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Channeling RA, Zoroastria?

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 11:20 AM
Session 12: 20/3/2005

I have been deliberating with myself on whether I should share this session in public. It's very personal and my guide/higherself/Zoroastria/Ra God speaks to me as im very special - a saviour of some kind. As Lost said earlier, special, or at least a force to be reckoned with. So, it is difficult sharing something like this, because people could think I am trying to convert them, create a religion, be a guru, or simply trying to make myself look like the next incarnation of Jesus or I might just get away with being mad.

I am sharing this only, because I seek the guidance of people on what is raised in this session about my purpose in life. What do you think I should do. By sharing this session, I am reaching out to others, to help me, advice me.

Think of me as your child, friend, brother, student. Someone close to you, so that you can relate to me and see the best for me, and tell me what should I do and how should one prepare themselves for taking on such a responsibility? Where do you start? Not exactly a conventional career choice!

Hello to my guide

I feel your energy today. My mind is more clearer and receptive.

Tell me how do I conduct my mission/purpose in life of disemparting
god's knowledge?

Like Jesus. Declare your intentions. Becoming one with the energy
of god. Put on your armour.

You are very close to the energy of Jesus. First, the warrior most
come forth - the Krishna energy.

Do no let yourself be affected by the darkness. You are a beacon of
light and we are working through you.

God is always working through you. Moment to moment.

Learn to channel his energy. You are only beginning.

To understand the spiral of space, time and soul and
the healing energies.

Draw, to represent your divine inspiration. You see in
images. You are always seeing my light form. Draw this.
(I am hopeless at drawing)

I have a lot of fear, anxiety. I sometimes wonder if I will
ever conquer it. How will I ever openly go out and declare
I am the son of god and how do I demonstrate that? I can't do miracles. What should I do?

Wear the armour. Remember, fear is controlled with
the heart beat. Go out there and say your truth.

You do not need psychic abilities for this. You already have the abilities you need. You are already receptive to truth.

You have the healing touch, the angels voice. People will flock to you.

You will be the shepard like Jesus. But this all comes at a price - Jesus was crucified, are you ready for this?

(I now draw a cross and see myself transfixed on it. I think this is a metaphoric way of saying that it's a sacrifice)

You see all, your eyes are open to truth. Fly o bird, leave the nest, fly and declare your freedom and sovereignity. The courage will come. What is that you deem common sense, it is not common. You need to disseminate this.
You have something to give - so give. Lightworker shall be victorious.

Lighten up, enjoy life, don't see it as a chore. Celeberate god's creation. See the beautiful Earth and put her in your hand and look after her.

You are an ascended being. You have a connection with Jesus.

Tell me something - was Jesus the Messiah?

Jesus was a channeler of light. He shone it in all directions and shone
it onto other souls and liberated them. Wherever he went, light went
with him. He was an angel. A beautiful being.

Not all can be like Jesus. You need to be more like Jesus. Journey
this Earth and look for those souls yearning for light and be their teacher -
free them. Make your voice be hard. Make a contribution.

But, If I went around like some kind of prophet or messiah, I will
be labelled mad. I would probably think I am mad myself!

You will be labelled mad anyway, for talking to me. For following
the path of god, for being his worker.

This is your work. You have come here to work. The people
who need you will come to you of their own accord.

The time is closing, where you will be needed. It will all come
natural to you. When there is no fear to hinder you. You will shine.

Is there something I can do to overcome my fear?

Meditate - believe you are the son of god. Respect his creation
Keep shining o angel. Keep speaking truth.

Ther's a lot of people who have been touched by you. You
don't even know it.

Telling me I so great, so special. I fear my
ego may grow.

There is a voice that says to you. It even tells you to do
evil things. This is your darker consciousness. There is both
light and dark inside you. Yet, you do not recognise the dark
inside you. You know this is not you. You do not own it.

You are a not a special ego. You are just special, like everybody
else. Everyone, one time, will be taking on these missions. Each
soul will one day speak up openly and declare:

I am the son of god

or Daughter or whatever. That is not important

Ready yourself child, for I will work through you.
I am to eager to work through you. I just need your

Thank you for your beautiful words. But I'm still not ready for this
and such a overhwhelming responsibility . I always think such a mission is only in the future - like in another life time.

