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Channeling RA, Zoroastria?

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 12:18 AM
I have a question, during an automatic exercise I did after meditation, I wrote on paper "what is soul" and started to write down the thoughts that were coming to me.

What I got was interesting, but I am not going to analyse it yet, but later with a fresh and clean slate mind. While doing it, my questions were changing in accordance to what I was getting "what is sound" "what is light" and "what is charka"

It was very interesting I was getting DNA, energy spirals, colours, vortex, sound, spinning. I then asked "Why is telling me this" and I wrote Zoroastria and I saw a statue of what seemed lile an egyptian god, wrapped in a snake, which if i'm not mistaken seemed like the symbol of medicine.

I then got Ra, I don't know but I made the association of Zoroastira with RA, and I further associated this with science and physics. As if RA and/or Zoroastria, I got the impression they were the same, were the guides for those of a scientific disposition - like myself. I then wrote find out about Zoroastria and RA.

I wonder if anyone here recognises what I got. I think Mayat, you, probably know something.

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 04:20 PM
You are not going to believe this, but right before I came to this site, I was on this other site about Healing, and other metaphysical stuff.......and the woman who hosts this GREAT site, in her bio it said her guide that she met when she was a little girl, and is still in contact with---his name is Zoroaster!!!!!!! Wow....I JUST came from that site, and onto this one!!!
Go to this link....
and go to her biography.....that was WEIRD!!!!

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 12:25 PM
Hey Indigo........I was wondering if you checked out that site.
What do u think?

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by entiti
You are not going to believe this, but right before I came to this site, I was on this other site about Healing, and other metaphysical stuff.......and the woman who hosts this GREAT site, in her bio it said her guide that she met when she was a little girl, and is still in contact with---his name is Zoroaster!!!!!!! Wow....I JUST came from that site, and onto this one!!!
Go to this link....
and go to her biography.....that was WEIRD!!!!

synchronicity...... u will probably get that a lot on here i get it too. crystal links is a great site.. not surprised u end up here! lol

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 04:52 PM
That is very interesting. I have been to this site before too, but this is the first time I have learnt that the site owner is a channeler, that too with Zoroastria. I saw some reoccuring themes of DNA and soul there.

I am going to share my channeling with you. Now, I don't know who wrote this, was it my guides, just my imagination, or just plain old me. I am surprised however at what has been written. I don't hear any voices, or see any visions, all I do is write, whatever is coming to me, without thinking about it. I have had three sessions now, one session per day after a meditation in the morning at 4-5am.

1st session: 6/3/2005

What is soul?

A soul is infinite, a petal of a flower, blossoming life light.
Soul is rhyhm, wave, energy, music, tone
A soul is a part of the divine orchestra

In you, within you, a part of you.
All pervading music
The flame of a candle, the efflugence of a thousand setting suns

A soul is a fountain of fluid

Each tone is a a soul, part of the same song.
Each colour is a soul and green is love

He is she, and she is he
An infinitesimal point, divine spark, sparkling perpetually
in a sea of ether of fluctuation of colours

Sound is emptiness and soul is colour

What is light

Light is a wave, a twisting double helix of electromagnetic DNA, that is life. This is Kundalini, the snake.
Like Concentric circles of ripples from a pebble dropped in a pond
Light is the osillation, vibration sound

You are light, working with light in it all it's forms
Each body is light, is made of lights - chakras

What is Chakras

A charka is a note - a colour - a vibration
A valve, caliberated, letting light in and out

A system of pulleys, sending energy in and around the body
Bright, divine colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet

Energy enters and spins the vortex, which spins in the universal field. The pulley sends the energy and chakras light up like bulbs.

Who is telling me this?

Zoroastria, the guide of science and spirituality, for the group of scientific minds. In Egypt, Ra.

2nd session: 7/3/2005

How is sound connected to me?

Sound is connected by meditation, by speech, by dreams
Sound is used to lift and uplift

Sound is Wahe

What is imagination?

Imagination is dreams, thoughts
Imagination is connections to universal space

The brains sorts the variables, information and the colours

Who is Ra

Healing god am I
Life am I
The spiraling snake god

The point of the pyramids channels the energy from the stars
The human forms the pyramid and inducts energy
The DNA spirals with the energy

In one hand, energy is received, and with the other it is transmitted
I enter in the left and leave from the right.

What is electromagnetic DNA?

The genome of god
The sound - notes - are the constituents of the genome

The universal field is flashes of light, music - spinning universes in vast space, fluctuating particles, manifesting and unmanifesting

Space is the ether, boiling with extreme energy, particles vibrating with sound

How does space travel work?

