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Space Telescope for detecting extraterrestrial lidar systems

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posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 11:21 PM
The need for long-range lidar detection stands on its own merits but also has useful applications for detecting extraterrestrial lidar systems.

I was reading through the paper and the websites linked below and came to the conclusion that we need to add a SETI program for detecting extraterrestrial lidar signals. If other nearby star systems are using lidar like we are for mapping their solar systems perhaps we should be looking for that sort of activity. It is nothing beyond our technical ability to produce such lidar detecting space telescopes. It is certainly useful to develope lidar remote sensing space telescopes for even our own use for long-range detection of inbound space objects so why not expand that technology into a method of detecting the use of lidar in other star systems. Who knows we might get enough information from that type of sensing to find other worlds with life on them at a technological development high enough we should be aware of them. The fact is quantum entangled quantum resonance communications technology will quickly take away our need for RF spectrum use for communications but we will still likely use lidar in space ourselves.


Company building lidar sensing satellite systems for background:

Year old article covering active star to star laser communication systems:

Comet deflection by directed energy: a finite element analysis:

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