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musings on bigfoot's elusiveness

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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 12:15 AM
Its not this complicated.

I am now a person who lives a reality that includes Bigfoot.

Once you get past the lies and suppresions you have been force fed you find it easy to discern truth from fiction.

Bigfoot live mainly in Clans.....they are as widespread as their preffered food sources are bu can get by on just about anything just about anywhere if they have to just like we can..

They can and do live in all of the areas discussed from Caves to underground Grottos to deep Bush.

They are not afraid of water and they follow old and current watrways and the Valleys these waterways create which allow them to travel day or night below the horizon line and out of sight of almost everyone and everything.

They use trees and branches to speak to each other....and to be creative .. and to teach...and to Farm...

I have had the feeling of imminent demise and ran back to my own car across an open field I was 1/2 way across as I headed to a treeline...when I was hit by that instinctive overload of doom and warning....I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WAITING FOR ME TO TAKE JUST ANOTHER HANDFUL OF STEPS INTO THE POINT OF NO RETURN WHEREUPON I DO BELIEVE I WAS TOAST.NO TRAFFIC AROUND ME I WAS ON A LONELY COUNTRY ROAD DEEP IN A CREEK VALLEY CLOSE TO A MAJOR RIVER.



In the linked video there are many CLEAR AND DECIPHERABLE BIGFOOT SIGNS INTENTIONALLY PLACED WHERE THEY ARE....THERE IS EVEN A HUNTING BLIND/STRUCTURE....the young fella just doesn't know what to look for.

AT the time he recorded those videos the area was actively being used.

I was warned by a Friend that they might follow me home even in a City.

I am now super reserved and cautious when dealing with this topic.

I have done trades and commerce.....right now I am looking at a lemon sized piece of pinkish quartz they left for me this spring...... I stopped giving them candy in trade because it is like crack coc aine to current experiences are all URBAN and a lot of people know they are there and some feed them a lot up to entire bloody pumpkins and as extravagant as actual dinner plates of pepperoni and fish cut to size....there are game cameras all over the place...…

The volume of sign is awe inspiring...….not only in my area but EVERYWHERE


I think David Pailidides is trying to give us some perspectives on numbers of people taken and areas as well as circumstances we all need to consider and learn to avoid.


We need to keep sharing information online until Bigfoot is normalised and people are made aware of the potentials for danger and also for friendships.

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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 03:53 AM
a reply to: one4all

It's so awful to think you could be dragged into it's pitch black lair, absolutely no light and you can't see anything, knowing you're going to be lunch for King Kong.

And if the entrance is underwater, no one can find you even if your muffled screams somehow make it to the surface via gaps in the rocks and tree roots.

Horrible, horrible way to go.
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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 04:17 AM
a reply to: reject

regards " water " - watch vids of a bear [ the best comparison i can think of ] exiting a lake or river crossing

hardly a elusive trait at that size

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

I am of the opinion that Bigfoot is vastly more intelligent than a bear🐻.

Or are you saying Bigfoot isn't real?

As for me, I am just open to the possibility.

originally posted by: reject
A lot of people by now have heard of the story of the coelacanth.

It's not alone.

yet another animal believed extinct rediscovered

here's another case

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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 07:30 AM
a reply to: one4all

I happen to agree with most of your post, as far as their behavior and the fact there are times and places when Bigfoot travels and temporarily moves in much closer to human habitation than is commonly recognized/accepted.

However I disagree with your aims in attempting to "train them" or the repeated gifting interactions since neither you OR I or most people have absolutely NO CLUE what TYPE they are dealing with. It's difficult for me to reconcile, should be for you too, that on one hand it's acknowledged they "can be" extremely dangerous yet there you and many others are allegedly swapping trinkets with them!

( I only used the word allegedly to cover my own butt in this conversation not to disparage you!)