The time is your choosing. I will wait for you for an eternity If I have to.
You still don't know how close you have come to me. After moving
away from me, you have the found the path that leads to me.

I am the core of your being
I am the nectar of your sweetest words
I am the love and the truth within you.

I am, the father, the son and the holy spirit.
I am peace.

Thank you

Just one thing I wanted to know about astral travelling?

Your astral self is on the right path and learning the right things.

Just stay on the path, yearn for it, and you will project there.
This place is very natural for you.

Aum Shanti.

[edit on 20-3-2005 by Indigo_Child]

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 12:33 PM

You are a not a special ego. You are just special, like everybody
else. Everyone, one time, will be taking on these missions. Each
soul will one day speak up openly and declare: I am the son of god

Taking this all at face value, I think your hesitation indicates you're not trying to start a cult. Saying you are PART of Christ is okay. If you start calling yourself THE Christ, playing guitar solos for your followers or fantasizing about being crucified, you might want to chill out. :^)

Seriously tho', I have read in other places that there is a 'changing' going on. It is said that centuries of rebirth are wrapping up here and now for many thousands of souls on planet Earth. The idea of some people being 'sons and daughters' of God is not new and is occurring inside the minds of others as well. It's a larger thing, and if there's many such people, then you are simply joining a crowd of like-thinking/feeling individuals by identifiying with them as "God's Children". Assuming that it results in your being kind/helpful to the people around you, I don't see how it could hurt.

As you're aware, there are lots of people who DO NOT believe that any of this is real (channelling, meditative communication, rebirth of souls, etc)... And so those people will tend to have alarm bells going off when they read something like this. It is useless to try to convince these folks that such things are real, so you must carefully navigate around them while continuing your search for truth. Not that I'm the expert, mind you, but I HAVE seen examples of the closed-minded hatred which humans can show when they believe someone is an apostate or false-prophet.

There are people out there whose only job is to find potential "Christs" and track them. Their reasoning for this is that anyone with messianic feelings is a threat, regardless of if they are noble or peaceful in their intentions. Governments want citizens to be docile and quiet, not enlightened and vocal. Keep this in mind when you post to ATS. The walls have ears. If you were to make any anti-government posts on ATS while also maintaining a thread like this one, I'm sure you'd have a knock on your door someday.

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 01:42 PM

can u ask when judgement day will come?

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 03:23 PM
There is nothing to fear. You are already an immortal light being as we all are if we choose. If you choose the darkness then that is what you will become. Or as Jesus once said, "When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

Choose who you are. Claim your birth right as a Child of the Living Father. You are doing a great job so far. Channelling at this moment in time is like water in the Sahara. The static, noise and disinformation is at a fever pitch. Being able to pull in a signal during all this is extraordinary.

Always remember you aren't alone in this. Turn on the light and you will know when another has turned on theirs.

Jesus said, "What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear proclaim from your rooftops. After all, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, nor does one put it in a hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a lampstand so that all who come and go will see its light."

Jesus said, "For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness."

Jesus is available for all. His replicated soul is available for anyone that asks. But just like putting gas in a car; you have to turn it on and hit the gas pedal for anything to happen.

Claiming your Intent strengthens your Will. Taking action with Truth and Wisdom towards a selfless goal increases Light.

And so forth...

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by jornt

can u ask when judgement day will come?

Judgement day is at the time of your choosing or after death of the physical body. Whichever comes first. But only you judge yourself. No one else judges you.

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by ShadowHasNoSource

Originally posted by malakiem
Great post ig, relieves most of the confusion i had. Um, from your opinion, what do you think of the crystal skulls. Do you think they could be real, or even hold info related to our past?

Are you talking about the crystal skulls the greys use in an attempt to physically model the soul?

um, i might be. The ones i'm referring to are the 13 crystal skulls. One of them is the infamous mitchell hedges skull! They say the skulls channel were the other's reside, and show the user the past of humanity. The thing that confuses me, is if there so old to begin with, how the heck did they last this long? I would think something that is made 20,000-10,000- years ago wouldn't be here.

