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Suppressed technologies

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by whitewave
Perhaps I did not make my presentment entirely clear.

Maybe i misunderstood.

I believe that many advanced technologies already exist and are being withheld from the general public until the powers that be can consolidate the transition from their current fortune producing technologies to the newer ones with them still in charge.

The theoretical groundwork have been in evidence for nearly 150 years and the technologies based on in for more than a century so that is a given ... I don't think they can ever transfer to a free energy paradigm with anywhere near the same levels of overt control and many of their schemes seems to be unravelling anyways. I think they will stall for as long as they can and possible bring about the long awaited third world war ( or release biological agents or what not) rather than let free energy technologies reach the market place as they would in my opinion just stand to lose too much far too fast with their schemes for world government not close enough to bring about to really suppress such technology and their applications.

When the transition begins and we see the introduction of these advanced technologies, many entrepreneurial souls will try to jump in and make their fortune as well. I believe this attempt to "horn in" on the ruling powers and disturb the balance of power will be soundly "discouraged" with extreme prejudice. This is what I dread-the waste of pioneer spirits, entrepreneurial will, etc.

Some theories suggests that wars are fought entirely to rid nations of their bravest minds ( as such revolutions have nothing to do with science and intellect but with character and integrity) and i have some sympathy with such theories even thought i am not going to try prove it... I don't think these technologies will be imposed or allowed to be distributed in a top down way as those who control such stand too lose far too much by admitting to the possibility that it is in fact possible. The only way i see this happening is the process becoming so simple that the plans can be distributed on the Internet and built by many so as to spread awareness and practical examples. You don't have to worry about pioneering spirit as that is our natural state.

Change is inevitable. Knowledge is being increased faster than industry's ability to adapt to it. By the time a new computer, for instance, rolls off the assembly line, it's already outdated and the new models begin production. Medical advances are increasing faster than a hospital's ability to finish paying for the last one before something newer and better comes along to replace it. This causes economic stress.

Change may be inevitable but they have been doing a good job of holding up any and all breakthroughs that led us any closer to a objective reality. I think the current economic model may have trouble adapting fast enough but that is because it's entirely profit based and tries to gain maximum income on every technological leap instead of being ready and able to make leaps. I also think it's designed this way for obvious reasons...

Yes, the average joe will gladly accept whatever convenience is made available to him but will complain vehemently when the cost of the R&D to develop that technology is passed on to him.

There is not much of a chance than it could be worse than it is now. The largest corporations in the world are normally heavily subsidised as well and most survived only due to bail outs from the public sector. The current model is not even working so we can just as well attempt to do something else.

Crime increases as joe citizen sees all the energy-saving devices available and can't afford them.

Joe-citizen gets involved in crime when such opportunities are worth the risks normally meaning that the economic options are limited anyways. If we could provide our citizens protection from foreign competition ( Why should we be forced to compete with near slave labour in Thailand or Indonesia?) then there would be very little reason for people to choose that path and we could really focus on weeding out those who still attempt it.

I always find it amazing that during disasters/riots average people can be seen stealing television sets!

Average people? Where did you get the impression those were 'average' people? Average people are NOT stealing Tv's when riots break out as average people do not take part in riots to start with.

If something as truly revolutionary as "free energy" becomes available, the burst of technological devices running on it will explode on the market.

Devices are devices are devices and i don't see how a different powering mechanism will make newer devices possible? How are the issues connected?

Just like now, everyone who does business and doesn't have a computer/fax/printer/multiple phone lines, etc. is woefully lagging in the market place, so it will be with those who can't afford all the new gadgets based on "free energy".

I don't understand the comparison or picture your trying to paint... Free energy changes EVERYTHING and most certainly the way we would do business. I don't see how all that much would stay the same as people are slowly able to start reducing their overheads since so many things would now only have the basic purchase price with very low or no energy maintenance. It would revolutionize farming to say nothing of water sanitation and turning entire deserts into tropical forest's... Free energy does not change 'business' as much as it will likely make it superfluous in the long run. People will not labour to survive, as most do now, but do so only to better themselves or their environment.