By disturbing the fabric of space, causing ripples in space time, using expanding gravity waves
Behind craft and in front, ripples travel in front, causing space drive - the craft rides the waves.
By creating the nuclear implosion reaction of antimatter, the gravity waves are created

Who are the aliens?

Angels, universal community
Friends and foes
Higher and lower
From above and below

I don't understand some of it, but the part on the space drive and the DNA surprised me!

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posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 05:17 PM
Wow! Sounds really interesting IC!! The DNA thing really got me, since only yesterday I wrote an essay on DNA, it's double helix structure and how similar it is to the Coiled serpent residing in us all!! Freaky hey??

Anyway, i've been reading this website which has chanellings from an entity that calls himself 'Ra - The law of one'. I am generally skeptical of chanelled information since the source could claim to be someone they are not, but what intrigued me about these chanellings was their remarkable similarites and parables to the Kundalini Yoga system. Also these chanellings were done over 23 years ago! Here's the link

Would also be very interested to read any other chanellings if they come to you I.C!

posted on Mar, 9 2005 @ 06:39 PM

Ra (sometimes spelled Re) is the sun-god of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt. From the fifth dynasty (ca. 2400 BC) onward he was combined with the Theban god Amon to become the foremost deity of the Egyptian pantheon. He remained paramount for centuries except for a brief suspension during the time of Akhenaten (1350-1334 BC) when direct and exclusive worship of Aten, the sun disk itself, was imposed on the kingdom of Egypt. In later times, he was associated with Heryshaf.

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 03:10 AM
Yeah Jah, that is very freaky! A lot of synchronism happening in this thread. Entiti, comes directly from crystal links to this thread. You happen to make a connection between Kundalini and DNA the day before. And here's mine, and it totally spooked me! I was reading something on Archangel Raziel, just yesterday and did a meditation on him. Now, this is the first time I have even heard of Archangel Raziel or seen his name. As soon I log onto ATS, guess what. I see a new member called Archangel Raziel! I proclaimed "no way!"

What is even further interesting is the connection between Ra and Raziel.

I will share my other channels too, as I get them.

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 11:32 AM
IC did you manage to read any of the Ra chanellings that I posted the link to? I would be very interested to hear your comments on them. Out of all the chanelled material I have read and studied, it seems some of the most intriguing for several reasons! Especially given the time date of the chanellings, 1981, almost 24 years ago, when techniques like chanelling were not as widley heard of!

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 01:12 PM
I agree this is all very "weird". All the things that you channeled sound pretty accurate to me. I was just reading a book about how the universe is actually created from sound. Well, it's not that simple...but check out the site.[url=http://][/u rl]

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 01:13 PM
How do you tune into your channels? I use a remote! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....that was corny.

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 04:54 AM
Jah, I looked at some parts of the site, just before going to bed. It is definitely very interesting, I'll be sure to read it more extensively. In particular, what I found interesting was the part where author talks about the "siddhis" and he mentions Swami Yogandra, and I have recently been interested in him. Some liken him to a modern day Jesus.

I agree that the Siddhis should only appear when someone is ready for them, otherwise they can distract you from your spiritual path. The highest and greatest is indeed becoming one with God. If you attain God, there is nothing left to attain.

I am going to share my next channeled information now, I hope you find them interesting.

Session 3: 8/3/2005

What is fear?

Fear is darkness
Fear is unreal
Fear is the depression of energy
Fear is the blackness on the heart

Fear is pierced by the swords of light
The moving and dynamic sword; the energetic sword

Fear upsets the balance - like a weight on a scale

How does one develop courage?

Courage is developed by speaking your truth
The Truth is the sword
The shield is your wisdom

Fight the oppression
Become one with the light of the truth and be the sword

Why do I fear?

The child fears
He is imprisoned within the heart
The darkness is the walls of his prison
Break free that prison
Destoy that ego of the child and become
the adult.

Work with light and speak truth

How do I overcome fear, if I cannot control it?

By changing the heartbeat
By lifting the weight
Truth and wisdom will overcome

What is death?

Death is an opening
Death is rejuvenation
Death is light
Death is necessary

Death is like the becoming of the butterfly
Death is the day of judgement of self
Death is the day of reunion
Death is when one becomes sovereign

What is life?

Life is revitalization
Life are lessons to learn
Life is experience and awareness

Life is path and each life is a junction
Life is a divine opportunity, to earn credit, and learn
and to ascend

What is my purpose of life?(very personal)

Fight darkness with the sword
With wisdom, with martial arts of light
Divine purpose, fight evil by light

Knowledge is your spiritual power

Indigo is your ray, child of 6th and 7th ray, and fight with colour - with emotions

You chose this and the time is coming
The wounds will make you stronger

The wars are coming
You must prepare

Session 4: 9/3/05

Is my guide there?


