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Remnants of a Lost Civilisation Type 1. Discuss.

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posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 08:04 PM
a reply to: PAUL35791

Hey wrong spelling is nothing to worry about I do it all the time.

We disagree on a few point's but hey there is nothing wrong with that either.

For me the universe exists to create miracles, some see the divine but those that try to define the divine too much get lost in the maze of scientific reasoning (which we may regard as modern observation based philosophy meant to mirror the real universe through a series of hypothetical models that often only partially reflect the true universe but serve to enable them to construct ever more intricate and realistic models of the universe they are meant to mirror - and predict).

My thought's and theory's and beliefs are just that, with those I share them great I get on and you know the danger of two or more ego's in union but healthy disagreement and debate is part of life, it is the bases of TRUE science and true knowledge.

Think on those ancient Greek scholars they would debate - often argue - and sometimes even get a bit violent - must have been a nasty sight all those half naked elderly dudes in togas.

Today we have a world that has lost it's way, science has become a default religion for many whom have mistaken the model for the real universe and therefore assume science knows and is always correct - even top scientists.

Science is a great tool, a great method but it is not the answer it is the tool for finding the answer and so any answer it provides is open to interpretation.

You know there was a village in Spain were EVERYONE had 24 digit's, six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, the usual explanation is that this is down to inbreeding but that does not explain how or why in the village and in many other places around the world children are born with fully formed - and functional fully connected and formed extra digit's.

Today often doctor's don't even tell the parent's they just take the children and remove the extra digit's.

Sometime's the digit's are not fully formed and are vestigial.

Ancient king's in Mesopotamia and Persia were supposedly over seven foot tall and were also Polydactyl (some supposedly having seven digits on each hand and foot) and in nature there are species that have also more than the usual - homogenized perhaps - five such as the Scottish Wild Cat a species of native feline a little larger than a house cat that is native to the UK specifically to the northern part of it hence it's name Scottish wild cat, it has six claw's on each paw.

To my mind inbreeding and faulty gene's would not cause this but a recessive fully formed gene that had stopped working in the past perhaps due to genetic damage if it was turned back on WOULD explain how a fully formed and functional extra finger on each hand and extra toe on each foot could have come to be.

Remember the ancient Mesopotamia's used base 12 (we count to ten on our fingers as kid's), had the concept of Zero and the decimal point which were both subsequently lost for thousands of years and had to be reinvented.

Now ancient alien believers choose to interpret this as alien DNA and tampering but I choose to believe it is ancient human legacy and we were perhaps once quite different - perhaps even much more intelligent.

It is actually quite a common ocurance, far more than random genetic defect would suggest and they are often fully formed digit's not just a digit growing from another digit's joint as in the case of the genuine defective growth's.

Some quite famous people have had the condition but as I say the doctors remove them almost immediately after birth in routine operation's which to be fair if they did not develop properly is probably for the best.

You see I believe in what is called fringe theory, some of it is crap I'll warrant but some of it is perhaps more real than what traditional 'mainstream' science tells us.

I believe that the human race is (a) either far older than we are told or (b) not the first human race and almost identical races have existed several time's previously in the history of the solar system.

There is anecdotal evidence and testimony for the former - and perhaps also the latter as once again it is a matter of interpretation.

But not empirical evidence and there seem's to be a concerted either deliberate or perhaps just knee jerk reaction to suppress or ignore inconvenient data that may disprove the monkey to man theory, you see if mankind existed before the primates they are supposedly descended from then there goes a whole raft of cushy university seat's, bursary's and scientific qualifications, people's entire lives and livelihood's in those professions would be thrown out of the window and the priests of that pseudo cult would find there temple burning down around them, yes some would try to prove there point quite often with no deliberate malice in there proof that they offered.

There are some on this site that do there utmost to dismiss, call liars, fraud's and all manner of trick's to ignore the fact's when they surface but are they just true believers in that belief system that is not dominant and taught to kid's as fact when it should only ever have been told to them as theory.

This is one that was extremely controversial as it proved modern humans in the america's over 250.000 years ago, well within the scientific theory for anthropological humanity but upsetting to the prevailing theory's of the time so it was suppressed and her career was ruined.

