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Timothy Holmseth vs Craig Sawyer

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posted on Aug, 4 2020 @ 05:09 PM
To try another angle to this, the following is from the Quantum Random Thread Generator


Anyone have any more information on unmarked black choppers and what they are up too? I witnessed 2 black choppers at about 3 pm on Memorial day. They appeared to be a smaller version of the blackhawk/seahawk class. They had the same style tilted tail rotor with the blades on the right hand side as opposed to most civilian models with the blades on the left.

They were flying very low and it was a clear sky and the were flying north to south when I first saw them, so no sun glare making them look black. They flew about 20 feet above my jeep and I could not see any markings or lights. They were flying in nose to tail and weaving over the city crossing over the highway and looping around to fly back north and then south again (once again almost over me.) I'm not usualy into conspiracies and always thought that these reports were people seeing choppers from a distance and that they just appeared black due to the lighting. I know aircraft and these were not normal models. they were also jet black with blacked out windows and absolutely no markings or lights.

I wish I could have gotten pictures but I couldn't. I was a skeptic but after seeing this with my own eyes I am now a believer. Compound this with NSPD 51 and maybe the new world order talk has some truth to it. Anyone have anymore info?? (by the way, On other posts I read, people report seeing "pods" on the side. Both Blackhawks and Seahawks use side mounted pods to store extra fuel. Basicly turning a mid range aircraft into a long range.)

This response does indicate there is more to the story with the black helicopters.

2/ Craig Sawyer

2016 General Election Election Number - 10282 Election Date - 11/08/2016 Stats Type Republican Democrat Other No Party Affiliation Total Compiled Vote-by-Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned) 397,075 479,616 28,416 268,692 1,173,799 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File Voted Vote-by-Mail 909,299 835,206 54,806 369,439 2,168,750 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File Voted Early 889,655 946,292 53,079 408,848 2,297,874 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File totals updated this morning

No Party Affiliation & Total Compiled are the two main parts that stand out.

3/ Timothy

I hope you find truth and love in your life! Best wishes from Rj

Sounds about right for Tim.

4/ Arizona police department

If four airplanes were hijacked on 9/11, but one of the four wasn't really a hijack/crash scenario - were the other three?

I give you a metaphor: A man is carted into a hospital emergency ward on a stretcher. His intestines are splayed out across his torso and he's bleeding pools of blood all over the floor. The doctor looks at this for a moment, then says "But wait...I see blood, I see intestines...but I don't see anything that could have caused this to happen. What caused this?"

who benefitted by the events of 9/11?

The doctor next reaches into the mans inside jacket pocket, pulls out his wallet and says, "Wait. His wallet still has money it. Who benefitted from this?"

The fact that your questions do not have easy answers does not change any of the observable facts.

The main question that bugs me with the Arizona trafficking camp is where are the other police reports? Craig did have some of them at the end of the investigations, but not all of them.

The allegations that Tim does make, not just against Craig but many police offices and other law enforcement officials are huge. With everything else that is coming out with Pizzagate, Epstein and the satanic Hollywood culture going on, in some ways I would not be surprised if Tim is right. But what can we do? How do we prove it and stop it from continuing?

4/ Surprise me

Ill speak for myself personally and i apologize to the OP if i seem to be attacking.. It just seems this sight is becoming a forum of posting basically anything, especially when there is not even direct link to earthquakes and rainbows for this instance. The OP gave a link from 4 years back that happened to have a rainbow right before a quake and they claim that there is one right now in LA yet with no links.. The op stated they dont know how to post pics, so perhaps i wouldnt even start a thread that u know people will want a pic from.. Is anyone else from LA that is seeing this rainbow atleast??

It does leave the impression that the evidence is out there somewhere if it does exist.

posted on Aug, 4 2020 @ 07:39 PM
Pizzagate Documentary: Not just a Conspiracy

For some more background to the issues surrounding this conflict, this is a good documentary that covers many different aspects. A few of the more high profile cases over the years are touched on, along with the failures of the justice system to correctly address them. Some of the Hollywood and media culture is also explored with issues of child abuse and satanic culture.

posted on Aug, 5 2020 @ 12:39 PM
Link to Arizona State Troopers missing children website

Age when missing - Open Cases

0 - 25
1 - 13
2 - 7
3 - 7
4 - 10
5 - 9
6 - 5
7 - 4
8 - 4
9 - 4
10 - 12
11 - 19
12 - 39
13 - 124
14 - 234
15 - 401
16 - 485
17 - 500

Total open cases 1902 on 6th August 2020

EMERGENCY!!! NEARLY 600 KIDS JUST VANISHED IN ARIZONA !!! Hillary's bodyguard threatens the reporter

Link to google docs on 3 months missing persons, 2020

May - 161 missing, 140 still missing
June - no record, 195 still missing
July - 593 missing, 618 still missing
Aug - 92 missing, 94 still missing

It does look like there is an alarming trend of increased cases of missing children in the last month compared to available historical records. July was a big month and only a week into August. Some of these more recent cases will be closed in due course. It does appear higher than usual on first impressions.

With all this BLM, defund the police, riots and covid lock downs it does look like anarchy is on the rise. As the economy continues to fall apart and schools remain closed it is expected that this situation will continue to worsen.

posted on Aug, 6 2020 @ 03:44 AM

The statements by Craig in this video where made a while ago, soon after the LA fires. Personally i am open to the stories of rescues in the underground war, it does give hope that progress is being made in the right direction. Lets say it is true for arguments sake.

