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any members willing to help me out?

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posted on Mar, 8 2005 @ 04:21 AM
I am doing research on, 'The Jesus Project, and am team leader, so please I need members who are willing to take the time to help and to be serious about it. So, if you would like to help u2u me please. Thank You

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 11:43 PM
link wants to help at all......pout!
I think you all hate me......

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posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 11:52 PM
Maybe if you posted an outline of the project you will find volunteers. As it stands I have no idea what "The Jesus Project" is about. Just a thought...

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 11:56 PM
Here is some of the project, I will go and copy the rest.


Text describing over all goal/s of project.
To prove that jesus was either a man, or, god manifested. That he was crucified, when and where he was crucified? Why he called himself the son of man, and not the son of God? If he rose up 3 days after his death? What was the star of Bethlehem? Was he born of a virgin birth? Was he really born in a stable? If he will return again and when he will return? I will attempt to answer these questions and more.

Reason/s and intention/s of project.

This is my first time doing this as Team Leader, so bare with me.
Most Important questions.
1.Who was Jesus?
2 Background--Gather all the background you can find on Jesus and try to prove or disprove it.
3. Set out all the known knowledge known about Jesus and what he did in chronological order!
4. Try to find out where he was at during the missing years!
5. Find out how many things Jesus said, have come to pass, and have not.
6. Do research to see if Jesus was a man, or God?
7. Find out if he indeed was the one crucified on the cross.
8. Find out about his brothers and sisters.
9 Find out if he will come again as foretold, or, evidence that he won't.
10. Find all the parrables Jesus has said, and understand what they say.
11. Find out if Jesus had a relationship with Mary Magdeline. or not.


~To help give others information that will help them with their questions about who Jesus really was, the virgin birth, if Jesus was a man, a God, or both.
~If he was the one who was actually crucified for all of us and if he will return again and to inform you about Jesus and the missing years.


~Was Jesus a Man?

~Was he God,Jesus and man?

- We will attempt to examine all documents about Jesus, his teachings, and his life..

- The Pro and Con of this project.

- We will try to give you witnessess who have seen Jesus in the flesh, when he first came, and the miracles he performed.

~ We will try to re-enact his crucification.

` Where the star of Bethlehem is located, and what it had to do with His birth.

~ To make discoveries about who his brothers and sisters were.

~ To create a timeline of the life of Jesus.

~ We will explore why Christians believe in 3 Gods.

~ Why are the manuscripts of the New Testament in Greek when Jesus spoke Aramaic?

~ We will try to establish on what day Jesus was really born.

~We will determine at the end of this project if Jesus is really a God, or, a myth.

Anyone who wants to participate in this research project should U2U ADVISOR to recieve a "scholar" status if you do not have one already. If you have one, U2U me and I will assign you a task to do. Do not add on to this research project without U2U'ing me first.

Anything else you can come up with will be great. As team leader, I am looking for members to help me out with this research project,

Shaylene -TL
mindwalker -

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 07:57 AM
I'd like to help but I just don't have the time. Sorry.

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 12:41 AM
Thanks anyway Reptilian but I had someone offer thier time today, and I may have 2 more as well.

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posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 01:50 AM

Good for you!!!

Personally, I think, "who cares?"

Try some Jesus Juice, it seems to work for other celebs:w:

Jesus Christ, are you serious?

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 02:06 AM
Gee you're in a good mood!!

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 02:12 AM
I'm sorry.

Perhaps this thread will explain a little:

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