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Hillsborough Justice Eluded

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posted on Dec, 5 2019 @ 09:56 AM

. . . the worst disaster in British sporting history . . .

. . . the former match commander stood accused of gross negligence manslaughter . . .

. . . Duckenfield was cleared by a majority decision.

The former Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police, Tony Farrell, told me a few months ago that Duckenfield would have most likely been found guilty if charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. If that had happened he may have blown the whistle on the whole black operation. That's why they chose a charge that would not stick.

Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson was the actual kingpin as the body language of other police shows in the television footage. Search his name on ATS for more information.

To grasp who all and what all was involved in the Hillsborough Disaster, one needs to realize what was and is at stake. It has been these high stakes that persuades politicians, police, judges and coroners to keep a lid on what would shatter their reputations, and cripple their control over the people.

Cripple their control over the people. I like that one.

Hillsborough created televised football as we know it. Televised football has emasculated a vast proportion of British males in particular. High stakes.

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