What is my guides name?


What are you the guide for?

DNA activation. The Child of the 6th and 7th ray - in time.

What is the nature of time?

Time are lines in space
Time is an aspect of space(together they form space-time)
There are countless lines of time, like facets of a crystal
Time is fractal

Time is a crystal, many events, but the same crystal

All times are relative to each other and parallel to each other
In time, events happen
Time is the maya - the illusion of separations between the lines

How does one travel in time ?

By jumping from time line to time line
Yet the distance, x, will always be x+1
Time will leave at the same speed in front
as you accelerate towards it. You would fall
in emptiness.

(I now see someone trying to jump a gap and falling in the chasm between)

What happens if you one falls in the emptiness?

Detachment from the body - death

How does one succesfully jump from time line to the other?

By depressing the fabric of space-time, causing a singualrity in space, by passing through the hole using the propulsion of depressed space-time, one emerges in another timeline. To get to desired timeline - pick the right hole and to get to the other side.

(I now get a picture)

The timelines are quantumly entangled, like a network of connections inside the sphere of space-time, to get from one connection to the other, one slides through the space-time tunnels in the inner sphere, like the motion of slinky. The path is calculated by using 4D geometry and particle mechanics.(I have no idea about the math)

When do the time lines becomes apparent?

Meditation - quietening the mind - trapping light

How is the singularity created?

The forces are unbalanced in the fabric of time, causing a rupture.

Time and space are entwined as space strings and time strings, together they from the fabric of space-time. When the time strings are isolated and separated from the space strings with a powerful repulsive magnetic field, a space-time singularity is created. When one passes through this space-time singularity and slides through the space-time tunnels, they emerge on the other sides, as themselves(?)

The soul is multidimensional and present in all time lines simultaneously. They form the same crystal.

Session 5: 10/3/2005

What is the nature of space?

Space is boiling hot, with energetic particles.
flashing light, a sea of ether, of particles.

How does one attract/extract the teeming energy from space?

Extract from the energy well with a container
The container is the containment field
More energy = more powerful field

Using a resonant circuit, the flow of positrons become electrons - the unmanifest becomes the manifest

How is the containment field made?

Circuit of magnetic field of high flux and crystals - will extract from energy well.

How is this circuit made?

You won't understand(lol)

Try me?

A motherboard, with a resonant circuit, the field generated by it - is like a net that traps energy and the finer the net, the more energy trapped. The arrangement of the circuit and the magnets, induct the electricity .

What is electricity?

Lightening bolts
the particles of the ether as manifest
The air of the spiritual world

What is magentism?

Magnetism is a form of energy, it attracts electricity

Magnet is the key.

By using transmodulating magnetic fields, with a circuit of magnets to direct the flow of inducted etheric energy, a natural circuit is created

What is gravity?

Gravity is the pull, that causes a depression in the fabric of space time. This is caused by mass. The more mass the deeper the depression in the space-time field, the more the gravitational pull.

The mass is creating by the condensation and solidification of the mass-energy field. The more condensed the field, the greater the depression of the space-time field, thus the greater the gravitational pull - the greater the weight.

How is an object made lighter?

By expanding the mass-energy field

How are mass-energy fields expanded?

By creating a delinear field(?) around the object, to attract the mass-energy field and hence causing it to expand and decreasing it's mass. The relationship between mass, energy and gravity must be understood. By expanding the mass-energy field, laws of relativity are offset and a new limit is established. The limit cannot be exceeded, or a critical stage will be reached, causing the matter to collapse.

End of session:

I actually am starting to understand this all right now.

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 04:51 AM
Session 6: 11/05/2005

What are the psychic powers(siddhis)?

The psychic powers are the fruits and the abilities

There is Laghima: The lifting power, a centrifuge is created through mind
like the field that expands the mass-energy field. He that knoweth the
principles to expand, levitates, floating like a leaf.

There is Anima. With Anima one can expand and contract both physically and spiritually. The molecules increase or decrease in size, but retain their molecular cohesion. When one spiritually expands, he connects to the higher body, which is already present everywhere at once.

Like sending consciousness to the tip of the fingers, one can send their consciousness anywhere in space-time.

To attain these skills practice and keep trying. First attune to your location, or object. Try water, cause a ripple in the water by your thought.

