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Congressional Testimony about warcrimes during the United States 2nd Civil War

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posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 05:47 PM
Congresswomen, Congressmen, good morning. Well, it would be morning for me if I were back home in New California. So, good afternoon.

My name is Captain Michael Jenkins, United States Marine Corps. I fought on the side of the Liberty. I've been in the Marine Corps for 14 years and intend to reenlist.

Three months after the war started, I had my unit patrolling an affluent neighborhood called Camelot Gardens. There was allot of pillaging in this area, southwest of what was then known as Houston, Texas. Camelot Gardens was about 35 miles southwest of Houston. The cheapest home in this subdivision was over $1 million and the smallest home was over 5,000 square feet, not including the lot size. Once the infrastructure went down, Camelot Gardens was a magnet for trouble.

Overall, the neighborhood survived the nuclear attack on Houston although, there was structural damage throughout the entire region well outside of ground zero. I'm sorry, ground 7, since there are so many ground zeros.

So, three months into the war, both sides have executed limited nuclear strikes against each other. You have all of that in front of you. That didn't even happen in the former Soviet Union when that broke apart but obviously, that happened here.

We are coming up on a street, my unit was, called The King's Court. One of my men saw a young woman and an older man force entry into a home by kicking in the front door.

Your all very familiar with this story. We surrounded the home, 20 men strong and combat hardened, each one of them. By this time, we had seen 12 battles and of my 20 men, 11 had replaced...…..

I'm sorry. One moment, please. Thank you.

It was a hell of a war, wasn't it?

So, we have the home surrounded and we are screaming for them to come out. I ordered them to surrender. We used our communications training to influence them to come out. This continued for almost 5 minutes until a shot was fired by the older man from a third floor window.

I authorized return fire for about 30 seconds until the young woman came running out the front door, her arms in the air. She said, "Please don't shoot." She was crying and she repeated herself many times.

I ordered two teams into the home and the shooter was located in one of the bedrooms. The home was in the 7,000 square footage range and it had 7 bedrooms so it took my teams some time to clear each room. The shooter was found. He had been wounded twice, allowing the girl to get away. His wounds were tended to by my medic. I ordered a helo medvac and that was a successful extraction.

The young woman ID'ed herself as Linda Pascal. She was 18 years old at the time and 3 months from graduating high school. Both of her parents worked inside the Houston loop and both were killed in the nuclear explosion. Her boyfriend was 20 years old and he was doing a contract job inside the loop at the time of the explosion. He was also killed.

So Linda obviously found herself in a desperate situation with a infrastructure that collapsed immediately after the detonation.

Three weeks after the explosion, Linda has run out of food and is going through the neighborhood looking for anything she can eat. She is stopped her the older man, her next door neighbor and after a few tense moments of him questioning her, she identifies herself as his next door neighbor.

She quickly explains her situation to him. At this point he appears to take her under his wing to which she agrees. In reality, he was abducting her and had she turned down his offer to help, he probably would have abducted her with heavy force.

So, they go to his home. It's 15,000 square feet and county records indicated he paid $30 million for it. Those records are in the folders in front of you.

His home was the very first home constructed in Camlet Gardens and his company did all the construction which makes sense because he obviously didn't want anyone to know what was under it.

So, he had a three story home above ground, not including the tower that had a single room on each floor. The tower consisted of the entire 4th, 5th and 6th floors. While it appeared, and it was, a work of art, it's true purpose was to serve as a watch tower. That's what I believe and I typed that in the report.

It also had a basement level and the basement had a bookshelf against a wall that had a secret door behind it. On the other side of this entry way was a hallway with a steep downward slope. At the end of the hallway, you take a 90 degree turn and at this point, look at the diagram please, you see the blast door and a decontamination shower.

There is also a bench and shelving to store contaminated clothing.

So at this point, they reach this area and he orders her to decontam. This is a public hearing so I will not get into all the specifics about this interaction. It is in your folders, in the classified section.

