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The Divine Feminine...Cults and Sects

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 03:55 PM
This thread too:


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 04:02 PM
another is The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, also Margret Starbird i think.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 07:12 PM
Actually the Raelian Movement place the feminine at the highest Level.
A part of the teachings is the development of femininity and refinement.
There is an order in the Raelian Movement of only women who will be the ones who will welcome the Elohim (those who come from the sky) creators of humanity.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 01:22 AM
has anyone looked into gnosticism? There seems to be patterns

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 02:05 PM
There are MANY faiths and spiritual paths that are dedicated to the feminine divine.

Wicca is perhaps the most welll known. Contrary to popular assumptions it is not male hating. Most Wiccan sects teach balancebetween the male divine and female divine. Only a few Wiccan sects, like the dianic tradition, are soley devoted to the female.

There are many pagan faiths, besides Wicca, which worship the various feminine divine. Asatru, Vanatru, Vedic Hinduism, Hinduism, Shinto, African animism, Voodoo, Native American paths, and many more. Type any of the abo ve into your search engine, and you will find loads of info on each.

The semetic religons, Judism, Christianity, and Islam all stem from the same monotheistic source and are the only religons to totally wipe out the femminine side of the divine. Because these religons are the most familiar to westerners, its easy to see why we often do not think anyone worships the sacred femminine. I myself am pagan/Wiccan. I am not a femmenist. I believe in the balance of both.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by Kelaina
Are there any cults focused on the Feminine (The Goddess), and also...

Kelaina, have you scanned over this article involving the 'Da Vinci Code"

in this article, there is 'Tantra' & also 'Kundalini Yoga" pointed out as either
encompassing both the masc./fem. aspects...or in the case of Tantra
emphasizing the Goddess aspect...
not that either of these are cults, (if thats what your looking for),

perhaps either of these two different idologies-philosophies would lead you to others in a smaller sub-set of like minded people, if you hung around with them long enough to become accepted & friendly & a recriprocal arrangement

welcome aboard.....

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by laiguana
has anyone looked into gnosticism? There seems to be patterns

Yes indeed.

See my posts in the top two threads of the following search:

About Pistis Sophia

posted on May, 18 2006 @ 05:42 PM
Hi St. Udio

St. Udio

The article you linked may have some relevant info; but I would be careful about the direction that it takes the knowledge of Tantra.

Much of it suggests that black sex magic is the only sex magic.

The average lip professin' Christian thinks that they can fornicate with their spouse all they want, and that they'll be okay as long as they "believe in Jesus".

But of course they would hypocritically point at White Tantra(which Jesus had to have practiced) as being "Satanic".

Knowing the difference between the 'white' way of manipulating the Astral Light, and the 'black' way; is the difference between Self-Realization or a very long stay in the abyss(Klipoth).

These are obviously the last days of the epoch we are now in, and the following is unfortunately how the average Essence of Human Souls will end up due to sexual degeneration:

It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci was a Rosicrucian Adept of the White Lodge; however, IMO, I doubt that the author of "The Da Vinci Code" is an Initiate, as his best seller doesn't seem to be leading the masses in a positive direction(though it may cause them to stumble upon the teachings of White Tantrism)...

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