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State Department releases detailed accounts of Biden-Ukraine corruption

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posted on Nov, 28 2019 @ 07:34 AM

originally posted by: Gryphon66

originally posted by: tanstaafl

originally posted by: Gryphon66
There’s two of about 200 citations.

Both of which are after the fact.

Show all of t he ones complaining about him in the year or two prior to him being removed.

Question asked and answered.

Not quite...

LOL ... move those goalposts.

Shokin was in office from Feb. 2015 to March 2016.

What relevance does some earlier date than that have? I have no interest in that, I’ve provided clear evidence for the claim I made as requested by another member.

Surely a Libertarian like Gryph is not blind to the economic impact that has the DOW breaking records for the number of records days of growth and filling our coffers with money from all the Jobs returning. Yes, they have. Unemployment is heretofore unheard of levels.

Surely Gryph does not see the media pretending people with jobs is worse for the US than people on the Gov plantation taking handout. DJT exposing their fake sympathy. Many now see how the Progressives "war on poverty" hasn't done anything but make the living conditions worse for the lower classes while pretending to help the homeless. The people need jobs and the dignity that comes from one which starts when you're hired. We all know what it feels like to land a job but a few.

Surely Gryph has eyes to see the border wall and how the trade agreements are aiding the US regain market strengths the world would love to duplicate for themselves. The rising tide lifts all ships and boats theory is true. Freed up money goes toward things that other people hire a work force to produce.

We are growing the idea that free people, with limited gov, can do spectacular things for humankind. And the PC crowd are dividing and dumbing people down. It is proven that a dumbed down society is more easily manipulated.

Smart people with knowledge, since ignorance of facts hinder a smart person and that is important, go against what the Progs are doing. Many of us claiming to be Libertarians for instance are seeing this for the corruption it all has been.

posted on Nov, 30 2019 @ 02:19 AM

originally posted by: UKTruth
Trump seems to have lucked into a way of fully exposing what the Democrats were doing in Ukraine. He's made the Democrats build their own gallows.

... And they willingly ran up the stairs even. Ukraine is Biden's Hati. Of course the Clinton's got their usual cut as well.

posted on Dec, 2 2019 @ 09:08 AM

originally posted by: Gryphon66
LOL ... move those goalposts.

Not at all... just patiently explaining to you why timing matters, and the difference between evidence and hearsay. Sorry you can't seem to grasp such concepts.

Shokin was in office from Feb. 2015 to March 2016.

What relevance does some earlier date than that have?

More proof your capability for rational thought is... not.

One of the quotes you sourced said:

"The United States and other Western nations had for months called for the ousting of Mr. Shokin, who was widely criticized for turning a blind eye to corrupt practices and for defending the interests of a venal and entrenched elite."

If this is true - and understand, I think it is entirely likely that Shokin is/was corrupt, but what matters to me is who he was working for and what the Bidens' actual roles were, and most importantly, who else on our side of the pond was involved (meaning, how high did/does it go - everything I've seen suggests it goes all the way to the top) - then show some of the actual 'calls for ousting of Mr Shokin' that were happening 'for months'.

Not more articles saying the same thing. Actual articles making specific claims of corruption as reasons for calling for his removal.

I have no interest in that, I’ve provided clear evidence for the claim I made as requested by another member.

Nope... that request was:

"Everyone says everyone wanted him gone. Source some articles from that era backing up this claim. I've asked before, no one can, maybe you can."

All of the articles you sourced were just a bunch of hearsay. All saying the same thing: 'Everyone was calling for... Everyone wanting him gone...'...

posted on Dec, 2 2019 @ 12:50 PM

originally posted by: Gryphon66
Just as some of the most effective corporate media is pro-Trump.

I'm only familiar with a small group from Fox, and a bunch of independents.

Maybe they're 'the most effective' because they are the only ones espousing rational, logical, fact based reporting?

posted on Dec, 6 2019 @ 06:52 AM

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posted on Dec, 23 2019 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: UKTruth

Do people seriously think Trump is lying about Biden lol? rosecutor.html

The idiot still denies saying it yet here is the video of him bragging lol.

The Genius of these Swifty Dems was routing all the American Aid money into a US forced newly set up Ukrainian anti-corruption office. It was set up BY THE CIA and Biden Jr. for Obama and Biden!! Ukraine never saw a dollar of that aid money.

Ever see the videos of all the Ukrainians bitching about their leaders not giving them any support after America sent aid in money and weapons. They got nothing on the front line but orders to die.

Trump knew this BS was still happening after the phone call so he cut them off!!!!!

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posted on Dec, 23 2019 @ 03:18 PM
We all know that Hunter got paid for being on the board. That is about the only real fact reported by Rudy. Who cares about those payments? They happened whether there was any corruption or not and were clearly for serving on the board.

The payments to Hunters firm, isn't automatically an issue either. Just because the prosecutors say the payment was for Joe Biden's lobbying, there is not any proof of that at all, except for some Ukrainians saying so without any documentation. Show me a document from Hunters firm sending the money to his Dad and i may go along with it. but there hasn't been squat on that or any US investigation open which is looking into that payment. A prudent man would wonder why not?, Unless of course there is no basis for the allegations. otherwise just subpoena the records.

So basically this is just a rehash of the previous allegations without any additional relevant factual evidence.

posted on Dec, 30 2019 @ 12:05 AM
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posted on Jan, 9 2020 @ 09:07 AM

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