Pretty much every electrical item in your house will either have to be replaced or modified to accept the new energy source.

It's just electricity and there is no need to replace anything...

Such a paradigm shift will leave a lot of ordinary people "out in the cold" which will cause more than a few problems, I'm sure.

I can not imagine anything that would improve more lives faster.

The rich will get richer and the poor won't have a prayer.

The rich get rich based on creating artificial scarcity which will be much much harder to do once this technology reaches the market.

The choices at that point will be to accept slavery or to risk revolution.

What we are experiencing now is slavery with very long chains.

I trust that everything will work out eventually (anarchy never lasts) but the transition will probably not be pleasant.

It seems to me that you are trying to come up with reasons why this should not be allowed to happen and i don't think your fears are based on anything worth calling a foundation. If you did not believe that it was true i would be getting worried about your motives but since your not i will just hope that you investigate or reconsider the basis of your fears. I will be around so if you have questions...


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 10:18 AM
To Long Lance’s post:

The Big Boys have long “discouraged” free energy, anti-gravity, etc.

I have seen many of those “wasted” efforts. My life was wrecked, and I no longer want to play on the leading edge:

However, I have no regrets. For all the seeming futility, the ball may have been inched down the field a few yards. I cannot discuss it publicly at this time, but the Big Boys and their subsidiaries such as the White House are keenly aware of free energy efforts, and toy with making it public from time to time, although they have more contemplated allowing the more mundane technologies to make their appearance (such as 100 MPG carburetors):

But I think there is a genuine fear that if they let any of it out, they will have opened the first chink in the dam and will not be able to stop the flood.

Also, it is not monolithic, and as with the ET/UFO situation, sometimes the sitting U.S. President gets the idea that he can do something about it:

to only quickly be informed how the land really lays. The Big Boys are quite challenged today to keep a lid on humanity and those technologies. In the end, I believe their global control efforts are doomed, and ultimately their failure will lead to their redemption. I think I may see it in my lifetime, and probably sooner than later.

When I have seen the Greers, O’Learys and Lees repeatedly risk their lives and even EXPECT to be murdered before it is all over,

I admit that there is something boiling in their bellies that I barely understand, but I am in awe of it nevertheless. Yes, they have suffered greatly, and many of their brethren have not survived their journeys, but their efforts comprise some of the only reasons why I see much hope for humanity these days. They may all come to grim ends, as many of their pals have, but as painful as their journeys have been to watch, they ARE making headway, no matter how futile it all seems at the moment. I agree with Long Lance: we need to be free of the controllers if we are to ever truly be free, and humanity’s survival may well depend on it.


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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 02:40 PM
want to hear a true story? secret material. my dads brother , who died of cancer when i was seven made a machine that created o-zone. a blue smoke when given off. my dad saw him on top of a roof doing his exsperiment , so he says. to this day it, the invention is not in the patent records or supposedly not in the military records under anything. his name is lester amundson, or (oscar his nickname.) he designed the SETI dishes in australia, california, south america and others. i have pictures of him standing next to them and pics of the inside of it, they are all old photos. colored pics. he looks like an ant underneath them. he was in the army and had special clearances. another project was the BLACK DOUGHNUT, a top secret project to this day is in use. it is an antigravity machine and is said to lift any mass, use of magnetics and wires and spinning metals in a configuration. he said it disrupts the energy in the field of gravity. i only heard that once in my life before he went back to california and later died. i only saw him twice in my life, i was so young. when i was young i always played with magnets. he is buried at fort snelling minnesota. all the stuff i have , old pics and stuff all here, and some of his works. thank you wade frazier, you are absolutely right. this is a game of power and money. and we are only the pawns to its game. we pawns should put the king in check more often, but the powers at be put the heads at bay suppressing all this tech in the name of power and money. you dont know how much of what you said,puts me at ease knowing there are others like me out there.