The ripples are caused by telekinesis. Like the waves produced by a tuning fork, the energy waves produced by thought and sent to move the water or object. The waves travel through energy entanglement(quantum entanglement)

Find the frequency of the matter you are affecting, tune into it's calibrated note. Then you are connected to it.

There is Gyana(clair-gnosis). I am your higher self, part of you, but I exist too as a personality.

(I now draw a diagram, with higher self and three arrows brancing from it each saying soul. Which seems like it's saying that there is one higher self for multiple souls or all souls.)

Information/messages filter thought many minds from the higher self before you recieve. Meditate, quieten the clutter, move away the cobwebs, so that you can receive this energy which becomes hard information.(I think is saying that thought is recieved as energy before it becomes a physical particle in our brain)

You can recieve this information by remote viewing:

(I now do two remote viewing exercise)

Target: Higher self

Colours: Blue, Indigo, violet, white with gold
Visuals: Universe of colours, mainly Indigo and violet, looks like a nebula
Quality: Powerful, all seeing, knowledge - Shiva
Feeling: Truth
Shape: Formless

Target: Zoroastria

Colours: Dark blue-black sky, white stars, and sandy yellow
Visuals: Star sprangled sky, with Pyramids below, a god-man's outline on the pyramid
Quality: Powerful, logical, scientific, intelligence, DNA
Shapes: Pyramids, spirals, points(stars) outline of man

What other psychic powers are there?

Teleportation: From one place to the other in space, through entangled connections. The same method of projecting consciousness is used.

How is teleportation done - technologically?

Become light. Matter is transmitted as photoelectrons through quantumly entangled pairs as a wave - this is the carrier wave - and contains the code for the matter. Mass and energy is interchangable by turning the mass-energy field on and off. When it is turned off, mass is pure energy and can be transmitted on a carrier wave to any point in space through quantumly entangled pairs. When it is recieved - the field is turned on and it's matter form materialises.

Is it possible to stop time?

No, it is not. You will always be subject to time. If you stop one time line, then others will pass you by. Time is always relative.

How is time slowed down for one, technologically?

By depressing space-time with gravity, causing a gravity well. If a ball bearing was dropped in this well and it rolled down the well. The deeper the well, the longer the ball will take to go down. While in a more shallow well the ball will take lesser time. The ball is the time. To completely stop the motion of the ball a viscous fluid substance is used to stop the ball.

Time has a density, a speed and a flow. Each ball is different.

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 05:02 AM
$ look familiar?
Money also uses the tree/serpent symbol.
I believe some of us can and do stop time, but that is just cuz I see time a lot differently than most.

posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 10:45 AM
Very interesting.......I channel as well, and when I did this about a month ago, I got some of the same answers.

posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 12:02 PM
Black Guard,

It's not money. What I see is statuette of a a god like man, wearing a tall hat, like an Egyptian god and standing tall and firm, legs completely together and arms folded across chest. And then I see a snake wrapped around him, spirally up his body in a double helix like DNA. I am sure I have seen this somewhere before, I just can't remember when and where.

As for time. What I was getting that time cannot be stopped, because even if you succeeded in stopping your own time, other times lines will go by you and you are thus subject to this time. I see it like you're in an olympics race, as soon as the race begins, if anyone person stops in his track, the others will just go by him. If time was stopped, the illusion of separation will end.

That is what I got, that time is maya, it creates the illusions of duality.

Entity, that is very interesting. Please, tell me what answers you got.

I will share my 6th session now. This is very interesting! I was very surprised at the analogy I got! For those of you interested in the NWO, you will find this interesting and enlightening:

Session 6: 11/05/2005

Hello to my guide

Welcome, you almost forgot.

(Note: After my meditation session, when I usually do my channel. I had almost forgot to do them today, then remembered 5 min later.)

Tell me more about my purpose in life?

A door is opening, big golden doors and there is light inside(I see doors, and inside them I see a brilliant pure white light) This is where your DNA is activiated, by meditating inside the light, to work with light.

The Martial arts of light is the greatest martial art. You will be fighting darkness with this.

What is the NWO(New World Order)?

A circle - a round table. It is there to control.
It is a chakravu. If you are trapped inside it, you cannot leave.
It has many departments. It is the greatest trap.

(Note: I am surprised at the Chakravu, because this is the first time I've seen this and NWO be associated. I learnt about the Chakravu in the Mahabharata, where it was used as a special military strategy and arrangement. A circular formation of troops was created, with the elite at the centre.

This was formed like concentric circles - circles within circles of even more formations of troops. Whenever someone entered the first circle by breaking entry into it. As soon as he was inside, the gap was filled by the troops shifting across and closing it, thus closing the intruder in it. The intruder would then proceed to the next circle, and if he succeeded in breaking another gap, the gap would close again. If he made it into the centre, he woud be surrounded by all the elite.