Now it is worth noting that this was believed to be modern human artifacts because they matched the prevailing view of human development BUT today it is also worth noting that our view of neanderthal's is developing since we know they were using complex hard to make glue over 30 and even 40 thousand years ago so they were capable of complex thought as well, we tend to view them as brutish but these could be from an advanced lost branch of the neanderthal's - whom were still fully human just a lost subspecies of our race.

Ok these guy's often make money from ticket buying punters that go to there conferences and buy there book's BUT.

Such institutions as the Smithsonian and the Vatican have also been accused of covering up inconvenient evidence such as the giant's of the America's and the giant's of Tuscany were there are numerous reports of giant FULLY ANATOMICALLY MODERN but Giant human remain's/bones having been found then taken away never to be heard of or seen again.

posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 08:05 PM

posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 08:28 PM

originally posted by: PAUL35791
That's fascinating Labtech. I could only understand your Copy and Pastes. You should go to my Secret Society of Hunters Topic. We need such an Intelligent person as yourself to explain the Cryptids that are Classified, and where they're cited in the Bible. Is it NASA you work for or are you a Genticist, or a Hebrew expert?

Just a layman with a life long passion for the weird and a suspicious mind.

As for genetic's only got up to AS level in my biology and switched to electronic's then got some nasty head injury's and through a mixture of delayed concussion, memory loss and being unable to concentrate as well as suffering insomnia for years and years afterwards I was forced to drop from my electronic engineering degree.

While still I'll I ended up working in industry, never get back into my science as my equations which were extremely simple to me were suddenly like like a wall of hieroglyphics, my mind could not hold a thought for more than a few seconds' so I could not concentrate.

Took me many years to recover.

You know My old biology lecturer was a guy by the name of Paul Reeves, he was one smart guy if ever you met one and had been head hunted by various big pharma but chose to teach instead for ethical ground's turning down six figure salary's and job's in the states because he was also a devoted member of Green Peace.

When we were studying the new virus at the time (giving away my age here) AID's or HIV he was of the opinion that as it was a lenticular virus and it's nature was so complex that it showed all the sign's of being an artificially engineered virus NOT a natural virus and he even pointed to the vectors known at the time, he did not beat about the bush and the idea that it had come from baboon's or other primates was NOT current at the time he just told us outright that it was too complex to have arisen naturally and in his opinion was an artificial virus.

But without getting into a whole other controversy and conspiracy topic let's just say that he - a multiple PHD biologist and several other lecturers at that college including a female chemist whom also had multiple PHD's were of the opinion that the virus was probably engineered in the 1960's or 70's (I am certain they will probably still be if they are still alive as this is decades ago - though likely they will think of it as having escaped from a weapon's development lab in an African jungle somewhere probably through infected test subject monkey's or as a deliberate release in failed attempt to cull the growing population of the African continent).

You see HIV is extremely complicated, most virus are simple organism's just a strand of genetic material in a protein shell BUT HIV is a lenticular virus (under an electron scanning microscope it appears lentil shaped as do most flue virus (hence the worry at the time that an air born variety could develop were a host cell infected by both a similar flue and a HIV strain may allow the HIV to mutate into an air born variety by picking up some flue trait's), on it's outer shell it has enzyme's that allow it to pass into it's target cell's but unlike almost all other virus types targets the very cell's that are trying to kill it and infects them the T cell's of the immune system, from an evolutionary stand point this mean's the virus eventually kill's it's host and only the fact that its host lives long enough to pass the infection on has prevented it from dying out along with the infected host population.

Virus that kill there host run a thin line between success and killing there growth medium (hosts) so destroying the very thing they need to survive so in nature natural virus seldom kill there hosts they just infect, multiply and then mutate and infect again a few generation's later sufficiently changed so that the immunity the host built up no longer recognizes them - common flue and viral cold are prime examples of this they are extremely successful viral strain's fully adapted with a sufficient mutation rate to mean that they have probably been around for a very long time and will continue to be.

posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: PAUL35791

Hey from a religious perspective a super being from the sky comes down and creates a race in his image - intelligent beings to colonize a planet.

