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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -22-

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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Interactive game apps.

We knew that during the State of the Union address in 2018, didn't we.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: Creep Thumper

You know the answer... many were fooled.

But, yea totally agree. Well said!

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:06 PM

originally posted by: Bill1960
a reply to: LanceCorvette

Based on the last election cycle, I don't disagree with your analysis one bit. I'm looking at the upcoming election. We now have 15 states which represent 192 electoral votes who have enacted laws that state who ever gets the majority of the national vote get their states electoral votes regardless of how their state voted. For example, Pennsylvania is now a compact state. Let's say they vote for candidate A under the last election those electoral votes would go to candidate A and the state is represented with the will of the citizens of PA no problem. Now under the new compact rules lets say California, New York and Illinois run up the vote total and Candidate B get the most national votes. Pennsylvania's electoral votes will go to candidate B not candidate A regardless of how PA went. That's what's scary about this.

What's scary is that these states have ceded their citizens' Constitutional rights - that is, the right to have their state electoral votes count as required by the Constitution, like it or not - based on the lie about "popular vote."

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: Creep Thumper

How two such hateful people ended up in the WH is still beyond me. Why would you vote for someone who hates everything we stand for as a country?

They wanted to fundamentally change America.

They wanted to take this great nation and turn its hard-working industrious people into their own personal piggy bank. If they can turn us into a socialist or even a communistic nation, then the political elite would be able to take over the proceeds of that industriousness, redistribute it according to their desires, and zap this great country right down to just another shi#hole.

But, first, they have to collapse it economically.
Secondly, they have to remove the Second Amendment.
Thirdly, they have to destroy the Great American Spirit.
(There's probably another 13 steps.)

Trump, Patriots and We The People, just messed up their whole swampy plan, didn't we.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:12 PM
"Many who 'represent' us, do not love us."

Anagrams: Presenter
Serpent Re

Apopis, also called Apep, Apepi, or Rerek, ancient Egyptian demon of chaos, who had the form of a serpent and, as the foe of the sun god, Re, represented all that was outside the ordered cosmos.

"How do 'select' bad actors attempt comms w/o SIGINT collection?"

select = elects or SECTEL

SECTEL was a series of secure telephones for use on analogue PSTN networks, manufactured by Motorola in Seguin (Texas, USA). Some SECTEL models are STU-III compatible and are based on the 1986/1987 STU-III standard, developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

For a president, communication with his ministers and advisors is paramount. In the past, the STU-III has proved to be a major 'lifeline' for various presidents whilst travelling through the country or during overseas visits. Generally, a couple of STU-III phones were installed by the US Secret Service, at any likely or unlikely location that the president could possibly visit that day.

The long life-span of the STU-III is illustrated by the fact that it served four US Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush (Sr), Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (Jr). Although it is quite possible that the suceeding president, Barack Obama, also used the STU-III, there is no photographic evidence of this. Obama is known to have made extensive use of the STE, which was introduced around the time he was installed as the 44th President of the United States.

Crypto Museum

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:17 PM
i think these go together...

John Dean: Trump Should Have Been Impeached As Soon As He Took Office

“He’s incompetent. He has a terrible attitude. He doesn’t understand government. He is in there trying to build his own brand, and he’s taking advantage of the office from day one.”

The problem is NOT that they are this way, but that the population thinks otherwise.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: queenofswords

People must be really blind or in complete denial. Everywhere you look true communism has never been achieved and every socialist system has failed or is being brought to its knees.

Again, these crazy idealists are not paying attention to history.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:24 PM

Spies Infiltrate a Fantasy Realm of Online Games

Dec. 9, 2013

The spies have created make-believe characters to snoop and to try to recruit informers, while also collecting data and contents of communications between players, according to the documents, disclosed by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden. Because militants often rely on features common to video games — fake identities, voice and text chats, a way to conduct financial transactions — American and British intelligence agencies worried that they might be operating there, according to the papers.


posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:24 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow


That is STUNNING! This was BEFORE Michelle Obama said "For the first time, I'm proud of my country."?

