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Am I Being Influenced?

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posted on Nov, 5 2019 @ 05:11 AM
I had a dream I stood up in front of the U.N and gave some sort of speech, no idea what it was about but apparently the leaders stood up and clapped.
This was a few years back and I paid no attention to it!

So today I was sitting there currently unemployed just wondering what I am going to do with my life and out of nowhere I get deja vu. A few seconds later a U.N Volunteer and Internship advertisement pops up etc.

While writing them an application letter I was having deja vu pings going off constantly almost as if markers ticking off points.

Why is this happening? Am I being influenced to join the U.N?

Is this the U.N doing it? or Are there outside forces involved?

Anyway 2 hours later of writing up, rereading and then finally sending the letter I just sat there staring at the sent letter.

And then I went...


I then sat there going was this always meant to happen and I began to question my life with stuff like:
Was this predestined?
How much of my life is actually real?
Does freewill even exist?

After a while I again came back to a computer looked at the letter again and screamed this time:


And then I felt a strange calm come over me, it felt as if the entire room and all the sounds around me were muffled. There was this sensation of peace and is if I was being asked to calm that this was meant to happen.

Am I insane to be doing this? I need your advice oh wise people of ATS and those with actual experience of the supernatural.

I know they might deny my application but - What if they approve?
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posted on Nov, 5 2019 @ 05:24 AM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

Why is this happening? Am I being influenced to join the U.N?

Yes for over 27 years now the UN have been using Inception techniques to plant ideas in peoples dreams.

The movie was simply how everything done by the controlling hand of this world always hides its motives and tactics in plain sight.

Is this the U.N doing it? or Are there outside forces involved?

Yes, Its the UN, however they didn't develop the tech,

Outside forces are the developers and who they are is also exposed in another one of Chris Nolan's movies.

Hint, a character called Cooper discovers who "they" are.

posted on Nov, 5 2019 @ 05:25 AM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

They won't approve it, you by admission have no to very little drive.

Otherwise you'd already be doing something - anything to be making the world a better place instead of by admission sitting around unemployed wondering what to do with your life.

The UN has no idea what the world needs anyhow so you'll be better of rejected anyway that way you may actually find a reason to be here.

posted on Nov, 5 2019 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

I don't think that anyone can assume at this point that we can truly know any objective fact or prove anything. You and I or perhaps even all of us collectively could already be within something (a machine, system, alternate dimension, augmented reality, something mass induced, a black hole, surrounded by a solar system sized swarm of alien AI nanobots enveloping every celestial object in our solar system to terra-form it all or turn it all into an even larger borg-like swarm to dismantle our galaxy, a matrix?) and it's quite possible that we would not be aware of it let alone even be able to prove or disprove it!! Objective reality increasingly seems to no longer be a factor, main stream news along with the pentagon are reporting daily on objects in the sky that are routinely breaking known laws of physics and in some cases even causality itself! Some of the unfortunate results of all this chaos: there seems to be contradictions everywhere with people generally unsure of where they stand or in many cases what they think is actually true. It is my contention that we might be being messed with but who by? Is it just other people, our leaders, the elite, aliens, demons, gods, entities from other dimensions or even parallel universes? We don't know who is running this show... or worse what if there is no projectionist running it... ie. no wizard behind the curtain.. We don't know what the rules or objectives are. We don't know if we can graduate and get out. It makes me ponder whether Morrison was onto something with "breaking on through to other side."

What do we know: Our society seems to be going terminally crazy. We are experiencing a deluge of misinformation and disinformation. Many country's are amassing weapons and preparing for all out war. People the world over are anxious and many sense that something is coming but they don't really know what. We are "extremely" divided on many levels (wealth, politics, religion, race, language, gender, world view, objectives for life, geography, choices in food, which science is true, etc.) There is division among groups that normally should have a lot of shared identity... this worry's me on multiple levels but mostly because if you wanted to conquer an enemy what better tactic than endlessly consuming them with countless divisions that isolate each person from every single other person. It would make taking us over quite easy. A planetary extermination campaign would be simplistic.

I can't answer any of the questions because I'm also stuck in this too. But I can sure see massive warning signs (imagine millions of air raid sirens going nonstop with brilliant red lights flashing everywhere). Regardless of where we are, what we are in, who's in control or not and what is going to take place... we are in very serious jeopardy... possibly for our species own survival. The best thing we could all do is calm down and find as much common ground as we can and then collectively delegate large numbers to go ascertain as much as possible of any potential treats, evidence for what is going on, ways we can heal our divisions, safeguard all the weapons of mass destruction from arbitrary use and most importantly we should put every effect into fortifying every integral system to our survival such as: waste and water management, adequate food production, technology to mitigate existing and potential threats or disasters, harden the electrical grid, and so fourth... Oh and we really should immediately abolish all existing government and fire all the bureaucrats and politicians and then start completely over from the ground up locally at first then slowly expand regionally and even consider possible global cooperation.

Oh my god I think I just resurrected Reagan's speech to the UN about an alien threat forcing us to embrace NWO globalism..

Ok I have no idea what we should do... please disregard everything previous...

If we don't do anything then the inevitable comet or rogue planet, alien armada, genetically modified virus, miss fired nuke, catastrophic solar event, nearby exploding magnetar or whatever won't be what destroys us because we will have destroyed ourselves.

Perhaps we should just party like it's 1999 because there might not be a tomorrow...

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