Same source.
Here is a carpet bombed city in Germany at the end of WW2
Here is something NASA call's dust devil track's on mars, have a really good long look at it.
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posted on Oct, 25 2019 @ 07:06 AM
Mark isn't a Druid, but he did go through the Initiations to see what it was about. If he was out to make money he would've stayed in Banking. There is nothing in any of the images you've shown that indicates intelligent life on Mars. Same story with Hoaglands glass towers and Iapetus claims. It is patronising to come into a topic lecturing people you don't know, and much of what you claim is wrong. Granted you have a head injury so Ill let it slide.
There are obviously Mars Whistleblower claimants such as Basiago, Stillings, Mendez, Beilek, Goode, Richards, Cameron, and others. With so few testimonies, some of which conflict, and no physical evidence, it wouldn't meet the criteria for legal evidence. Obviously it is possible. But then again Ashayana Deanes claims about a Type 3 Civilisation are possible too.
There is evidence in Maths that the Earth/Moon system is not natural. And of course, it is possible that Humans from the Future have Time Travelled back. The Maths even states the Predestination Paradox is not impossible, although I find it unlikely humans are a Self Created Species. There was clearly a Science being used in Prehistory that is more advanced than Public Science is and is linked to these Stone Circle and Pyramid Civilisations.

posted on Oct, 25 2019 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: PAUL35791

Actually as far as Legal Evidence is concerned people have been convicted on far less strong evidence in the past and as for the head injury's I was not giving you an excuse to try to dismiss my opinion or to put me down I HAD head injury's when I was much - much younger and have since worked in quite a few job's, traveled to foreign destinations for work and then got so bored with it all I just dropped off and ended up working retail security - quite scary at time's when you are dealing with smack head's holding syringes as weapon's.

So don't let it slip, come on please.

That slight aside and maybe I shall let that slip.

As for the earth moon system being artificial I am afraid I have to agree but as to who built it and why that is were we are going to have our disagreement's.

Now I have lived a good half century and in my time I have experiences all manner of weird, strange but seldom wonderful.
I have experienced paranormal activity (and no it was not the head injury's unless they can account for other witness to the same event which they obviously can not - especially since many of these experience predated the head injury's), I have seen my own UFO and experiences that other's regard as past life memory's but I most certainly do not regard as such and have even had what you may term an OOBE were I entered - against my will - someone else body and only broke free during an incident of extreme trauma that other person suffered and which left a nasty scar on my own psyche.

Of course we are getting well and truly into the twilight zone here - oh right we are already there my mistake.

As for the earth moon system, how big is mercury compared to the iron core of the earth and venus?, how long was venus EARTH like if it ever was - what about 3 billion years assuming that it was converted in a single event rather than a series of event's perhaps as recently as 700 million years ago?.

Mars may have also had it's mishap about - when? - 650 to 700 million years ago.

The earth was potentially habitable prior to 2 billion years ago BUT it underwent a process called the snow ball earth event during which the entire planet FROZE much like Hoth from star wars, even to the equator so that only deep ocean hot springs may have remained liquid during these super ice ages which scoured at least one mile of the entire planets surface away - the great incongruity - not once but maybe twice or more so perhaps over 2 miles of the entire surface of the planet was scoured away by glaciers.

Now claim's as to the nature of the earth's atmosphere come from rock samples from among other places Greenland but there is no evidence that these rock's were anywhere near to the surface or exposed to the atmosphere in there entire existence so the data while it is all they have is really subjective and open to other interpretations - meaning NASA may have it completely wrong as to what the early or rather 1.5 to 2 billion year old earth was really like which is interesting since they already believe life may have appeared on the planet in single cell form as far back as just a few hundred million years after the planet formed from the solar accretion disc - perhaps even earlier.

The planet could have been seeded by Panspermia but certain pre snow ball earth artifacts have always intrigued me the so called Klerksdorp Spheres which are mostly regarded as natural nodules by most scientists but some do find them very intriguing (and no I am not painting a link between them and the death star like moon's of Iapetus or Mimas).

During this time Mars as well as Venus was probably a quite habitable planet with a thicker atmosphere than today, a stronger magnetic field since it's core would have still been molten (maybe a severe impact or an artificial action caused it to lose it's magnetosphere by impacting the planet hard enough to disrupt it's core, perhaps the very action that caused Olympus monze and the great planetary scar but whatever the cause Mars died, it's atmosphere was blown off by the solar wind with no magnetosphere to shield it.