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 08:35 PM
Hi Littlebird:

Thanks for the post. I am glad my writing was helpful. As you may have read, I am trying to help round up enough “pawns” so the power/control game can end. If we end up checkmating the king (and his entourage), I hope we do it lovingly, and then refuse to play the game anymore. No more kings, no more pawns, no more chess, and let’s have fun instead, the kind of fun where there do not need to be losers. For those who may think that Peter Pan is writing this, Bucky Fuller had similar things to say:

Littlebird, your uncle is one of many who have worked on such projects (and many have had shortened lives), and I am closer to governmental stuff like that than I can publicly admit at this time. Steven Greer has been rounding up people from those programs using the ET/UFO lariat. If you stay tuned to Greer’s efforts, you may be able to contribute to the disclosure activity that may be happening before long.

Going public with stuff such as your uncle’s can be perilous, so be careful.

Be well,


posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 12:35 AM

In another thread that discusses my work, a person about to be federally arraigned asked for advice on handling the process, and what I wrote also seems appropriate for this thread. Here it is, in two parts.

Hi Submersible2:

You won’t know if you can handle it until you have been there. I doubt that much can really prepare you for it. You have already been in the belly of the beast to a degree, so you have some perspective of the process. I have been in kangaroo court:

and I don’t want to see the inside of a courtroom again. My former partner, Dennis Lee, spent two years behind bars for challenging the energy establishment:

So, I know too well what you are writing about. Best wishes for surviving the process with your life and sanity intact. The best defense may be to honestly believe in your truth, and it can help you go free. My shield has always been living in the light as best I can. Those prosecuting you are just doing their jobs, by and large. They have unsavory jobs, but if you decide to not take it too personally, it can go a long way to seeing you through.

Much of how the wheels of “justice” move in America is not “conspiratorial.” The American legal system is so abysmally corrupt that it does not take much knob-turning to fry activists, and those doing the frying simply could not care less that they prey upon innocent people: , and they will commit whatever crimes they need to, in order to “succeed” with their jobs: . I learned that stuff the hard way, and when I can help others avoid learning their lessons the hard way, it helps me sleep better. I hold no animosity toward those who ruined my life. If I did, they would have prevailed. In fact, when I let go of my animosity, it led to the miracle:

I have written a 150-page essay on the medical/agribusiness reality that you have encountered:

It is much worse than those chemicals that you cite - they are one of many that have been inflicted on the public:

I was recently thinking of writing something on how people can perhaps avoid having their lives ruined when they speak out, particularly when vested, powerful, unscrupulous interests want them to say silent. Your post has spurred me to say something on the matter. (I have to break this into two posts so they fit in this forum’s size limitation)

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 12:36 AM
Part Two:

I have been called a whistleblower, although I do not think of myself that way. Whistleblowing is usually when somebody from the inside comes forward with their revelations. I suppose I did it with my profession:

but it is a minor part of my work, and not the kind of “whistleblowing” that can get me into much trouble.

Ralph McGehee is a genuine, courageous whistleblower:

as was Gary Wean:

Rodney Stich:

Eugene Mallove:

Greer’s ET/UFO witnesses:

and others I have known, including relatives:

However, people like Paul Wilcher:

and Danny Casolaro:

were outside agent-investigators. All the people I just cited have suffered greatly for speaking out, and some have been murdered for their efforts. However, my writings have never given the Big Boys reason to really make my life miserable, or at least a good enough reason to try to silence me, and here are some of the reasons I think that is the case.

1. I do not advocate violence or conflict – those who perform dark acts such as foisting aspartame (Rumsfeld) or Bovine Growth Hormone (Monsanto - I write about BGH/BST here: ) on the public are only too happy to wipe out people like you, or harass you into self-destruction (it is about money and power, and wiping out people like you are simply “bonuses” for them). I know too many people in these areas who expect to become martyred for their efforts, or have been. I do not wish to share their fate, and I doubt that martyrdom does much good, and in fact, the desire for martyrdom is a negative attribute of the human personality . Maybe it would be worth it for you, but I have watched people rue their fate after they had their lives destroyed, and not so much that they suffered so much, but that their suffering seemed futile. I am not saying that going for it may not be worthwhile, but there may be less perilous ways to get to the goal.

