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Transgender Kids & LBGTQ Parents

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posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 01:21 AM

originally posted by: tanstaafl
Yes, gender dysphoria is a real mental illness.

It may be caused by the mother having hormone imbalances in the womb, which effect the infant after birth. I haven't researched the subject, but it's obvious that such hormone imbalances, from birth, would cause conflicts and doubts about one's sexual identity.

This is going a bit off-topic, perhaps, but I think it is much of the food we eat today, which is laced with hormones, among other things, and it has now shown the effects it has on humans, and that's why we see it happen more than ever. Imo, it is part of a deliberate plan to control/influence/confuse everyone, but I'll leave it at that, and return to the main issue...

originally posted by: Gryphon66 Repeating that a male cannot become female at this point in our technological development is true but unnecessary in general and specifically in some cases just plain rude.

originally posted by: tanstaafl
Again - please stop with the PC crap. It is not rude. it is reality.

originally posted by: Gryphon66 Claiming that a man cannot become a woman is merely a belief that is not supported by medical fact.

originally posted by: tanstaafl
Oh... really...

By all means, enlighten us. Show us that historical medical procedure where a man became a woman, or vice versa, and that is being used to transform men into women or vice versa, today.

A man will always be a man, a woman will always be a woman, and we will never have any technology, or pills, or surgical procedures, that will change anyone's gender, because gender is in our DNA, our XX or XY chromosome pairs, and in cases where the XX/XY pairs have mutations, it causes birth defects.

The term 'transgender' is wrong, misleading, and promotes, encourages, even glorifies, that there are people who actually WERE born the 'wrong' gender. Scientific 'studies' pop up out of nowhere, and they - of course - all happen to support the notion that humans can be born the 'wrong' gender'. The mass media, on TV, and movies, and the daily news, also promote this idea, and glorify someone for becoming what he was 'always meant to be', which further promotes the idea - or lie - that people with some sort of 'identity issues', will take comfort by knowing that happens to many people, who were born the 'wrong' gender. They can also take comfort knowing that there are many procedures, and hormonal treatments, which help one to 'transition' into their 'actual, true' gender.....

Some trans people are now regretting their decision to surgically remove their sexual organs, after seeing their hormones returning to normal levels, which had not been present before, or many years earlier. The interesting point is that after they regain hormonal balance, they are still homosexuals, which they were before.

But... they no longer believe that they were born the 'wrong' gender.

This suggests it is only a very recent phenomenon, planned, and implemented, by poisoning our food, our water, years ago, and we have been ingesting those poisons every single day, for many years now. It is a very, very small percentage of our food, and water, which allows it to go undetected, or appear so small in percentage, to be safely ingested.

Wrong. When we ingest these poisons, every single day, year after year, those poisons accumulate within our bodies, but since the continual poisoning of our bodies is such a slow process, the effects don't appear for years, so nobody realizes why so many more children of today, more teens, and more young adults, are homosexuals, are 'transgender', or believe they' were born the 'wrong' gender.

Why do so many athletes start crying like babies when their team loses in the playoffs? Would you say this is perfectly normal, and understandable? Would you say athletes have always cried like babies when they lose in the playoffs?

Let's compare, say, NFL or NBA playoff games from the past 5 years, with the NFL/NBA playoff games in the 1960's, and 70's...

Why are so many athletes crying like babies today, when they never cried like babies back in the 60's, or 70's, or earlier?

I've heard excuses that men didn't cry like babies before now, because they'd be laughed at, called a crybaby, and that's why nobody cried back then. That's bs. The athletes back then, and most today, were/are incredibly disappointed, even disgusted, with losing.

That is the normal reaction to losing. Being pissed off. Being sad, upset, and shocked at losing, are normal reactions.

But crying like a baby after losing is NOT a normal reaction to losing. Not by an adult, for sure. When I played sports as a kid, we never cried after losing the championship game, either. If there were one or two of my teammates who did cry, it was a rare thing, and nobody cared, we were all disappointed anyway.

I was 10 or 11 years old, at the time.

Hormonal imbalances explain why they are now crying like babies. It is obviously a very recent phenomenon.

posted on Dec, 4 2019 @ 01:46 PM
I would daresay we are at a point where there is an open competition and the further away you go from societal "norms" (traditional christian values) the greater your personal achievement. Basically, we live in an age of decadence Olympics.

Despite it's problems those Western values have been the ethos which gave us the renaissance, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution and the modern digital age. High art, architecture, music and literature were all by-products of these values that created modern Europe and the US/Canada/Australia/NZ. Successful, prosperous and peaceful (mostly) especially during the last 50 years and now some are competing to do all they can to destroy what our ancestors built for us.

To me this is the deepest of insults, not just to me but to all my forebears who worked, bled and died to leave this legacy we share. Make no mistake, this is war. One doesn't need missiles, bombs and guns to destroy a civilization. All it takes is the destruction of the ideals and values that created it.

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