About 750 million years ago the snow ball earth epoch which began approximately 2.25 billion years ago came to an end and within just a hundred million years life exploded into many new form's in the event called the Cambrian explosion (not an explosion just the term given to it as a lot of different fossil's appear at that time but there have been much older multi-cellular fossils since found so the old idea that all life was microbial before that time has been disproved).

Add to that our unusual partner, a moon like no other planet has in the solar system that keeps only one side facing us in perfect tidal lock, that has those mathematical anomaly's etc.

Now for someone like me that believe's in God it's just one of those thing's that point to our solar system having been touched by HIS higher intelligence in the past but for you that do not believe in God (assuming that is sorry if you do I do not know your particular belief set but since you confused me with a Mormon which bobbled my mind I assume you have no interest in Christianity but I digress if I am wrong on that then sorry) then you have to look for other answers, super intelligent extra terrestrials or other dimensional beings are just one solution and there are as many other wacky wild out there ideas about how it is and what formed it as there are crackpot's to cash in on them.

But like the old saying goes you can take a horse to water but you can not make it drink.

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posted on Oct, 25 2019 @ 03:31 PM
There are probably a lot of things people can learn from you Labtech, myself included. I'm a Bible Student. I haven't made up my mind yet, as I don't believe in Faith. There is a repeated Numerology and Kabbalah theme in the Bible which maybe evidence of a higher civilisation. And obviously Cryptids are legally proven real, and if they're not Nephilim they aren't in the Bible. There are 34,000 Xstian Denominations, all with different Eschatologies. What makes you have faith in yours?
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posted on Oct, 25 2019 @ 10:42 PM
a reply to: PAUL35791

From a religious perspective - though it is human nature to always seek answers and we all do - I would be careful of gematria and numerology based divination, it lowers us almost to the level of pagan soothsayers whom would kill animal's - and even people in some cases - in order to read there entrails.

I'll stick to tea leave's myself though these day's with tea bag's it's a lot harder ha.

No we all have life experience, we all know something and we are all sometime's wrong in what we think we may know.

There are people on this site whom have wiped the floor with me on occasion with there genius level intellect's including the vociferous skeptics and debunkers that probably spend more time on the site than almost anyone else but I have watched many time's when even they have had there reasoning challenged and been beaten in there argument's often by the quiet members whom have for some reason decided to take them to book and done so most effectively - not that they would accept that they had lost as I am certain some of them are in it just for argument's sake.

But you know today we are reinventing divination for a new age, computer model's and statistical analysis have gone beyond simple probability's and are now entering the age of quantum analysis, who know's were this will lead and how it will be abused in the wrong hand's.

And all religions are divided, they are not only divided into sect's and sub sect's but each and every individual is just that a person like you and me, sometime's we will find commonality in our belief's but other time's - in religion often on the most mundane issues - we may come to different opinion's which we may feel equally strongly about.

Look your thread was cool and I was a bit nasty toward the guy and for that I am sorry, I don't agree with him but he is definitely clever and much of the data he is talking about I have both seen been bewildered by myself in the past, you will find though that it is all about rounding up those numbers the real world is very close but not actually perfect - still it is so close as to make it still a miracle that chance alone is unlikely and that mean's that this alignment and ratio's (unless like Fibonacci sequence we can find a repeat of this again and again in the universe - which may not be natural as well?) is probably of an artificial/created origin something that will have the dyed in the wool atheist crowd either going bald or joining cult's and religions of there choice when they are not sticking there head in the sand and grasping at any other solution no matter how much even less probable there chosen solution may be or as is usually the case simply ignoring it.

There is nothing that I could teach you, you have a great mind and a great capacity for reason and argument and your thought's and opinion's are your own, you created a decent thread here.

Any thread that attract's comment's regardless of if they are positive or negative is a success as it has worked to start a debate.


posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 09:09 AM
a reply to: PAUL35791

My faith in mine is simple, I am not much of a church goer but I believe and do pray, my mother had an experience when the midwife left the afterbirth inside her after she gave birth to my sister Jeanette and my mother than developed septicemia and nearly died, in fact she DID die on the operating room table.