2. I do not name names. I could make the lives of many uncomfortable if I named names, some who are household names, but naming them could cause them to retaliate, and for the message I am trying to get across, names are not important (and many are discoverable if people do a little investigating). Not naming names can also help keep the idly curious and naïve from getting into trouble, or getting me into trouble.

3. I am only writing. Those in power, although they truly hate freedom (yours and mine, not theirs), are less threatened by words than deeds, and when you begin doing something or advocating action, then they can begin moving to terminate the threat.

I am not sure if this was helpful, but it is also intended to help others who may want to speak out.

Good luck,


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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 04:13 AM

Originally posted by wadefrazier3

I am only writing. Those in power, although they truly hate freedom (yours and mine, not theirs), are less threatened by words than deeds, and when you begin doing something or advocating action, then they can begin moving to terminate the threat.

the question, imho, is whether they are trying to keep an eye on alternative views by following people's net activities or simply not bothered enough.

both variants give me an uneasy feeling, because a) they might succeed in eliminating the more active community and therefore divert resources to against people who are saying too much and b) what happens, when their data mining efforts return a positive..?

how can the system ever be replaced without becoming a threat at some point? the BBs are certainly thinking along the same lines, so we can expect a surge in violence on their part once things get unstable, i'd imagine.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 05:34 AM
Everybody says that you can't create energy from nothing. Something about the conservation of energy principle, I'm not sure the name of it.

But a question the scientist are puzzled by to this day is the fact that every joule of energy in the universe had to have come from some source; so what is that source?

Some say it is the vacuum.

Today, in every university this "most difficult problem in electrodynamics"—the source charge problem—is concealed from the students, and even many professors seem no longer aware of it. The way it is hidden is as follows: They teach the subject of the charge and its associated fields and potentials in the following fashion: "We have here a charge. Associated with this charge are its fields and potentials, reaching across the universe." In short, ka-blam! One is given a source charge, and suddenly there are its associated EM fields and potentials and their energy, freely appearing out of nowhere, with no energy input at all. Automatically! That way, they slip it right by the students.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 07:07 AM
Hi Long Lance:

For those who are drunk on power, any perceived diminution of it is seen as a threat, even if it was God herself providing the “threat.” However, if enough people became aware of the issues and SOLUTIONS, then it really would not take much to “unseat” the powerful (and they would ultimately be redeemed, as ruling in hell is not nearly as much fun as living in heaven), at no risk to anybody. I have publicly written about how I would like to see it pan out:

Men seem particularly resistant to the message, but, truly, love is the answer. If we became fully sentient beings with our hearts in charge, the games of power and exploitation could end almost immediately, with nobody needing to be hurt or risking their lives.

About the Big Boys listening or not bothering to, both are true to a degree. Ralph McGehee has written about how “proud” many members of the CIA have been in that they don’t “waste” time getting informed about what is happening in the world. They have a megalomania that is reminiscent of Karl Rove, creating imperial reality by their actions (in Suskind’s book)

(Many think it was Rove who said it, and but if it was not, he also holds those delusions.)

However, the CIA and White House are not the people really running the show, and they are not the people keeping tabs on the ATS forum, for instance (at least not the important ones).

The people who run this global surveillance operation:

are the people who keep tabs on people like me. As should be obvious, energy is a huge leverage-point over the world’s power structure, probably the most important one, and it pays to be most vigilant where the “threat” is the greatest. Consequently, the UFO and free energy cover-ups are related:

and somebody working for the Big Boys probably has reading my public writings as part of his/her job (and probably reading my emails, etc.), if not an entire team.

To TheComte’s question, where is the free energy coming from? To me, that is perhaps the crux of free energy, and an issue that I raised at an NEM board meeting a few years ago. I think the energy is coming from someplace divine, and until we collectively have enough divine intention for using it, it will not be available to the public. That is another aspect of the free energy conundrum:

FYI, Joel Garbon, the NEM president, sent this to me yesterday:

Dear Friends of The New Energy Movement,

So many of you have asked to see the legislative draft of the Energy Innovation Act of 2007, which was prepared by the leadership of The New Energy Movement and presented to members of Congress and their legislative staffs in a series of ongoing briefings. The draft is now viewable by the public from the home page of our website .