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 04:39 PM
Small Peeps,

Thank you for your advice. You could take a sigh of relief that I do not dream of having myself crucified. In fact, I cannot in any conceivable circumstance agree to do that. I don't see what good it will do anyway. If people need your sacrifice to learn how to love, then I wonder, what did they really learn?

I was not aware there are "Christ-Hunters" so to speak. However, if they are, they too can breathe a sigh of relief, as I am no messiah. I am just a human being. However, I have no fear in saying I am the son of god. But, how much do I believe that? If I really believed I was the son of god, would I fear something as little as ridicule from society?

If I really believed I was the son of God, wouldn't I be out there with my light and shining it on others? What is stopping me? Just myself.


That was just beautiful. You said it do well. It made me feel much more confident in myself. However, am I really ready for that? Even if I said, I am ready, what do I do? Go out on the streets and preach? How does one work with god? How is his work done? How does a light worker, work with light?

All these unknowns confound me and overwhelm me. There are still areas I need to work on. I still need to grow, before I can take on the job of the masters. I am sure there are many out there who are contemplating the same. Perhaps, just waiting for someone to give them an opportunity. Except, you have to make the opportunity happen.

Do you know any real light workers? Or are they just the ones who write new-age books on crystal healing and meditation?

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child

That was just beautiful. You said it do well. It made me feel much more confident in myself. However, am I really ready for that? Even if I said, I am ready, what do I do? Go out on the streets and preach? How does one work with god? How is his work done? How does a light worker, work with light?

All these unknowns confound me and overwhelm me. There are still areas I need to work on. I still need to grow, before I can take on the job of the masters. I am sure there are many out there who are contemplating the same. Perhaps, just waiting for someone to give them an opportunity. Except, you have to make the opportunity happen.

Do you know any real light workers? Or are they just the ones who write new-age books on crystal healing and meditation?

The work is done by giving when asked but only when it doesn't hinder another's lessons or impose on another's free will. The work right now is dispelling fear. Gaining confidence in your abilities. Practice and Prepare.

You are currently doing the work. There's no need to go on the streets and preach. There is no need to seek an audience. The audience will find you. Keep channelling. Keep asking questions. Ask yourself the questions you just asked me.

Remember who you are. Remember where you are. Remember why you are here. There is nothing to fear at all.

You don't have to wait to grow anymore if you don't want to. You are already spreading light and the growth will just come naturally. All you have to do now is follow your heart. You are already a master. You just don't remember. Claim it. It's yours. Remember the story of the prodigal son? The Estate is yours and always was. The Spiritual Estate is everyone's. You just have to get tired of sleeping in the pig sty.

Relax continuously. Remember yourself continuously. Don't allow the noise of society to distract you. This society is passe. It's played out. It's nothing but a descending spiral of death and stupidity. Forget about it. You are light. You chose to come "down" here and do this. It's fun. Everyone will have the chance to be where you are. Not too many will chose it this time around though. But that is their free will. It's not your place to worry about them. There's nothing to worry about.

Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. And after they have reigned they will rest."

We still have a long way to go till we rest. I think the hardest part is going from disturbed to marvel.

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 07:27 PM
ShadowHasNoSource, I can't express in words just how much your post touched me. I feel like the wings are starting to grow. Thank you for being there for me shadow. You are one a in a million. Truly, an angel.

posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by National Security Agency

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
I am Brahma

He is from the Brahmin caste?

As mentioned above, Brahma, alongside the preserver, Vishnu, and the destroyer, Shiva, make up the trinity. Brahma is the creator, I believe. I apologize for any mispelt names.
Is the caste query serious? I just find it hard to believe that someone would wonder what caste a deity is a member of.
If they do have castes, are any of them umleys?'
Seriously, my question would be to ask when Shiva is coming. She must be due back soon. If possible, I would send a message with Brahma to pass on to her for her to make haste, as we are in dire need of a good housecleaning down here.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by BlackGuardXIII

Originally posted by National Security Agency

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
I am Brahma

He is from the Brahmin caste?