At this point, he leads her into the fallout shelter which I will go on record to say it was the most impressive non-military shelter I have ever seen in my life. He obviously had the budget to do this and a highly negative intent. He shuts the blast door and places a heavy duty padlock on it, preventing Linda from leaving on her own free will.

He leads her in there and she protests her lack of psychical covering since he made her put everything in a contam bag. We don't believe she was contaminated and we believe the suspect knew that at the time. He had a very evil intent and he used the war as a matter of convenience for him.

This was, it still is, a full shelter with a bathroom. The bathroom had no door or curtain. There was a queen size bed in a area of the shelter designated as a bedroom and there was a couch that folded out into a bed but Linda was told there was no other bed. She figured out on her own that it was a fold out couch but she was, as stated in the report, to scared to confront him about this.

What he did to her in that shelter is outlined by Linda in the classified section of the report. Again, this is a public hearing so I would rather not discuss any of those details at this time.

In the bedroom of this shelter, there is another hidden door which Linda was never allowed access to. This led to a storage room and another hidden door that Linda knew nothing about. In fact, if it wasn't for one of my engineers, that door may not have been located for some time. Allot of time.

Once that hidden door was discovered, I knew whatever was on the other side was going to be a horror show. Ladies and gentlemen, you can't imagine. This was some Nazi level stuff. So let's take a recess and then you can follow along on the diagram as I explain, when we return, just how massive and horrific this underground shelter really was.

Thank you.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

There's more on the way, correct?

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

Yes, sometime before the weekend is over. This is all for tonight (Thursday Nov 7 2019) but there will be more. There will probably also be a question answer session. All of you can be the Congress people of the 57 states of a post 2nd civil war America.
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posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 07:07 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

You should really enter the next short story contest.

Looking forward to your next installment.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 09:06 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

Yes definitely hooked me, loved the topic keep em coming.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 11:36 PM
Interesting stuff.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 06:36 AM
Well, everybody wanted a second civil war but we all forgot about the outages that would bring. Electricity, natural gas, gas pump, water, cell phones, land lines, internet.

It's all fun and games until it finally gets real and it hits you like a baseball bat upside the head.

I didn't think DC still had blackouts. At least not the Capital. That was one long recess!

But if everyone is seated, I'll get back with my testimony.

Again, I'm Captain Michael Jenkins, United States Marine Corps. I lead a unit with 20 men, fighting on the side of the Liberty to preserve the United States from the other side. My unit had many losses but on this particular patrol, we did very well.

You know, the whole point of the war was to make America strong and to take it back from the other side since neither side could agree on anything anymore.

From it, 9 new states have been created, fracturing 9 existing states. New California is a perfect example. 2 states completely dissolved. And while we were fighting in the mainland, Russia marched into western Alaska. That will have to be dealt with but we have bigger problems in the lower 47. North Korea even sent a battlegroup to Hawaii but our Chinese friends intercepted them in an act that will be reveled for centuries.

And in the middle of all that, we nuked ourselves. 12 of the 15 largest cities in the US are either completely destroyed or destroyed to the point of irrelevancy. DC was saved for the same reason we didn't drop the A bomb on Tokyo, so someone would still be alive to sign the surrender.

What have we done to ourselves? A planet full of nukes and not one single super power to lead. Hell, I'll be impressed if humans still exist in 100 years.

So, Linda Pascal is available for questioning if you agree to a closed door meeting. She doesn't want to testify but she will if asked. She asked me to remind you of that. Linda's ordeal is in the classified section of your folders due to the abuse she had to endure. Since this is a public hearing, I will not answer questions about her situation.

Linda's actions probably saved a number of lives in her area and for that reason, I believe she should receive the Medal of Freedom.

Alright, so the perp had a 15,000 square foot mansion that consisted of three main upper floors, three additional upper floors which were all located in a single tower; a single room on each of the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. A basement and a bunker system under the basement that had two levels of it's own.

