My own falt all I ever heard from people .
Right now there are MILLION of kids going through the SAME things go back to complaining about trump or the dems this is america and here people drop there kids on the side of the road wile every one just walks past .
I am just one man and dont have the power to change this and this is just a post from some who had time to kill .

posted on Jan, 31 2020 @ 02:47 PM
The thing about CPS all they need is allegations, Me and my Lady just went through this because her ex husband made allegations we were thoroughly investaged I even had to take a drug test We had to prove ourselves innocent. She finally declared the allegations unfounded but we went through hell proving it .
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