As mentioned above, Brahma, alongside the preserver, Vishnu, and the destroyer, Shiva, make up the trinity. Brahma is the creator, I believe. I apologize for any mispelt names.
Is the caste query serious? I just find it hard to believe that someone would wonder what caste a deity is a member of.
If they do have castes, are any of them umleys?'
Seriously, my question would be to ask when Shiva is coming. She must be due back soon. If possible, I would send a message with Brahma to pass on to her for her to make haste, as we are in dire need of a good housecleaning down here.

Very True, We have been in need of a good house cleaning for a while now.

I went to a Christian school for 9 years and i still have problems beleiving in it. Granted i do belive there was a guy named Jesus in the old days, But i feel he was a gifted person who had some good ideas, it just the church being crupted as it is, Took it the wrong way and got gready and thats why we had no tech advancement for 200+ years.

Indigo Keep up your work. Don't let the right and left winged wackos get to you( you know they are gonna try to after they read this, Hopefully they skip this topic).

You mentioned engery healing.Chios
This site has some good information on it as well as self tought corse.

Also this site has a alot of good reading on it as well.The Celtic Connection
The people there are perty freindly too.

I'm Still working on channeling, but i feel i'm more of a engery worker. I just need to find the right way to meidatate and focus. I have it down to the point that i can close my eyes and my mind goes blank. I just need to figure out what to do next.

My heart Charka opened on jan 19 2000 and it was a scary thing i must say. was 119 miles from home. Ended up going to the hospital a week later and they had no idea what was wrong. But after it all seatled i had a new kind of love for the plant and nature. I guess now i just need to get the rest of them open.



posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:10 AM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
ShadowHasNoSource, I can't express in words just how much your post touched me. I feel like the wings are starting to grow. Thank you for being there for me shadow. You are one a in a million. Truly, an angel.

Words are unnecessary. I'm just happy that my words have some meaning to someone. I'll admit it gets frustrating to constantly have to suppress the true self in public because it's not acceptable as status quo. Always speaking at different levels but having little chance to speak at the level I'm most comfortable with. So many pray constantly for the truth and to be saved from this hell. But when you tell them there is no savior coming, that the workers of the field are already here and that they themselves are that which they seek; they just don't want to hear it. Fine, we'll just have to show it to them. It's full disclosure time.

Remember, you are no less now than you were before you jumped into the body. The only difference is that your memory was suppressed. The world was there to dampen the frequency. And bam, you're a human wandering around in the dark.

Remember when you were just chillin' in the light. Getting your learn on about the finer points of platypus creation. Then we heard it. The collective cry for help from billions of souls. A chilling vibration from the outskirts of a galaxy on the outskirts of God. I know there's no crying in heaven but I think a tear came to our eyes that day. Can you feel that call again? Can you feel the vibration of the collective cry of billions of souls?

You had to come. You were all like, "I can break through the chakravu. They need me. I can do this. Put me in coach!".

And we were warned. "Your memory will be suppressed. Your vibration will be suppressed. It will seem as though there is no connection to the light. You will have to find it again. It will be very difficult. They will try to make you believe that you are just a sack of chemicals spinning around in a cold heartless universe. Your parents, your friends, schools, churches, science and pretty much everything will be used against you to darken you. There will be no true rest. This is the front line of the war."

We weren't dettered though. Oh no. It emboldened us more if anything. What an opportunity. An opportunity to bring light to billions of souls.

We took an extreme disadvantage in the war by jumping into a body. That is why RA speaks to you like that. It's utter respect. The probability of us not finding the connection back is immense. We could easily be duped into accepting the concequences of the actions playing out on the planet. We could easily be duped into giving up our free will to others that profess they know more. We could easily be duped into accepting we have no power of our own. And we could easily accept the game as real.

But we chose to come anyway. So here we are. Gonna rock 'em like a hurricane.

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 06:14 AM
Light is knowledge in action.

When the actions produce solidified knowledge, it crystallizes.

