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Prince Andrew Debacle Driving Dangerous Investigative Journalism

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posted on Nov, 23 2019 @ 04:00 AM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
a reply to: Atsbhct

And why are these exposures "dangerous investigative journalism"??

These scumbags should be exposed for the filth they are!

I don't think the claims are likely to be true as phone hacking is illegal gutter journalism that used to be a common technique by tabloids in the UK until the NOTW got caught hacking into a dead girls phone and accessing her voicemail that disrupted the police investigation into her disappearance and gave the family false hope she was still alive.

If the call happened prior to that the press would have run it. The telecoms engineers who were accepting brown envelopes full of money from journalists in return for splicing and redirecting copies of phone calls to 'clone phones' were either sent to jail or sacked. I highly doubt the phonelines of heirs to the throne were kept in standard security telecoms towers and all UK landlines have had 'black box' SIS monitoring since the 70s so tampering with that would have already been detected.

If the claims are true, this type of gutter journalism and publication has caused hundreds of laws to be passed that make genuine investigative/forensic journalism almost impossible via backdoor privacy law, libel law abuse, injunctions, super-injunctions, commercially sensitive information laws, the courts almost passing a law to make it compulsory for any newspaper of publication to let the subject of an upcoming article/investigation know the precis of what the newspaper/broadcaster is going to publish about the (Compulsory Prior Notification Order).

When that law eventually passes it's game over for investigative/forensic journalism as the recipient of a CPNO would pick up the phone to Carter Ruck or Shillings and have the story pulled.

The UK is already the most corrupt country in the world with serious investigation into big money and the financial capital impossible and unpublishable because of active counter surveillance, smear campaigns and death threats from organised crime, Russian Mafia, Mexican Cartels and Saudi Dynasties being the main players.

A forensic journalist I know was 'warned off' and had to pull her PhD Forensic Journalism thesis due to the risks of submitting her paper for approval - it was on something as seemingly mundane as a 20 metre long road in Preston, Lancashire called Bhailok Street.

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