The dichotomy in both your own and my posts fully illustrates the range of almost irreconcilable emotions/behaviors that occur when dealing with a relic hominid/bigfoot. Something no one addresses except superficially. It's more nuanced than a simple fight or flight response, it's absolutely baffling to those caught up in it, I've yet to see it addressed by any behavioral psychologist.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: reject

ah the " more intelligent " argument - again

how exactly does inteligence make its passing undetectable without :

1 - a considerable time penalty

2 - limits of there it can cross // exit a water body

either of these - limit its " elusivness "

many " traits " of big foot seem to me to be ad-hoc reasonings to explain away lake of evidence

ETA - a classic example is the claim that " big foot is a frans-dimensional creature " - yeah - its actually a claim mde in more than one ATS thread - there is no logic or evidence or sound science to support this - just the un-evidenced claim - to accout for a loack of actual physical evidence

a less farcical one = " they bury thier dead " - made not because any actual evidence of graves or otherexplainations f where bigfoods alledge dead go - just " they MUST bury them - cos we has not found a dead one

again no logic - just straw-grasping
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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 08:43 AM
a reply to: Caver78

There is a learning curve involved.....for the average Person to abandon all reality and believe in Bigfoot without seeing evidence for themselves is not possible.To put this in perspective I was abducted by Aliens a couple of times as a kid….or I wouldnt even give this topic the time of day.I grew up on a Farm close to a Major River Valley System and I shot a lot of things and I had Country logic....there was a time I would have 110% attempted to drop any Bigfoot I ran into in its tracks just to see what it really boy logic like I said.Today I would only harm to protect.

My learning curve was 30 years long from my first encounter till todays interactions which I now am extremely nervous about.

I had my first negative experience when I returned as an Adult to an area I had grown up hiking and hunting in as a kid.More people had moved into the area and it had become more crowded with Farms and Acerages.

I want to believe the idea that they just want to be left alone but it doesn't sit with me....they don't care about us enough to give a crap what we do......they are curious about us or simply we are a pest to the past we may or may not have been friends or working partners but today we are far removed from each other .We forget they are smart...sentient...self-aware...they are a class above everything else we expect to find in the Forest.

I am listening to Coonbo as we speak....and he is clearly very deeply educated....I only focused on Bigfoot THIS YEAR.....and in a Major City at that....NOT in the I said earlier they are EVERYWHERE.Not to panic people but they need to wake the hell up.

I am listening to Coonbo explain how he can just drive out into an area likely to hold Bigfoot and read teir signs him they are as bright and obvious as big red stop signs.This is how it is for me now.

Coonbo is not telling lies.That is how it is for me now.Once you learn what they are doing you cannot miss it.Albeit I did spend a lot more time alone in the woodsas a kid thn most people I have ever met I used to do sleepoves alone @9-10 years old....I would sneak out t night from our Farm house then sneak back in in the morning before chores.At first Itook my.22 with me but after a few nights I simply went unarmed for there was no reason to be armed.I have stalked up to and touched a sleeping Whitetail deer...anyone who hunts or hikes o photographs wild animals especially Whitetails will understand fact they will likely not believe it....they shouldn't believe it because it is unheard have to know the forest as good as a Whitetail and then apply human logic....which is why Bigfoot cannot escape my eye in any forest anywhere....they are applying their own human style logic to the things they are doing without realising the Forest its a huge game of which one of these things is not like the mysterys just extreme PATTERN RECOGNITION.....same as learning your way around a City....well for me its all about Landmarking City or Country.....I hate using Maps and numbers and grids.

I can watch a YT video and immediately know if Bigfoot has been working in the many many cases I see people who are 99% clueless to what is all around them....they are the opposite of me....they actually SEE A BIGFOOT FIRST on their experiential learning curve....and after that they are chasing the Dragon forever......I on the other hand see all of the constellation of peripheral evidence and have never seen a Bigfoot.

There are different levels of interactions......and people have different degrees of loyalty...I have stopped trading because I am afraid to make friends , when I make them I make them for life....if I befriend a Bigfoot or a Clan I would have to protect them at all costs…..I think they know this somehow about us if we are good or badly intended maybe its instinct maybe smell maybe telepathy ...who cares why but they are smart enough to know your generic intentions.

Its about the Bigfoot kids to women and no children...period.You don't hurt women and children.They have a structured Clan System and there ARE Women and I have a personal dilemma and need to keep myself distanced from emotional connections that could lead me down a tricky path.

I see a retard like Justin Smeja and I remember how retarded I was as a Farm boy with gun in my hand......I would NEVER HAVE SHOT A CHILD BIGFOOT EVEN BACK THEN but I would surely have shot any big ones.Smeja is more like most of my Country Friends were...slightly freaking retarded because of how and where they grow up...with little to no societal pressures.