I want to remind all of you that Houston, what WAS Houston, doesn't have basements due to it's high water table. So it was quite the marvel to discover it all. It was designed very well and the $30 million it took to build it all made allot more sense once we discovered the three basement levels.

So, in the basement, there was a bookshelf against an interior wall. When you pushed the entire bookshelf toward the wall and again only on the right side, it pivoted on hidden hinges, revealing a steep hallway to the 1st bunker level.

The door also operated with a remote that was located in a hidden safe on the 6th floor. The safe was under the carpet along an exterior wall.

You walk down the hall and it turns 90 degrees. This is by design and it's intention is to redirect the radiation away from the bunker as much as possible.

In this area is the decontamination shower I mentioned before the recess. And a bench to sit on, some shelving to store contaminated clothes and the blast door leading as the main entry point into the shelter. That type of door retails for about $15,000 plus, he had it reinforced with lead, increasing the value by probably $5,000-$7,000 more.

Inside the shelter, he had a heavy duty padlock he put on the door to keep Linda from leaving without him.

This type of door can withstand up to 3 standard military grenades before being compromised. The best way to get through a door like that and still preserve what is inside is with a laser cutter. Or you can just blow it to hell but that is going to send shrapnel all over inside of it so anyone in that part of the shelter would be killed. You wouldn't want to shoot at it because in a space that small, the bullets will bounce off and you'll probably end up killing yourself in the process. These shelters are designed like that.

The shelter had a living room area, a full mini kitchen, a bedroom area, a bathroom which was just a toilet and a shower, neither of which had a door or curtain. You couldn't design that thing with a more open concept.

It had an NBC filtration system which filtered out 99.995% percent of contaminants from a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. It also had blast valves to prevent the shelter from imploding in on itself during a nuclear explosion. This controls the air pressure inside and out and can equalized the pressure within 0.5-3.0 seconds. Your ear drums will hate you for this but you'll still be alive.

In the bedroom area, there was a discrete door that led to a storage area. There were also storage areas under the floor and along the top quarter of the walls.

Linda was aware of the door but was never permitted to go through it.

Inside the storage room, he had food, water and air tanks in case he needed to turn off all outside air completely. In those two bunkers, the main area and the storage area, he had enough stored oxygen for 1 adult to survive about 2 weeks.

The air intake and outtake pipes were actually located in a discrete area of his basement. He had a utility room in his basement and these two pipes simply looked like part of the entire utility scheme.

Inside the storage bunker was a shelf just like the one he had in the basement. Again, you either hit a remote or you push the entire shelf, then push the right side and it opens. My unit missed this except for my engineers, who spotted it right away.

Once that door opened, I knew two things. One, the shelter system was probably just as large as the entire mansions footprint and two, we were probably going to find something very, very bad.

Through the doorway, you find yourself in a long halfway which is really just a number of smaller bunker tunnels welded together. The first four doors, two on each side, lead to literally four bunk rooms. Each bunk was stacked three high and there were 12 bunks in room; so a total of 36 beds in each room. Each room also had a single sink, toilet and shower. Again, no privacy doors or shower curtains. Privacy was obviously not a thing for him. Each door had a sign on it that read, adult male, adult female, minor male and minor female. But there wasn't a soul in any of those four bunk rooms.

Back in the main hallway, another door leads you into a common room. This room had a TV to watch movies, another to play video games and two kitchen tables. At the tables, you could sit and talk about whatever or he also had playing cards and a number of board games. In front of the two TVs were two couches and each folded out into a bed just like the one in the entry room.

I will tell you the whole bunker system was EMP hardened so you could have electronics on and they would be fine even during a nuclear detonation. This was a very sophisticated civilian bunker system unlike any I have ever seen or heard of. It was all very doable as long as you had the budget because let me tell you, these underground full functioning shelters are expensive as hell.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 06:47 AM

originally posted by: Genfinity
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

the 57 states


Maybe Islamic states, but not American.

