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FCC complaints

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 02:41 AM
Does anyone remember back in the first week of December when the FCC came out with the discovery that 98% of all the complaints it received were from the Parents Television Counsel? This one lone activist group has sucessfully swayed what Americans watch.

Has everyone also noticed that since this story nothing else has been said about it? Nothing about the FCC changing its complaint policy, nothing about investigating the source of the complaints. About the only thing that has happened is that the PTC has lawyered up and is calling for a congressional investigation of the FCC over its faulty accounting practices.

I did contact FOX asking them if they've done anything to investigate since they were one of the major networks whom have been fined from the FCC but they have yet to respond to my emails.

I'd like to know how the ATS community feels about one activist group controling what is morally right and wrong for you to watch on tv?

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