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David Bellamy And David Attenborough

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 08:08 AM
Two Davids.

One outspoken, off script and scientific. The other following the script put before him, sacrificing science for popularity.

David Bellamy . . . dismissed global warming as “poppycock” and said there is “no actual proof” human activity was causing a rise in temperatures.
. . .
Sir David Attenborough is passionate and vocal in his belief that climate change is an existential threat to life on Earth.

This photograph is from the Durham County Conservation Trust Bulletin, January 1986. Apologies for the sideways nature of the picture. My computer literacy is on the same level as Attenborough's understanding of the climate.

Bellamy was notorious for getting people involved in conservation, telling them it wouldn't be much work and he'd be around to help. Then he'd disappear and leave the unfortunate with a mountain of work. In that way he greatly increased actual conservation and generally he wasn't seriously resented for it.

Attenborough is more of the 'chase the walruses of a cliff with drones to get the climate change shock horror effect' type.

Low-altitude aerial footage shown in the film and the “Behind the Scenes” trailer (see footnote 4, at about 1:06) suggests the crew were using drones during the filming, which may have further aggitated the walrus massed at the top of the cliff while the rest of the herd was preparing to depart the haulout.

The photograph I have linked is a good study in body language.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 11:59 AM
I like David Attenborough. He's more a brand than a person nowadays. I really liked Bellamy who was an early victim of political correctness, same as Bill Oddie.

Most nature and environmental presenters are cardboard cut-outs. There are exceptions like Chris Packham and Steve Backshall to name but two.

Attenborough's early documnetaries (years ago) trapped animals, so would shock the enlightened today. Don't see many of those documentaries as they would harm the "brand".

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: paraphi

They are very different people, Bellamy was a truly decent bloke and a nice guy.

Attenborough is a guy whom is gifted with a voice and is better suited to voice over's, he was once a decent fellow but these day's is more in favor of population control, I am afraid I no longer hold Attenborough in high esteem, I don't hate the guy but I very much disagree with him over the climate change argument because 50.000 years ago during the last glacial minimum (Between the massive glaciation periods we erroneously call ice ages when in fact they are all part of one ice age the Quaternary ice age in which we are currently) there were African Savannah species ranging wandering England, why well because it was a lot more like the African Savannah at that time and a good bit warmer than it is today.

So you see we are actually in a natural cycle of warming and cooling, it get's warmer than it is today (We are not there yet but no matter what we do we will be) then the oceanic convection current's slow down and even stop due to desalination of the ocean's which happen's when the ice almost all melt's along with sea level rise and then due to the fact the Gulf stream is no longer bringing warm water to the northern Atlantic AND the fact that this also affects the gulf stream it's counterpart in the air northern Europe and north America start to get COLDER again, very much colder as so much snow fall's during winter that it can then not all melt in the summer, this causes glaciers to return and to start to grow which cool's it even more and then they grow even faster until poor old Britain is mostly under about 2 miles of ice as is much of northern Europe and north America, it is not like the disaster movies it does not happen over night but it happen's and people either migrate or stay and die of cold and starvation if they can not escape there predicament as happened in Greenland during the Little Ice Age.

Attenborough is correct were it come's to the pollution we are causing but NOT were it come's to the global warming, IT IS HAPPENING but the reason is mostly natural and is a predicted event that occurs during the inter glacial period's and has repeated many times during the Quaternary, it get's warm then it get's cold again, then it get's warm and then it get's cold again and this cycle has gone on for about 4 million years, go back just 35 million years ago and the planet was warm enough that not even the south pole had ice, there was likely ice on high mountains but the atmosphere of the planet was warmer in the past, the sea's were higher and teemed with life in the shallow waters above were most of us now live, we are on the bed of those ocean's, land animal's and life lived higher up and there was MORE life on the planet then not less and far more life in the sea.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: Kester

This is the second time this year where i could swear that a famous person had died a few years before ?? , i was stunned to read that he just died as i thought he had passed a few years ago , My memory is really going

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 03:32 PM
a reply to: stonerwilliam

Been there felt that, I have an alternative not just potential mis-remembered event's which do occur and are sometimes down to false news and rumors but also think about the possibility for parallel reality's to merge as well as diverge, what some call the Mandela affect, a name that come's from just such an event that MAY have originated in false news OR may have been down to a reality schism, merging or cross reality migration of consciousness as parallel reality's very close to one another either re-merged or else were for that time so close as to be in every way the same reality and even shared energy and information between there two slightly divergent time stream's.
They usually describe it as false memory and collective false memory when many people share the same memory that is no longer REALITY even though they remember it having been so, it is a misnomer as it may not be FALSE but merged reality echoes left over from the combining of two distinct time stream's that may have diverged at some quantum event then somehow perhaps under the influence of a quantum gravity wave have re-merged back into a single combined reality were some people still have residual information.
Another way is to think about it like Schrodinger cat in the box.
The cat can only be alive and dead at the same time if it is extant in multiple reality's and for the observer observing it is dependent upon which of those reality's they are in, the cat is alive or dead depending on there observation but in another reality it is in the opposite state, if dead in there reality it is still alive in that one.

So what I am saying is that your memory may not be false, it could be that you have quantum information exchanged from another reality OR it could just be a false memory.

Apparently Einstein constantly lost his Key's or did he?.

This merging and diverging of reality's may be happening all of the time, or maybe it's just a cock'n'bull idea that has no merit, either way we only know what we know and sometimes we learn what we thought we knew?.

If real then you are not unstuck in reality but your consciousness is actually larger in some way, it is existing in several reality's simultaneously and is exchanging data between them, another mechanism that may merge reality's if consciousness has a quantum affect, our shared reality is the one in which most of us exist, think about it as a common reality and it is the one we really live in - most of the time.
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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Yip watching that thread pop up about David Bellamy passing really really threw me the other night , I remember him fondly when i was young for his speech impediment which a lot of people copied in comedy sketches over the years .

Without Googling anything about him , I seem to remember he was self-taught and a deck chair attendant before finding fame which i admired about him and as i say this is the second time lately this happened to me with someone famous

Even though i am convinced i have the early staged of dementia starting i can remember things crystal clear from 40++ years ago ok and even had a go at my little sis a few weeks ago about work we had discussed needing doing in mothers house a few years back , she remembered nothing of the conversation we had , but i always had a real good memory up until 4-5 years ago , but with the amount of drink and drugs i did when younger i struggle to remember what day it is lately .

But yes Bellamy really threw me a curve ball there , i would put money on hearing this 1+ years ago and feeling a little sad at his passing

A confused stoner william who has not had a doobie for months

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