Additional knowledge and action put through the crystallized thought matrix produces wisdom.


Another example of additional work you can do is putting your channelling on a website. Maybe offering a small forum for anyone that wants to discuss them. By creating networks we are producing our own planetary resonant circuit. We are each magnets and crystals. We take in the light (knowledge), amplify it and direct it towards other magnet/crystals to do the same. The energy and light created by this grows exponentially.

A prime example can be seen in this thread. You channelled the light. Crystallized some of it. Then dispersed it like the magnet. I took it in. It crystallized things in me. When your questions came I dispersed it back out. Sending the knowledge through the crystal thought matrix purifies it more. Which in turn solidifies the crystal more which produces even purer light next time. The darkness wishes to possess the light and not disperse it. Fear keeps some that want to disperse it from doing so.

When there are three of like mind they will have made the first symbol. The triangle or the pyramid. This consciousness shape will induct even more light.

Jesus said, "Where there are three deities, they are divine. Where there are two or one, I am with that one."

This is a planetary resonant circuit. This is one of our missions. If we can purify and expand the circuit we have the chance to break through frequency envelope that's keeping the veils in place. We have tremendous logistical support for this but the work still has to be done down here. If we can break though the barrier every human will have the opportunity to glimpse the next frequency level. This will provide the choice on whether to be that next level or stay who/where they are.

The frequency of Love will be so loud it will shatter the veils and each person will be able to see the spiritual truth inside them.

Love is...
1. The absence of fear
2. Trust in the Creator
3. The willingness to lay down your life for the truth

Picture the world you want to be part of. We now have the available energy to bring that world into being. By imagining that world, we are asking the Creator to manifest it. Allow the noise of this world to dissolve away into the background and into nothing. A new branch of existence is opening up for us. We must give it energy and attention for it to grow. Giving energy and attention to this world will only perpetuate the hell. By breaking the barrier spoken about above we unmask the gate to the new world for all to see.

I would humbly request you ask your (higher self, RA, etc.) about all I've mentioned. I would like to know if I've skewed any of the concepts I've been recording in this thread.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by ShadowHasNoSource

Originally posted by jornt

can u ask when judgement day will come?

Judgement day is at the time of your choosing or after death of the physical body. Whichever comes first. But only you judge yourself. No one else judges you.


posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 03:47 PM
Hey Indigo....I'm so glad that you have been posting this, sounds to me like you're ascending!!
That's amazing, I'm so happy for you!!'re insights are amazing, and I'm glad u decided to shed some of your wisdom. I've been doing this for a few months now.....and I said what the hell......I'll post my first channeling.