I just realised something as I sit listening to Coonbo…..I was doing what Bigfoot does....when I touched that Deer I had to stalk it from my belly....I had to crawl-stop-crawl-stop-snooze-crawl-stop----ect……..I was on my belly with my face in the debris of the forest floor most of the stalk...and it took a long time to execute the temperature even had begun to change dramatically and air currents were getting unpredictable.The deer were also bedded close to moving water to a Bigfoot large as they may be CRAWLS A LOT TO HUNT AND THEY DO IT AROUND WATER A LOT TO USE THE COVER NOISE TO THEIR ADVANTAGE.We fail to look down enough when looking for them and we fail to look up enough...we are looking for a man shaped thing....most times we are close to them I think they are either above us or below us.....they understand sight lines and the horizon line and its importance.

Fret not using the word have a lot of footage now video and photo...and where I live quartz is not exactly easy to find in certain forms I have fished and hunted and hiked the area my entire life...this year I was traded the single biggest piece of colored quartz I have seen in my life.I was gifted a large fresh Mushroom and also a freshly killed mouse.The mouse freaked me the heck out,I was all alone on a Hiking Trail that was not being used by anyone else....scared the living hell out of me......because the Bigfoot first began responding to my Whoops with woodknocks which we did for a few minutes and then I gifted a Candy Bracelet as I was doing back then...I gifted thn I slowly began egressing the area but it somehow out flanked me and got in front of me as I was leaving and planted the fresh mouse in the middle of my footpath with 3 freshly picked leaves drawing a line to the mouse in contrast to the paths I wouldn't miss it I think.What I am saying is that they can get behind even the most experienced woodsman if they want to do it and they can do it in seconds silently ….at unbelievable speeds and so quietly it is not believable.When you are alone on a path in Bigfoot territory and you gift them then they outflank you and get in front of you with enough time to gift you back before you even know they are there...its a scary thought and it makes you feel very vulnerable weak and stupid.

At the end of the day my research has changed dramatically.....I do not gift candy now only dried fruits....I actually have not gifted in a long time ..but unbelievably there are others in my area actively gifting a lot of different things....from whole pumpkins to plates of pepperoni and fish cut up nicely....IMHO its a disaster waiting to happen.
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posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 11:29 AM
a reply to: one4all

Thank You for your considered reply!
Btw you've had a PM languishing in your in-box for a couple of weeks....

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: Caver78

Awsome….I am so glad I came to this messages were accidentally deleted.....but I remember them just not the senders.I couldn't reply,now I can. So sorry for the delay.I am on it right now.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: reject

It's simply smarter than we are, hence its avoidance of Man?

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 11:44 AM
I have to add this tidbit for some reason.....the return gift of the freshly killed mouse was absolutely changed my life entirely and my understanding of Bigfoot dramatically.....the raw brutality and beauty of it all is overwhelming because there is something about a gift of meat or prey that touches you emotionally...well me anyways....and because of what it was I absolutely understand it as a treat for a treat.....parity...logic....beautiful.

Then there is the issue of how this went down....the speed....first off who the hell is going to catch a mouse in the raw forest witin only a few minutes and then outflank me at walking speeds to get ahead of me on the Trail to set the freshly killed gift right in the middle of my Trail with 3 big fresh green leaves in a line leading to the mouse.This Bigfoot knew wat it was going to do it made a complicated future template of its intended actions and then it executed it perfectly....this fella was thinking ahead tactically and then following through smoothly.

I have to add...when I say freshly killed mouse I know what I am talking was like someone pinched it just enough to extinguish it but not ruin it....I have killed a lot of mice and some manually....and the fluids had not even begun to congeal or was still warm.

For a million dollars I could not catch a mouse by hand on demand in the raw forest in an entire day never mind a few short minutes.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 11:47 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

I don't think smarter overall....just Woods Smart in their environment.Once you learn how to track them they are not so smart.Avoiding us is a physical feat....they are just good at it....but they cannot hide the massive volume of evidence they leave behind them as they forage and feed their way through the Forests.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: one4all

It depends on how you judge smarter.

Overall we cannot catch one, so if they do exist.

"Bubby, they probably know a lot of things we don't know"

Or have yet to fathom about reality.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: andy06shake

They would be looking at us thru their own world view which absolutely has to be interesting!

I've been debating with myself over posting more links to material since it's been my experience that people just don't bother. I'm as guilty of that as anyone else since it turns out I have quite the judgmental streak about using the internet for "mindless junk".

But here we go anyways.
The first is what I think is a very thoughtful paper concerning not only the history of of how all this got started but contains some VERY interesting facts about how the study of what we call Bigfoot got off on the wrong track immediately.