Seriously who gets so much wrong about America, except an ignorant foreigner? Obuma got many common American sayings wrong it's mind numbing. That's something an American doesn't do.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 06:50 AM

originally posted by: ADVISOR

originally posted by: Genfinity
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

the 57 states


Maybe Islamic states, but not American.

Seriously who gets so much wrong about America, except an ignorant foreigner? Obuma got many common American sayings wrong it's mind numbing. That's something an American doesn't do.

Um. This is post-apocalyptic fiction?


posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 07:07 AM
Just 100 square feet will run you $50,000 easy.

On the other side of this door was a gym room. It had various exercise equipment in it.

Further down the hall was a kitchen and across from that was a dining area with a number of tables. But there wasn't any people. He and Linda appeared to be the only two people that were in it.

Another door led to a medical clinic. It had 4 bunks in it stacked 3 high so a capacity of 12. Now, each of these beds did have a curtain and that was probably for disease control only because he was clearly not into the privacy thing. It also had a single operating table but he didn't have much of a medical inventory. So I suspect he was not able to complete setting this room up. He probably couldn't find a doctor that wanted to play along.

Another door led into a green room and he grew various fruits and vegetables in it. This room needed to be maintained since it was a grow room so even before the war started, he would have been making regular trips into the compound.

Another door was a heavy duty steel door with a key lock on both sides. He had the key on him and we had searched his pockets before he was med vac'ed so we unlike this door and it's another hallway system. This hallway has a number of heavy duty doors just like the previous one but each one has a peep hole to look inside and a small hole to pass things through. At this point, I realized this was a prison.

We didn't expect to find anyone but sure enough, we did. 4 people were found alive, all adult females. None of them were clothed, so it was similar to Linda Pascal's situation. All 4 of these people tried to fight our perp and all 4 of them were beaten and imprisoned. Linda Pascal's experience was different because she used a different tactic which had him trusting her a little more. Linda was also his youngest captive.

We also found 3 deceased women and we suspect those 3 women put up the most resistance. The conditions in these cells were horrific. There was a bucket in each cell that served as a toilet and another bucket with water in it.

There were 9 cells.

In an area were you would have expected to find a 10th cell, there was a door. This door lead to a stairway to the lowest level. Down the steps was a room that was about 100 square feet. This was used as a morgue room and it was in this room that he found 3 deceased men, each of their bodies discarded on the floor to rot away. It was.....not a good scene.

One of the women in the cell explained when he found a man outside, outside anywhere, he would shoot him and drag him into the morgue, dead or alive.

In this room was another door. This door led to another log hallway. A very long hallway. 1,000 feet long to be exact. At various portions of this hallway, spikes could drop straight down from the ceiling and sand could do the same at other areas. This was a bobby trapped area. The spikes and the sand would fall on top of you automatically if you didn't have a fob with you emitting a cancel signal.

The perp had this fob in his pocket as well and we had to call in a robot to test it. I wasn't going to lose any men in that crap hole.

At any rate, at the end of the tunnel, 1,000 feet long, you actually come out on someone else's property. It leads into a room with an ATV in it, a 4 wheeler. You open the trap door, it opens outward. It's on a hydraulic system to push the Earth away. It had about 2-3 feet of earth above it to conceal it.

At this point, I guess he opens the trap door and rides away. His escape system.

His biggest flew was that he couldn't resist coming out of that damn thing to go hunting for, I guess, people because he had plenty of food and water to last 1 person about 10 years down there.

He is on death row now accused of war crimes. He is facing multiple death sentences and I believe he is scheduled to be executed sometime next year.

At this point, if you have any questions, I invite you to ask them.

Please remember this is an open hearing and the torture side of this is in the classified section of your folders. I will not answer any questions pertaining to classified information at this hearing.

Thank you.

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