You are bounded by your words. Just because linguistic words are not the same doesn't mean that the "thought" is. Words are so limited of "expression" of the self. Let go of language and you will see the true power of the "universe." and telepathy, in your usage of the word is quite valid....and is the only true expression of self, as well as quite ungoing beyond your conscious egotistical self.
The soul is an everchanging source of energy that pulls upon everything all and around it---in a sense of time and space. It is all-knowing, because it has experienced all through you, and you are in the process of all-knowing in many different ways because it is yourself pulling you because you have in a sense experienced everything that could ever be.
There is never any seperation from the self.....from your perception, this is perceived as many selves. ( a sentence that is illegible )
But in a sense, you know this. You have just adapted to a language that all of this must be desciphered to you. But beyond words and "time" you already know this. You just want to be challenged with many linguistic lessons and translations. And by language I do not mean of only words and sentences, but a language of culture. this is the truth behind parallel universes, and from your point of view, past lives.It is very important that you keep up with me instead of worrying about the exact translation between the universal and your language. By universe I do not mean the universe by which your means can describe it. The universe is always with you---it is you---and is the simplest for of any "language" knowledgable.Experience. You complicate it with your many "corrections", with your nouns and verbs, even by writing this. I do understand, for I have been there. It is important for an egotistical self to undergo such things in order to be pulled from the illusion when it is ready.
This brings us to the topic of free will. You have free will and are living through your choices, which is an obvious thing that you do what you wish, and at the same time, in probability, I have already undergone everything there could possibly be to undergo. And in that......I know all. Not in the guru-type all-knowing, all-seeing entities that you all like to probe and praise, but much simpler....because I've already experienced it all. I pull you through the experiences that are best for enlightenment, as you control the pilot as well. THIS MAY BE HARD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND AT THE MOMENT, BUT IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND STAY AWAY FROM YOUR FILTRATION OF LANGUAGE, MUCH MORE COULD BE TAUGHT.
I am not done, in the since that I will never be done, because i am ongoing. But I will stop if you are tired. Just make this legible enough for you to understand and keep up with. This was why the symbols of the egyptians were more accurate than your form of language, because combining universal sense without distortion can be fool-proof to an extent.
Language is so jumbled because the universal is simply too fast for the unfocused to keep up with( I sense humor in my trying to keep up.)
You can revise later. (lol)
It is quite amusing simply because you are not used to this sort of "channeling." I do not like to use the word channeling, for it is highly distorted. You all take too much to the seperation of "imagination". There is never a thought, dream, or daydream that is not "channeled". By channeling I do not mean by some archetypical angel or demon contacting you through a quiji board. I simply mean you talk to yourself from different points of view. you have one mind, and by mind I do not mean brain. The mind is controlled though certain "electronic" frequencies of self. This will be very difficult to understand, but concentrate with your "brain" on that one for as long as you can. And I will go into this more later. You are quite able to contact the different forms of self, and you do it all the time, you are just too caught up in thinking that these connections are the egotistical self in which you are now focused. Of course, there are better ways to do thi, and we will get to those later. But in the mean time we are trying to accumulate all of this information in your language so that it will be as clear as possible when the time comes. Do you see your sudden interest in certain things recently? Can you see the difficulty in translating "language" to you people? If you would take the time an energy---as you say, to tap into the universal, it would be highly beneficial to you all, and a lot easier transfering "the answers of the universe to you."
Speaking is a slower form of thought and creation. I do not need to speak in such a verbal is rather slow, tedious, and highly distorted. But like all is simply a lesson on the road to correct energy manipulation and enlightenment. We allow you to play with words, and I do not mean that in a controllingg way. As I have said, this is simply the way things work. You are creating me as I am creating you. As a higher self did, does, and will do for me. This will be difficult again for you to grasp, given your distortion of time. We have been all roles....we just enjoy to play many different ones.

Nothing is coincidence in reality. Everything is the way it must be.....because it has already been mapped out. Dig deep to find the truth behind the last sentence.....meditate on it, and see through your language, maintain the energetic knowledge behind the language, and you will understand it.
Free will is of course in due, but you already understand this.
Worrying and destroying the body with your "negative" thought process fills the cells of your body. Nothing that you believe is negative for you, actually is. This is another lenghty topic that we will touch on at a later time.
Having the complete belief that everything is "perfect", having no guilt in anything that you do is the only way to overcome illness.
Everything that you label!
This will help you faster through your lessonswith "karma"
and various selves.....lessening the contracts for "bad" experiences with others before egotistical life begins. This will bring you closer to the whole....closer to yourSelf. Making existence more harmonious. This has already fact has been going on for quite awhile now, again...stop labeling, and open your eyes. That is all I will say on that for now.
The "impossible" is becoming possible for you now, I'm taking precautions on braking habits and beliefs learned through your current culture and tradition. We have been paving the way before you were your egotistical self. This is how all is connected. Meditation,channeling,etc. must be involved for you to grow.....since in your
"world" you believe that this is more possible if you "ask" for something. And like I've said a rillion times to you..........BELIEF IS EVERYTHING.
It is the key to anything you want to do. How can you do something if you can't believe you can? In your present reality, and in order to break this must ask. Just as if you were a child too small to reach the cookie jar asking a parent for assistence. Whenyou are an adult, of course, you are big enough to get the cookies on your own. You must simply grow to realize your capabilities. Suffocate the Ego's ego a bit into submission to ask. Belief is the understanding that something has already occured to your higherSelf. Everyone should listen to themSelves, until the words become instincets, and these instincts are your own. For that is what instincts truly are.......the higher self trying to tell you something in the universal.

