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The City at Night.

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posted on Dec, 19 2019 @ 11:04 PM
I guess this might become a short story. just posting for fun

I love the city at night.
The streetlights bounce off concrete pathways.
Illuminated by raindrops,
each one falling to the ground.
A gentle reminder of my thoughts,
those flightless little birds.
A sad salute to the chains of gravity.
"Atleast I have a jacket."
Muttering under my breath, I dont think I even
hear myself.
Walking in the rain is always fun, until the sky
opens up thunderous and a gust of wind sends your
umbrella barreling down the road.
"Hey man, you know what time it is?"
A sly creature was staggering through my peripherals.
I didn't look much better. Some half drowned thing.
The stylistic sense more expected of a rat,
treading water in the Atlantic.
"Hey man, you hear me?"
I had headphones in.
They produced no sound, my playlist had ended
hours ago.
"Do you know the time?"
I debated ignoring him, another short lived thought.
He fixated himself infront of me and I realised
a quick interaction would be the only way forward.
One quick motion and my phone was out and back in my
It was immeditately soaked.
"God must be pissed." he said.
"God has nothing to do with it."
The interloper hobbeled away to whatever
cornerstore eaves he called home.
The answer apparently dignified my safe passage.

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