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Famous artists from the 80s who are still making music hits

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posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 06:00 PM

posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 06:11 PM
Good on 'em.

And to be fair, there are a deal more artists who could still make a hit, and who were around a deal of time earlier than the artists featured, and who had hits in tandem at some stage.

posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 06:15 PM


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posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 07:13 PM
Kylie Minogue...Madonna...Jay Z ? Seriously ? There are far more talented performers who were way more popular in the 80's and still more popular today than any of that grouping. More popular artist from the 60's that still outsell that trio. Not even in the top hundred of my list, but to each his own

posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 10:32 PM
Dang , you went for the lesser know and omitted at least 2 of the best.
Rolling Stones ?
I would say Ozzy , but I believe he has called it quits . He postponed 2019 concerts till 2020 due to his injury .

posted on Nov, 27 2019 @ 01:48 PM
Just as an aside, you do know Kylie is Australian for boomerang.

posted on Nov, 28 2019 @ 04:24 AM
The epitome of 80's rock. They have a new album that's coming out or is already out.

posted on Nov, 28 2019 @ 04:31 AM
Daryl Hall still making decent music isn't he? (Hall and Oates) I enjoyed 'Live at Daryl's House'

In fact I've just noticed 'Hall and Oates" touring this and next year.

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posted on Nov, 28 2019 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: SlapShips

Paul McCartney.

posted on Nov, 28 2019 @ 01:34 PM
a reply to: mtnshredder

Oh man...gen X gate-closer here.

I still think big hair and ripped jeans make you look badass!!


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