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:34 PM
Like Doot day which is also International Water Day >

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Have you noticed since Q3575 the timestamps displayed on now MATCH the timestamps displayed on

What do you make of that?

ETA: heh, so the time difference was resolved on 11-11.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:37 PM
a reply to: queenofswords

The first thing that popped in my mind when I seen that link in the post was Game Theory & John Nash. I know this has come up before in past threads.

ETA: Comey Star Wars Comms -

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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:48 PM

Dow hits 28,000 - FIRST TIME EVER, HIGHEST EVER! Gee, Pelosi & ...... have a good idea, “lets Impeach the President.” If something like that ever happened, it would lead to the biggest FALL in Market History. It’s called a Depression, not a Recession! So much for 401-K’s & Jobs!

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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: 1320Q17yes

That's an interesting site.

Rainbow Bridge = Universal Peace
"There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests. But then the warriors of the rainbow will appear and save the world."
—Cree Indian saying

Rainbow Science Primer

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:12 PM

originally posted by: MetalThunder
"Enjoy the Show"
Perhaps the Show is bigger than you and I think.. found this interesting ...
Beautiful thing to be given the gift of free thinking.....


Just #2 for obvious Q references

Definitely makes you pause and think about it, "Enjoy the Show." Good stuff explained in not so "cryptic" manner.

I've pondered #1 alot but that theory goes beyond #2, yet very related.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:13 PM
Marie Yovanovitch's Wikipedia page

While ambassador to Ukraine, Yovanovitch was subjected to a conspiracy-driven smear campaign, amplified by President Donald Trump and his allies. In May 2019, Trump abruptly recalled Yovanovitch from her post following claims by Trump surrogates that she was undermining Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival, former vice president and 2020 U.S. presidential election candidate Joe Biden. Yovanovitch's removal preceded a July 2019 phone call by Trump in which he attempted to pressure Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden. Following revelation of a whistleblower complaint about the phone call and attempts to cover it up, an impeachment inquiry against Trump was initiated by the House of Representatives. Yovanovitch testified in several House committee depositions in the inquiry.

Can they get anymore biased? And her page is protected to 'prevent vandalism ' so who's got authorization to update this #?
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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:23 PM
It appears something big is habbening.?

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:49 PM

firery clip

It seems to be Bank Melli Not the central bank but still the number one state owned commercial bank - symbolism remains

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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:54 PM

originally posted by: 0bserver1
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow
In game communication we've seen this before..

Q should look at VR games like Poker VR where there are open games and closed password only games with full audio chats..

I've been watching Jack Ryan, on Amazon Prime. Two seasons, thus far...2nd one very recent.

It seems to me, that the C_A, is trying to rehab their image. Very much a matter of small number, but actually good guys, defying orders for humanitarian reasons...and because of personal/honor/gave their word reasons.

Lots of fait accompli, in service to the individuals having gotten the right outcomes...sort of field vs beaurocracy kind of stuff. Down in the dirt...

At any rate, lots of tidbits on how comms and loyalty considerations...including game comms, online. Worth a watch, IMO, just for the power structure interplay...the levels interaction...and it's a rollicking good story. High budget and well made.

posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 03:57 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Coincidence... last two Fridays these clips from the Ellen Show pop up on our YouTube. (Wife likes Ellen)

Analog vs Digital

Folding a map, using yellow pages and calling on a rotary phone.

Sad and funny at the same time. But made me think, what’s the picture they are trying to paint. Are they hinting to a time when our digital world goes away, and we are force to re learn analog tech.

Or Ellen just likes to humiliate Millennials.

How prepare are we for an internet take down.
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posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Guess something is habbening! Several fiery vids in that twit account.

Two persistent methods of the Islamic Republic's response to Iran Protests throughout the years have been physical violence and blocking off the flow of information.

Both are reportedly being implemented in full force on this first day of protests.

Seems many, many countries are in fiery protest.

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