What is Craig suppose to say about it when there is no MSM reporting or other official reports made on the matter? If an official decision was made to shut down the story it is not just Craig left in the dark about it, the whole public is. How can Craig verify something he cannot verify? What if Craig was in on the rescue and got hit with a gag order? He does comes across as one that follows orders.

Tim is in a tough spot here being the only public outlet of secret government operations. There is going to be a lot of doubt, questions and disbelief with anything Tim reports. It just comes with the job and something Tim needs to accept. Build up your body of work, keep it as accurate as you can and hopefully in time the facts will all come out and you will be proven right. The Trolls are going to be thick in the mean time.

I do wish Tim is safe and any threats against him are investigated. It is usually the death threats you do not get are the ones to worry about.

My Recommended Solutions for the USA

For a more recent public statement by Craig he address a lot of the political issues going on. i agree with a lot of what he has to say in restoring integrity to our institutions and culture.

posted on Aug, 7 2020 @ 04:55 AM
Hillary’s Bodyguard EXPOSED- Domestic Terror Group and Death Squads Identified

“Hostiles: These people have each directly attacked our org & mission for children. One’s dead, two are already in jail, one lost a lawsuit, at least 2 are under criminal investigation, one has 2 injunctions for stalking our org and family. More updates expected soon. @FBI”

This is a good point. I cannot verify the tweet. Do recall a similar level of animosity by Craig against some of the people identified in the photo around that time, Nov 2019.

Isaac Kappy is a warning, this is some serious stuff going on. Be careful and watch your back. Tom Hanks is the prime suspect.

Field McConnell has been vindicated. He has inside information on 9/11 flight systems. Got wrapped up in the human trafficking stuff Tim was working on.

Fiona Barnett has a big story, up their with Cathy O'Brian but in Australia. Has testified in court, no arrests made.

Daniel Lee has been doing a lot of good reporting on issues and stories around human trafficking, Youtube

Timothy Holmseth is also identified in the photo.

Not sure about the other 4 people.

Hostiles: These people have each directly attacked our org & mission for children

It did stir up some controversy, got me starting this thread. Any publicity is good publicity, maybe? From what I can see, all these people are helping on the mission for children and those being abused. It is a mud pit with a lot of allegations flying all over the place.

I do recall Craig saying that these people are detrimental to the cause with their false allegations. It is a tough one getting the evidence when there is so much pressure to just ignore the topics. It is also a dangerous one when people like Isaac Kappy talk out about things.
edit on 7-8-2020 by kwakakev because: added date of tweet.

posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 01:44 AM
Whats up with Craig Sawyer anyhow? #VOP #CEMEX #FieldMcConnell #TimothyHolmseth

This compilation video provides a good dig into some of the issues around this situation. It looks at some of the connections around Craig and how he has been responding to the situation. Overall it does describe a troubling situation for Craig as he discredits any stories and individuals looking deeper into the systemic issues of human trafficking.

I have been open to Craig playing a double agent type role in this. If Trump cannot take down Hillary with all the evidence that is available, what chance has Craig got?

I can understand using these smear attacks to build trust with the Cabal. I can also see Craig approach is similar to MI5, nothing to see here folks as the victims are silenced. I don't know all the details with the legal challenges against Steven D Kelley by Craig. It does give the impression that Craig is more controlled opposition than a double agent.

Steven D Kelley is another of the individuals identified in the group photo from Craig. He has a Youtube channel called TruthCatRadio

posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 07:45 AM
Message to Craig Sawyer from Steven D Kelley Nov-6-2019

Warning: Profanity

Steven got facebook jail at the time this group photo came out. Lot of insults and accusations going around. Nothing solid enough for any further actions on appearances.

posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 08:25 AM
tagging for future reading and listening, thats pretty much it.

Been aware of human trafficking for years never looked to hard at it till married with kid, now its something floating at the back of my mind ever time the toddler takes off down the road with me in pursuit.

posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 12:09 PM
Vet Your Info Sources

Very good Craig. 10/10 for keeping the focus on the facts, lives depend on accurate information. Everyone in the political eye gets some heat. It is important to expose people that are corrupt.

We do need to check the sources of our information for accuracy, conflicting agendas, nefarious activity and other errors and mistakes. People do lie for all kinds of reasons.

Craig likes Trump and Alex Jones. He denies being Laura Silsby's brother. Laura is closely associated to the Clinton's and is currently involved with some Human Trafficking allegations.

Fiona Barnett from Australia has a troubling story. With some of the reports of how the CIA and MI5 protect there high profile perpetrators, is it a surprise that AISO has a similar issue? Sounds like a troubled childhood with tough parents. How did any tests for blood at the local community hall go?

Danial Lee has found a place reporting on stories involving child abuse and trafficking, The MSM gave up on this one a while ago so good him, not always easy with all the censorship going on. For a one man show during these times he is doing what he can.

Timothy Holmseth look to be stuck deep in the swamp, similar to Julian Assange. His work has been vetted by Kirk Pendergrass among others in the legal community. The Judge did allow Tim to continue his work when he was released. Laura Silsby is wrapped up in some of it. Field McConnell got incarcerated for a while when he started looking into it and has since been vindicated.

posted on Aug, 10 2020 @ 11:31 PM
What's up with Craig Sawyer Anyhow? PART 2

This video does compile some of the background events around the Arizona sex camp for anyone catching up to the situation.

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