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Rise of Skywalker is actually good!

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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:00 AM
I'm sitting in my office this morning and realized the new star wars released last night in some parts of the world.

Because I work in a remote mining site, driving 3 hours to town last night to watch the midnight release was not an option.

I knew there had to be a copy online and sure enough, a pretty damn decent copy is out.

I took a month's vacation from work, which starts this afternoon.
So what better way than to kick off that vacation than watching the new Star Wars in my office?

I have to admit, I was nervous about the direction the Star Wars trilogy was going.
So with an open mind, I began to stream this final installment.

The reviews I've read all say pretty much the same thing - to much fan service, plot hard to follow, non-stop action, blah, blah, blah...

Of course there's fan service!
Why the hell wouldn't there be in fan service?
The trilogy is coming to a close - again.
After all we watch a series because we love those characters and the universe their in.

With what Rian Johnson did to The Last Jedi, there damn well better be fan service and a lot of it.

As for critics saying it's hard to follow, that just shows how mentally incapable they are.
Any actual fan that has watched the other 2 new movies, won't find anything hard to follow in this movie.
Rebels need to stop the bad guys.
Unfortunately, there are a couple steps of action to take before stopping those bad guys.
If it just showed Rey boarding Kylo's ship, having a quick lightsaber dual, vanquishing evil and the movie was over... what would be the point?

JJ made a great movie with what he had leftover to work with after Johnson aborted the Star Wars name.

Fans - not critics, will be happy with the movie and the way JJ got the series back on track.
So Star Wars fans, watch the movie, its damn good.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:15 AM
Going to see it tonight, I can't wait honestly! I rarely agree with critics on movies if at all, different worlds. What I am looking forward to but at the same time I'm sad about is this wrapping everything previous up. That means we can move forward more freely which I am really excited about.

Glad you enjoyed it

Star wars and the Witcher series in one weekend, I'm like a kid in a candy shop I'm shaking with excitement!

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:17 AM
a reply to: Macenroe82
The first two in this trilogy sucked, and everything I've heard about this one said it was a "dumpster fire", so it's good to see a positive review. I'm not a fan of Jar Jar Abrams, but I will probably watch this once it comes out on DVD.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: Macenroe82

I'm glad you liked it but to be honest, after the last two movies I don't think they can save the series.

I'm so distant from all the new characters that I doubt I will give a damn about them.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 08:52 AM

originally posted by: Macenroe82
Fans - not critics, will be happy with the movie and the way JJ got the series back on track.
So Star Wars fans, watch the movie, its damn good.

I'm not going to tell you whether or not you, or anyone for that matter, should like this movie or not. There's quite a few channels I've been watching on youtube lately on my lunch breaks and from what I can tell it's actually Star Wars fans that greatly dislike this movie, not the critics. In fact, from what many of these fans are saying, the critics are even going so far as to paint the fans in a bad light because of how much they dislike the direction the movies are going.

Many of these fans have been talking about all of the leaked info regarding this movie and it seems the leaks were pretty spot on. I've read the leaks and, ugh, I refuse to even watch this atrocity. The worst part is what they did to Palpatine. I knew he would have some sort of part in this, thanks to how Rey used her lightsaber in ep. 7, but to do what they did in this film..........ugh again.

The best way I've heard this movie described is as a stand-alone movie, it's not too bad, but as a finale to a 30+ year saga of 9 movies, it's complete garbage. For those wanting to see it, I recommend go in with low expectations so that way you could end up pleasantly surprised.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: Macenroe82


I'm going to see it this weekend if not today. I have a good feeling about this one. The force is strong with The Rise of Skywalker...!

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: Necrobile

What did they do to poor Palpating? Please share...

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: lostbook

Do you really want to know?

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: Necrobile

According to the leaks, if they're all true, then everything that went on before with Anakin and Luke was pretty well made totally irrelevant except as some minor side-show by what goes on in this one movie. And that would be why Star Wars fans would be upset. It's an abortion of story writing more than anything. If you're capping off a 9 movie series, you don't negate the previous 8 to finish it.
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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 03:41 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

The leaks were 100% dead on.

I have seen every Star Wars movie in the theater starting way back in 1977.

I say this as a huge fan-

This movie sucked.

Unimaginative, hackneyed, shallow, and rushed.

It's like it was written by an 8th grader.

Worst SW film of them all.

Saw it at 9:15 last night and the auditorium was silent, not a single laugh or cheer.

I've been to many opening nights and never have I seen a film so poorly received.

This movie is a disservice to the ones that came before it and makes no sense at all in context.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 05:51 PM
a reply to: Macenroe82

Ok, I've watched some online reviews from people that I tend to agree with, " at least their reviews", and this movie is a turd.

Total knife to the heart of the franchise.

posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 07:18 AM
Fantastic! Thank you. This is the best, simple and to the point review I have heard that hasn't made me wary of going to see the movie. I am leaving to see it in a half hour, and now I look forward to it whereas a minute ago I was scared to go see it lol.

posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 10:49 PM
Rey "Space Jesus"

I am because i say i am..

No you are NOT!

When and if you watch it you will understand.

better off watching ROTJ.

posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 06:33 AM
I've been a fan since opening day in 1977. Never mind the naysayers, this was a really good movie. I'd put it in the top 3 of the 9 "Skywalker" saga movies. The movie ties up most loose ends, gives some much wanted fan service and tells a decent story along the way. Lots of action too, so take your potty break before settling in for the 2.5 hour long movie; you don't want to miss anything...and there is a lot to take in. If you suffered through the garbage that was The Last Jedi, then rest your mind; because this movie is the opposite of crap. Oh, and if you have managed to stay spoiler free this long, then there is a fantastical plot twist or two...and a surprise cameo that even I, the king of spoilers, didn't know about.

Go see it!
8/10 all day!

posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 09:47 PM
I just watched it and I liked it. It made up for the last two. I didn't like the last two and I was really apprehensive for the first ten or fifteen minutes or so, but as I continued to watch it I enjoyed it. A lot of my suspicions were confirmed. I was kind of hoping for a different ending, but it was still nice.

posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 12:20 AM
It was awful.

posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 01:24 AM
it was worth the watch...

Needless to say, its time to put the series to a rest... so the ending film was pretty good overall

posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 01:48 AM
I personally enjoyed it for the most part. The final scene was some hackneyed retrofitting. Some of the plot points were forced, partly because episode 8 made such a mess of things and partly because of Carrie Fishers passing ( I'm assuming at least ).

But it wasn't as bad as some paint it to be by a longshot.

posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 07:29 PM
Ohhhh nooooo Chewie! I killed Chewie!

Oops surrey Chewie lul!

Movie was freaking ridiculous.

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