I ask that you also view the "Update and Appeal from NEM's President", which provides valuable background information about the draft legislation and how to help move it forward. NEM will be regularly reporting on the progress of this and other key initiatives through our website.

Please share this information widely. And thank you for sharing our vision of a cleaner, healthier, happier world that attends a revolution in energy technology and its wise use.

Peace to you and your family.

Joel Garbon
The New Energy Movement

Does NEM have a prayer? Probably not, not in today’s environment, but I have to admire the effort, and I am always ready to be surprised by the Muppet Movie ending to the free energy quest. One day, Don Quixote just might prevail over the windmill.



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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 07:20 AM
For some reason, the edit feature is not working to make the link to NEM’s site work. It is here:


posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 10:57 AM
I was recently asked this question on another ATS thread:


I’m participating in another thread that involves your expertise and I wondered if you could answer it for me here. We are talking about the energy consortium and their power to stop alternative energy forms. Here’s the point I’d like you to comment on: (if possible)

Originally posted by mojo4sale

One of the newest players in Billionaire row in Australia has made all his wealth from solar energy, why would they allow this if they are restricting the development of alternative energy. Wind farms are cropping up all over Australia as we speak, why arent the consortiums stopping this.

Why is the energy consortium allowing this to happen?


I responded in the next post.

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 10:58 AM
I responded with:

Hi CN23:

The brief answer is that times change are there are many players in the suppression of alternative energy, each pursuing their self-serving agendas. Steve Greer calls the Big Boys “Godzilla”,

but in Dennis’ wild adventures, he probably only encountered them and their agents a few times. Bill the BPA Hit Man

was probably working for the local electric interests when he performed his evil deeds in Seattle, but his later activities hinted that he may have worked for the Big Boys all along. I have been stalked on the Internet for the past ten years by a disinformation specialist

who I am about half convinced is motivated by ego dysfunction, although you can see from a response on that thread that maybe he really is a professional.

While a rich man who built a windmill farm many years ago was threatened into walking away from it:

energy has become a pretty big issue in our energy crisis times, so it looks like some inconsequential kinds of alternative energy (i.e., traditional alternative energy) are being allowed to be developed, although nothing on a scale that provides a threat (you keep the lid too tightly on it, and it will eventually blow up). The kinds of solar energy activities that billionaire developed are no threat to the energy racket. Economic Hit Man John Perkins was allowed to start and sell an alternative energy company.

but again, he was playing at a “safe” level.

Alternative energy is still less than 1% of global energy industry production. Traditional alternative energy is not very effective, so the Big Boys can allow people to pursue it and think they are making headway. Adam Trombly knows the dynamic well (see that interview with him):

Also, any effort that achieves prominence has probably been penetrated by the Big Boys and they can derail it if they need to, or they control it already, and it only APPEARS to be a legitimate effort. The recent effort in Ireland, where scientists have been invited to test the equipment, might be legitimate, but if it is, there is a lot more happening than meets the eye.

I see people tout hybrid cars all the time as some kind of alternative energy breakthrough, although it is nothing of the sort. As long as people pursue stuff that is inconsequential to the big picture, the Big Boys are content to let people play their delusional games. The bottom line is that nothing that can make a difference has been allowed to get very far along, and when the big sledgehammer comes down, or people accept the offer they can’t refuse:

that is an indication that the Big Boys became involved. Even though I have suffered greatly at their hands, I do not believe they are all that important. What IS important is how we can learn to stop self-destructing before the Big Boys even need to lift a finger:

The “Consortium” exists, and is vigilant and effective, but only because we are such easy meat. Our fate lies in our hands, not theirs. Integrity and sentience are the keys.

Be well,


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posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 05:50 AM
I ferverently believe we may be able to break the deadlock soon... all it would take is supporting an intermediary technology trend and set of research programs that would put high end machining capabillity into the hands of the everyday person.