" All educated people are aware of two
fundamental scientific revolutions in the history of modern civilization: the Copernican and the Darwinian. But few know that the latter was preceded by a revolutionary deed of Carl Linnaeus. To the dismay and anger of the Establishment, this deed was tantamount to three intellectual "outrages". First, he instituted a zoological taxon, which included apes and monkeys, and called them by the name used by churchmen for their seniors - Primates. Second, he placed man side by side with apes and monkeys in that taxon - the Order of Primates. Third, he "invented" a second species of man, Homo troglodytes, when it is known that God created a single man, Adam, and all people descend from him. Homo troglodytes was at the time a much greater pain in the back of the Establishment than Bigfoot is at present.
Also known only by few is the fact that it was Linnaeus who introduced in science the central term of anthropology -- Homo sapiens, and did so a century before the discovery and study of fossil hominids. Nobody wonders today why man was given such an incongruous scientific name. Well, as mentioned above, the Linnaean nomenclature, published in the 10th edition of his Systema Naturae (1758), included not one but TWO living species of man: Homo sapiens (man the wise) and Homo troglodytes (the caveman). Importantly, the latter term was not coined by Linnaeus -- he borrowed it from ancient naturalists, and he described Homo troglodytes as nocturnus and sylvestris, two characteristics ringing the bell for all hominologists. So there is no doubt that our kind owes its undeserved name of "man the wise" in contrast to the "caveman" in the Linnaean classification.

Somewhere Linnaeus's two other classifications got dropped. There's lots of history about this issue, plus the era factor's in, but it's pretty much where the original wheels came off the bus.
This paper covers tons of material I personally feel is basic background information needed by us regular folk who are taking a serious look at Bigfoot.

Secondly, and this is a huge deal is a book by Boris Porshnev. Loads of information altho I can't avoid the argument "well that's a million miles away from the US" it still includes behaviors we see today of more local Bigfoot. In his writings he covers just how far back the study of the Almas is. Here in the US we all think it started with the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Yeah, NOPE.
They've been studying this since the early 1800's. Just knowing about the previous work is a revelation. Again, it's a long read but well worth it and actually not the dry scholarly text you would imagine.

I'm still digging thru the internet as more researcher's names have appeared that we've never heard of. Lots of this has only been translated in the past couple of years so when I went searching back in 2006 I came up fairly empty except for Koffman's work, an even then most of hers hadn't been translated.

Kinda looking at a buffet thru a plate glass window.

posted on Oct, 26 2019 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: andy06shake

I judge smarter in that I believe they are related to us that in the not so distant past both Bigfoot and Humans were normally evolving Primates here on Earth....then I believe both types of primate were artificially interfered with on a Genetic level turning them into usable Slaves or Servants or Children however you want to roll the morality dice.

Do I believe Bigfoot has our intellectual potentials? or do I believe Bigfoot has bigger and better intellectual abilities than us?.....I believe Bigfoot is still able to use its natural telepathy . I believe Bigfoot thinks conceptually.I believe that as a Human it is no contest for me to outsmart and to track and to photograph or video or capture a live Bigfoot or an entire Clan.Given proper resources I believe all of these things are quite simply and easily done.

If I had a Team of Bigfoot Wranglers Trained my ways helping me out and if I had a black hole expense account in my back pocket to work with I could capture live Bigfoot within 6 months....likely a Clan as opposed to an Individual.....its actually easier to capture a Clan than it is an Individual.

As a Human I can find them...I can locate them by evidence and by sound....I can anticipate their incredible physical prowess and harness it against them.

But then what? What do you do with a Bigfoot Clan? Is it even legal to own a Bigfoot Clan?You see you are screwed either way because someone will just come in with force and seize your Bigfoot Clan and suppress charging you with some weasely things that could imprison you for 20-30 if you keep you mouth shut they let you walk on a plea la instant suppression.

I do not know what the future holds in terms of a Bigfoot solution it is a true dilemma ...I do know they are smart and we can talk to and with them and negotiate with them if we choose to do so......we might not always enjoy the receptions we get or the stark screw you attitude Bigfoot will sometimes give us....but we can find a bridge if we work together.

posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: one4all

If Bigfoot is for real, I would defer to chimpanzees as a gauge as to how they may behave towards people.

Reported behavior is kind of chimplike.


Screaming, albeit high-pitched.


Eating smaller monkeys.

Throwing/wielding rocks/branches/trees.