Okay.......there was some personal stuff in there that I didn't add, and some more that I feel I've been too long winded to proceed. Maybe I'll post the rest later. It was so hard to keep up, a lot of my words were all jumbled and mispelled. I did this about a month and a half ago.....and ever since then my life has not been the same. Like Indigo has mentioned, this is not some special gift that only some of us can do.....ANYONE can.
Well.....I guess that's it....Sorry it was so lonnnggggg.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 11:16 PM

Just wanted to let you know that this has been one of the best threads I've seen in this forum in a while. Thanks for posting the dialogue. I also appreciate you sharing your meditation methods. Sounds like you are on a path of discovery

I truly believe that you are channeling a higher being. Anyway, I recommend you consider adding some celestite to your crystal collection- its my personal favorite, and is said to aid in connection to divine/angelic realms, and is good for calming the mind and increasing communication, telepathy, meditation, astral travel, and is a very soothing protective stone. It also is known as the stone you use when meeting your guides or guardian angel.

This brings me to something I am curious about... Do you think that this being, Zoroastrata (sp?) is your teacher guide (an aescended being who is there to teach you the spiritual matters you seek growth in a specific stage in your development) or is your main/personal guide (guardian spirit) who is there with you for everything? Maybe you should ask him about your other guides sometime. I encourage having some personal (all other areas of life, no matter how trivial) conversations sometime, even if that means we don't get to view the transcripts.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 01:30 AM
Session 13: 21/03/2005

This is quite an interesting session!

Hello to my guide

I sense you. Your energy is very powerful today
(I can feel a very strong tingling in my legs)

The subject today is fear and conquering fear and
working with light.

Enlightenment is overcoming fear.
There is light and dark inside you.
Owning the light, and casting out the
darkness by slaying the inner demon
that is covering the light and depriving
you of light. Is what enlightenment is.

Like lighting a candle and dispelling darkness

How do you light this candle?

Pick up the sword of truth, the glistening
white energetic sword and use it on your
inner demon to get rid of the darkness.
Kill the darkness - this is your ego. The
ego limits you. It covers light.

How do I kill the ego?

By stepping into light. Knowing yourself
as light. Separating yourself from the ego.
The ego and you are separate.

How do I know that this channeling I have been doing
is not a projection of my ego?

Just like you know a flickering flame of a candle. When it is
flickering, that is when the ego is affecting you - like a wind.
Otherwise, I am giving you pure light and most of the time
the flame is still.

You must build your power of concentration to stop
the flickering. If you do, you will also begin to hear me and see me.
It is all in concentration.

Learn to concentrate on a candle flame. There are many exercises
you need to do to build your faculities.

Concentration is like a laser. It is what working with light
is all about. You need to channel this light. Just like a laser will
focus light in a single phase. Harmonising your rays of light is how we
work with light.

All you need to do is do the concentration exercises.

Just like there is only one force of growth that causes to the seed to grow into a tree and bear fuits. There is only one force for the growth of the soul - concentration. This is your nourishment. This is the fluid of life force. This is what causes you to grow and as you grow you begin to bear fruits of the siddhis - psychic powers.

The winds, the hurricances are the disturbances that are constantly pounding the tree; these are the opposing forces.

Be the Banyan tree - the sacred tree. It is full of life force.

So all I need to do is concentrate?

That and conquer fear - the unreal, the darkness, the chaos.

Believe you are the son of god, because you are. God will
work through you. Own your light.

Shield of wisdom
Sword of truth
Use them as your armor go and smite the darkness

People here are covered in shadows of darkness. When you shine
it will radiate light onto them, it will bring some light into their darkness
and pierce it.

I want to know more about life after death? What is it like?

Same - it is more or less the same
Lessons to learn and experiences to be had
Just like this plane, god is a subjective phenomena

There are many layers of duality. There is one abolute - non duality.

The astral realms as you know them are a part of the spiritual kingdoms.
The astral and higher are the thought planes. It is very active with all souls
constantly manifesting in this plane.