Projects like the rep rap project and cornells project in the same vein along with MIT's FAB LAB program of outreach high end fabrication stations will start to winnow away at a key tool in the BIG BOYS arsenal.
SPecifically the average american these days is lucky to be able to name 6 hand tools and one power tool. Once we can get people back in the habit of making things they don't necessarilly want to lay out the money to Buy some of that old school american mechanical inclination will come back.

Not only that but the overall price of extremelly high quality precision machining tools will drop accordingly due to this as well.

Combine these fablabs and tools tesla and stirling and keely would cry with joy to have access to and then put a set on every 10th americans work bench and it's just a matter of time!!

I am plugging away at my own research and like anyone else on the fringe I've had my own harrowing adventures, and learned some hard lessons. However I will keep trying

I would like to offer profound thanks to the people that have built this thread It has served to reenergize me.

posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 07:48 AM
WHoo so I forgot to post one important and totally viable technology that nasa told to take a flying leap.

So there is this author travis S. Taylor who penned two sci fi novels to hopefully raise awareness about the potential of a nanotech powerplant design that very simply works off of the casimir effect. Needless to say even APL wouldn't touch his project and he got told to drop it, and we all know the white world civilian nanotech investors will not touch anything to do with self assemblers or power systems.

The one exception being so called embedded or paint on photovaltics which they tout ridiculously as a pie in the sky future technology. even though anyone who has ever repainted anything knows about 3 weeks later you already have dings and abrasions no matter how many protective coats you apply. So it would be yet another Blue sky pseudo alternative energy proposal like the fat cats always push...

Also there is the completelly viable technology of Ocean thermal energy conversion (aka OTEC if you type OTEC into wiki it will give you an article) This technology is viable and could be implemented massivelly right now except for some lame treaty excuses and UN vampires that would try to take their cut from your project.

posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 09:04 AM
Hi roguetechie:

People like you are one of the reasons I have been contributing to this thread. Yes, the angle you mention - getting the proper tools in people’s hands – has merit. If enough of them get out there, and the next Sparky Sweet

decides to share his secrets, then maybe that stampede CAN begin. Yes, the ocean thermals are a viable source, and more than UN vampires scuttle those types of projects. For instance, I was informed about a geothermal project that was scuttled:

Not hard to imagine what went on behind the scenes in that instance.

Be well, and good luck with your efforts.


posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 04:12 AM
In the long run the biggest and best weapon the forces that want change have is education. It's why they are doing their best to make it so ISP's can block altogether or limit bandwidth to sites they don't want their customers on...

Which anyone who has looked at the true state of corporate ownership of media and telecom companies knows this is the powers that be blatantly admitting that the internet is dangerous to them. The free exchange of information and the ability to collaborate with anyone anywhere in the world with an audience of thousands or more knowing about your research makes it much harder to pick off people that get too close to the truth.

Things like Make magazine and ATS and others are what will change the world. Education and a healthy dose of skepticism towards anyone in power's good intentions are eroding away at ignorance noticeably.

On a side note any specific areas of research I should look into in your opinion?

posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 07:13 AM
Research in technology?

These two places could tell you better than I can:

Sparky Sweet's stuff was very real:

but like so many others, he took his secrets to his grave.

Yes, education is key, but it will only do some good if it inspires people to get out of their armchairs and DO SOMETHING. Yes, the system is designed to dumb us down, make us complacent, and so on, and the Internet is potentially a big threat to the controllers' agenda. The Internet is a window of opportunity, and taking advantage of it while it lasts is probably critical to the human trajectory.

Feel free to ask anything else,


posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 08:28 AM

I have a draft up of what will probably be my most ambitious essay of 2007. I am trying to put my best foot forward, and any thoughtful and constructive feedback is welcome. I will make it “public” before the month is finished.



posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 08:48 AM
Wade, I have been reading most of the things you have presented here. I must say, you have really opened my eyes in so many area's - thank you.

It seems it is so much bigger than I had originally thought.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 09:24 AM
You are welcome, Godservant. Your post that began this thread is what began my interest in ATS.

Thanks for your interest, and we will see where this all goes from here.


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