All very chimplike.

If bigfoot's a hoax, someone familiar with chimp behavior had something to do with it.

(Bigfoot precedes the internet so it's quite interesting they came up with chimplike behavior for it.)

We have pandas and giant pandas so maybe we have the giant chimpanzee also.

Btw, a kind of chimpanzee called the bili/Bondo ape allegedly has been seen to stand up to 6 feet tall and it's bipedal.

When they are full grown they turn gray.

Maybe bigfoot's an even bigger chimpanzee.

Maybe they can grow bigger in North America.
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posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 02:03 AM

This is not a gorilla.

It's a bili/Bondo ape, a kind of giant chimpanzee.

It used to be cryptid but that's no longer the case.

It allegedly can kill big cats like the leopard and lion and likes to eat them.

Strange thing about it is it's friendly to humans which was the undoing of this particular one.

giant chimpanzee

posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 02:22 PM
a reply to: one4all
So what do you think of the tree stands?

There are so many of them and they are all over the place out there, is there anyway that they could be all made by humans?

posted on Oct, 29 2019 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

The tree signs or Woodcraft are simply normal signs of Bigfoots life in the wild....this is the impact they leave behind...this contrast they create or manifest when they move things and place them in un-natural ways and places is how they self-identify as being sentient and not the same as all of the other animals in the Forest.

There is zero question of people building these things because they are located all along Bigfoots migration routes and all over their habituation sites when they chose not to or don't have to migrate.....these Woodcraft signs are not located in areas Bigfoot does not reside in an this means that MOST OF THE FOREST IS DEVOID OF CURRENT FRESH BIGFOOT SIGNS....AND.....Bigfoot has real has requirements that preclude it from living in the majority of places willingly or comfortably or safely...this drastically reduces the number of places we will find terms of the entire outdoors which is so big as to be unfathomable.

posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 04:58 AM

originally posted by: one4all
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

The tree signs or Woodcraft are simply normal signs of Bigfoots life in the wild....this is the impact they leave behind...this contrast they create or manifest when they move things and place them in un-natural ways and places is how they self-identify as being sentient and not the same as all of the other animals in the Forest.

There is zero question of people building these things because they are located all along Bigfoots migration routes and all over their habituation sites when they chose not to or don't have to migrate.....these Woodcraft signs are not located in areas Bigfoot does not reside in an this means that MOST OF THE FOREST IS DEVOID OF CURRENT FRESH BIGFOOT SIGNS....AND.....Bigfoot has real has requirements that preclude it from living in the majority of places willingly or comfortably or safely...this drastically reduces the number of places we will find terms of the entire outdoors which is so big as to be unfathomable.

This is simply, hands down no holds barred one of the BEST WELL SPOKEN posts I've ever seen regarding Bigfoot.

It's almost impossible to add anything to it but in reference to what someone might consider a possible area of their "stick sign" I'm going to toss out something I came across.

A friend had found an area up on the Great Lakes region that had large logs laid up against other trees, laid out on the ground, large long sticks woven at weird angles excetra. As we were walking around an they were studying just what these almost glyphic structures could signify, I was wandering in and out of the space.

Circling rather like a dog catching a scent.

While everyone was craning their necks postulating on the meaning's of the structures (something I wasn't even going to attempt to fathom) I noticed something absolutely gobsmacking.

1) Surrounding this area, it was polluted with wads of poison ivy.
On all sides, yet not within the area of the "build".

2) the woodland all around the "build" was sandy, but flat and leaf covered. Inside the area it was "lumpy" completely treacherous to walk without stumbling rather pock marked which gave one the mental image of elephant tracks in sand.

3) since I'd already done a google earth view of the local before and had the local person there with me in coming back into the area (I was in an out multiple times) It hit me. The logs, large sticks "appeared" to be a rough outline of of a map of the geographical area.

Some X's at the west marked off which way not to go which coincided with human population, Some logs laid at an angle "seemed" to indicate travel was open to the Northeast. It's hard to describe unless you are familiar with topographical maps. There was much more to it, but it "seemed" to be a "map" left between the river area and how to move around to travel "around" the human pockets of farms an such.

For me the most relevant things were that in the area of "stick sign" the ground was completely chewed up. Secondly I found it most curious that noxious plants "seemed" to have been removed. In my mind that's a very human behavior, gardening, yet this place wasn't on any trail it was the backside between several farms, unused woodland.

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