While she was dead she had this experience as real as here in this reality she was on a mountain and a beautiful lady whom she KNEW was Our Lady (my mother was Anglican) calling her so she began to walk up then since at the time she was in an unhappy marriage to a very bad man (an understatement he was like the devil incarnate and abused his wife and children - yes that way as well but I thankfully escaped that) she refused to go over and turned back, she walked down the mountain and through a dark valley then up another mountain and down into the darkness beyond which brought her back to her body were she woke on the operating table just as the surgeon was about to declare her dead.

I have had my own experience, never went to a religious school or was ever a church goer as I felt kind of out of place there BUT when I was young I was ill and my mother prayed, that night I had an experience I saw a lady standing over me who gave me that same feeling you have when you are very small and in your mum's arm's though I could not see her face and though she was transparent she felt somehow far more real than the world around me, I slipped into a sleep almost immediately and when I told my mum the next day she said that she had been worried about me and had prayed to our lady, it is not my only experience as there was one when I and three acquaintance went to wales for a weekend as young men, the idea was to go up mount Snowdon but the weather was atrocious, on the third second night since we had decided to go on the third and final day regardless of how bad the weather was I had a terrible presentment that I was going to die that coming day, I resigned myself and prayed to God to look after my mum, brothers' and sisters and friends and even my enemy's but then to say I heard would be wrong as it was not sound but it is the only way to describe it I heard a voice, very powerful and immense and somehow all around and above that said "Do not be afraid my son this is neither the time nor the place", I actually cringed on my bunk but soon fell asleep.

The following day we went to walk up the mountain and took what we assumed to be the easy way by walking up the cog railway track since the train was not running in the bad weather and Jude whom was leading the group and had been there before said he knew a short cut so about half way up we followed him along a scree covered narrow path that ran off to the right of the track until we came to a cliff were he was first up (jude could climb anything the guy was half spider or something) and I was next, I got half way up (now we were dressed all wrong in jean's that got heavy and wet and using bin bag's to keep the rain off though being mist it soaked us to the bone anyway), as I was climbing I reached for what looked like a clump of stone and which came away in my hand, I did not have three point's of contact and was in sponge soled trainers, I fell and landed at the foot of the cliff several feet down falling backward away from the cliff face with only the back of my ankles on the scree covered ledge, simultaneously John and Andrew each caught one of my wrists (At the time I was wearing a cheap but nice watch a Matrix Quartz from Dixon's and John grabbed my wrist so tight to save my life that the thick glass over the face was crushed), they both caught my wrists simultaneously and pulled me back up, I looked behind me into the drop that just vanished down a very steep slope into the mist below and have no doubt they saved my life - at God's will of course.

The face on the welsh people in the cafe at the top was one for the mental album as when we walked in and asked for a coffee looking like drowned rat's all dressed wrong after walking to the top of a mountain in pouring rain and bad visibility they looked at us like we were crazy which in hindsight they were probably correct to think.

We had been staying in a converted sheep shed next to farm house with a pub at the bottom of the road, on the Friday morning when we had gotten there the sun had been blazing in the sky and the field outside the sheep shed had been filled with tent's and campers, that same day the weather had turned very bad with wind and rain and when we looked out on Saturday morning there was not a soul in sight just a couple of abandoned water logged collapsed tent's.

Now this sheep shed had a painting on the wall near to were I had slept, I could not make it out and neither could the other three it just looked kind of abstract, after this experience when we came back down from the mountain and walked back into the shed the image JUMPED out clear as anything to me and I could see it perfectly, it was a shepherd in pouring rain with two lamb's, one under his cloak in his arm and another peering out of the fold's of his robe while he walked through the heavy rain holding his shepherds crook with a lamp on it.