The planes above are the source of the manifestation. The thought sources. This is where consciousness begins.

These planes are based on the relationship of causality - cause and effect.

In the absolute mind, the super consciousness, each thought is a soul.
The soul then manifests thought into the thought planes and then finally into the physical.

Cause: Absolute/Supreme soul
Effect: Soul
Cause: Mental self
Effect: Astral self
Cause Etheric self
Effect: Physical self

The physicals - the subtles - and the soul

(My interpretation hereoff: The absolute is the universal consciousness. This is the state where all exists as one. The soul exists within this universal consciousness as the interconnected parts. The soul then causes the first ego - mental self - this is the thought plane. Here the blueprint is created and this manifests in the astral. The etheric is the transition state between the astral and the physical.)

There are many minds before the physical. Higher egos and lower egos - but egos nonetheless.

Each soul is like a spoke on a wheel. And the soul is a wheel for the spokes of the ego. There are wheels within wheels.

How do I enter into the astral from the physical?

By projecting - leaving the body - need energy to do it.
The energy is equal to the energy needed to break through
the etheric barrier

Your soul has that energy. The energy you need to
to break the etheric barrier. Is in the order of quadtrillions(beyond space

The higher you go, the more energy you need. Even, if you had this energy
the physical would would no longer exist. There are many barriers like this.
It is not possible to break through this with just technology. You need soul

Can one leave through space and arrive in the astral realms?

The universe is self-contained. Space is not separate from the other realms.
There are layers over layers. However, the higher you go, the previous layers begins to disappear because it cannot exist at the next vibratory level.

A physical craft going into the astral realms has to cover a vast distance.
It is possible. But, only with hyperspacial technology, that is beyond your current understanding. Time dilation will be incurred because this is a higher state of vibratory existence.

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In response to Ra Zorastria telling you how special of a person you are and telling you what you should do...

I think this forum is actually a great start. You are spreading your light around to everyone who reads your dialogue and with everyone who comes in contact with you. I think the words you write from the dialogue are helping people, they may not be in dramatic ways, but little things do make a difference.

With all the references to Jesus, you do not need to proclaim yourself as the next Jesus, but you can help people just like he did. Believe in yourself, and others will believe in you. With people believing in you, you can help countless people.

If I were in that position, I would be helping as many people as I could. I like to help people, I feel as though I can sense emotions and I know when things are wrong and I always try to make things better. Just the feeling of helping someone puts me at ease. It may even help you become stronger as a person and a spiritual being as well as karma

This is just my opinion on what I would do, but it is one of the possibilities that you could choose and I am trying to put it in perspective for you.

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to say the least, i am in awe.

without getting too personal lets just say that i have some major qualms with organized religion.

i am impressed with this thread, and want to expirement with 'meditation'. i know there are many methods and techniques. I just want to play with the basics. Unfortunatley I am a very undisciplined person. I have addictions, habits. Where do I start? I am comfortable being lazy, procrastinating etc. I feel pigeon-holed, stagnant spiritually. I am easily distracted from any sort of spiritual-direction for doubt and fear of the scam, or making the wrong choice.

But bottom line, I want to be a force for good, and I want to have a relationship with 'God'.

This thread makes me want to run away and become a hermit, alone to study nature and my soul. How does one juggle the needs of their soul whilst living in our distracting society? i have some work to do......

edit: here's a post that accuratley fits my title. lol.

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 07:22 AM

Originally posted by entiti
I'll post my first channeling.

Thank you for posting Entiti! Length is good don't worry about that. Your channeling brought up some more very important points that fit along with this direction but have not yet been examined in this thread. More puzzle pieces to add to the mosaic.

- Language: how it hinders our spiritual growth

- Labels: basically language but a more focused aspect of it

- Belief: very powerful and can't be overlooked when doing this work

Good Stuff! I look forward to reading more. This does seem to be the current mission. To translate the universal into human language. Then we can use the concepts to leave the languages behind.

We are all teachers and we are all students. Forget fear. Follow your heart without fear and each step will be the right one.

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