So all I can say is Choice, Faith and Experience is why I believe in Jesus and Our Lady.

posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 07:15 PM
Bigfoot Tony is from Wales. He's seen them there idk which part, maybe Monmouth. Some people claim they are ExtraDimensional and more advanced than humans, although I've never seen any evidence of that.
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posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 07:28 PM
This will give Augustus a panick attack, but what people call Leprechauns. The small men in green suits. Well it seems they are Grey/Green ETs with big black eyes 3ft tall. They could be EDs, most ETs would be EDs given that Interdimensional travel would be more efficient. The Irish would leave them gifts to placate them to leave them alone. Fairies are not Disney cartoons. They were an old word for ETs/EDs.

posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 07:35 PM
90% of OBEs, NDEs, Abductees, Poltergeistees etc cite no relation to any Religion in their experiences. Psychic Mediums have done excorsisms because the Priests don't work. People say praying to Jesus didn't stop abductees, ghosts and cryptid encounters. There is no corroborative evidence from Historians of the Bible or any other Religious Book. There is not a lot to go on.

posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 07:27 AM

originally posted by: PAUL35791
This will give Augustus a panick attack...

I'm almost as panicked about your fake space aliens as I am about your fake bigfoot.

posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 07:47 AM

originally posted by: JustJohnny
a reply to: PAUL35791

Being fair I did not watch the video, but homie’s claims are what I call “global front page news”..

For example..

If a credible source Finds a Bigfoot carcass, you will not learn about it from a cheesy conspiracy site or YouTube video..

You will lean about it from the push notifications as your phone goes crazy vibrating with all the msm stories.. lol

It is the same with any claims that would rewrite the history books or breaks the laws of physics.

If the person has a big enough following to be publishing books, then we can probably exclude you stumbling onto a story that is about to break, but has not yet.

I GENERALLY agree with this sentiment, but we must be careful as their ARE exceptions.... Off the top of my head... people yelling and yelling for years about the giant squid and publishing books, that were deemed SCI-FI until of course as we all know... they found the giant squid.

Once the smoking gun is known, yes I agree with you, but their is often a ton of science/speculation/math involved before a smoking gun is discovered.

posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 04:40 AM
There must be atleast 10000 Abduction testimonies on the net. 100s of implants removed and tested. 100s of Hypnotic Regressions done. 1000s of Pilot sightings recorded. More than enough Legal Evidence to win in court. Any sane person would accept the evidence over what some Jabrone read on Skeptic. Com. Police have even been abducted on duty, such as PC Alan Godfrey whom had drugs planted in his locker for going Public. Alan had previously been made infertile due to an assault. After the Abductions he had more children
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posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 04:47 AM
I was informed by those who have seen them, that this is footage of a genuine ET Bernard Mendez claims to have worked with the exact same ET. Andrew Basiago goes further to state that these ETs rebooted human civilisation after a catastrophe.

posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 04:53 AM
There is no reason to Classify the Giant Squid from the Public. There are 100s of reasons why Cryptids, ETs, ESP, Anti Gravity, Time Travel, Ghosts etc would be Classified. There is a plethora of users on here travelling to Aspen on Monkey Bikes with a briefcase, not just Augustus.
Obviously Science is only a Public Institute, and has no authority to Declassify anything, and no grants to study outside its remit. Neither is Appealing to Authority a valid legal argument.
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posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 06:07 AM

originally posted by: PAUL35791
There are 100s of reasons why Cryptids, ETs, ESP, Anti Gravity, Time Travel, Ghosts etc would be Classified.

You left out elves, chupacabras, element 115 and Canadians.

I love that there isn't one goofy made up thing that you haven't fallen for completely and it's even funnier that you use YouTube as your 'evidence' for such.

posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 06:24 AM
Chucacabras are likely Werewolves aka Dogman (There are over 300 full Witness Testimonies here ) . Could be an unknown Marsupial. Apparently Kangeroos etc come from the American continent. I've never researched Elves. I can only guess it is on old word, maybe Norse, for a typology of ETs/EDs. Obviously all the costume experts from Planet of the Apes etc, and the testing done at the site showed that this is a typology of aka Bigfoot. . Likewise we know ESP was confirmed as real to Congress by Statistician Dr Jessica Utts, along with SRIs Declassified Experiments on Uri Geller .
Obviously those, like Augustus, travelling to Aspen on Monkey Bikes, do not know.
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posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 06:42 AM

originally posted by: PAUL35791
Chucacabras are likely Werewolves aka Dogman...

LOL, sure. Orrrrrrr, they're just made up nonsense used to frighten gullible little boys and girls...and a few adults who never grew up.

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