Now, in the Mahabharata there were only three people who knew how to break into this and get out of it. That was Guru Dronacharya, who created it and was on the enemy side. And Arjuna, who learnt it from Guru Dronacharya as a child. Yet, Arjuna's son Abhimanu also knew, but he only knew how to get into it, not how to come out. That day when the Chakavu was devised, Arjuna was distracted and taken miles away from the Chakravu. Abhimanu was the only one left who could break into it. So, he did and he got to the centre. Yet, he did not know how to come out. He was trapped, surrounded by the elite, ganged up on and killed.

There was only a certain way of breaking into it and getting out and it involved some kind of mathematical strategy. This is what I remember of it. It is important I tell you this, for you to understand the rest of the channeled information.)

The NWO is not new. There is darkness outside of this circle. The forces of darkness have devised. Beyond the darkness is light.

Why is the NWO doing this?

The NWO is following orders from the centre. It is to keep you in the darkness. It's to keep you from the light.

It is also about denying you knowledge - knowledge that there is a Chakravu and you are inside it.

For here, the soliders that form the Chakaravu are different laws of society. The deeper you go inside this trap of society, the harder it becomes to get out, as the walls close behind you, trapping you in. The harder it becomes to go in. Most go around in vicious circles.

At the centre there are a mixture of human and non human races - the elite. They have created the chakravu.

How does one enter in their Chakravu?

A table seems solid - but it is not - because the hand can go through it, when you find the atomic gaps. Solid is not sold. Likewise one enter the Chakravu by walking through the walls and finding the gaps in the walls. The walls are of society - they act as the entrapment - and closes behind.

Truth is the path in.

How does one leave the Chakravu?

Light dispells darkness.
Hacking away the cob webs of darkness
And following the light.

Wisdom is the path out.

Truth takes you in
Wisdom brings you out

The Chakravu is rigid, it cannot be destroyed without force
But one can touch it's walls, made by people itself, to break entry and to create the gap where it can be created, thus freeing that soul from bondage.

There is a right path and many wrongs paths.

What will the NWO do next?

They will strengthen the Chakravu, make it more solid, reinforce it, increase it's stuctural integrity and narrow the gaps. They will do this by corrupting and eliminating the peoples sense of morals, individuality, making them a combined functioning unit. That functions like clockwork, mechanically. So it harder for light to get in.

WHY - What does the NWO gain from this?

Darkness to balance light. The force of antagongism - it is necessary

It is also a statis - a sleep - for souls not ready to go further on their path. They thus become the lifeless walls.

Is World War III a part of their agenda?

Yes, the functioning components - the people - are orchestrated to keep in line. Using their hate, inadequacies, prejudices and pitting them against each other using their pride, religion and convincing them of need to ensure the integrity of the unit - of their society (The integrity of chaos ?)

Iran, Israel, Babylon, China, Russia. The tensions and wars keep the Chakravu intact.

What is the role of the Indigo Children - spiritual children in all of this?

Each one is like Abhimanu, taking turns to get into the Chakravu. Yet, few are Arjuna, who know to get in and get out. You must attain both truth and wisdom - learn to aim and shoot.

Let god by your charioteer and your guide.

What will I do, myself, to fight NWO?

Protecting the castle with your sword and your shield
You are one of the warriors, god will work through you
Light worker shall be victorious.

Thank you

Mention not. Do the exercises. Keep going. You are on the right path, the path to truth. Now learn wisdom to get out of the Chakravu. You can't help everyone.

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 12:10 AM
Session 7: 12/3/05

In meditation I saw this divine deity being. I then proceeded to do my channeling afterwards, this time the subject is the being whom I saw.

Hi to my guide

Hello (I see his hand come and touch me)

Today, I saw you?


You are very majestic, powerful, truly a deity being!

Tat Tvam Asi(Thou art also this)
Eka Brahman(One Brahman)
Shivo Hum(Shiva - I am)
I am all - Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma

I am Brahma

Are you God?

Who isn't? This is the same energy. We grow, evolve into this being. We are all one with him, but also every part of him is alive. He is our mother and father. We know him every moment/

Which world/realm are you in?

Satya Loka(realm of truth) this is the soul world. The beautiful red, gold and white divine rays are my light. This is you beyond your white light. Here all the colors exist in their highest form and form this.

You are so beautiful, so powerful, you truly are a god to me

(Smiles and then raises his palms of his 2nd part of hands, at the centre a star light light is emerging and blesses me)

Will I ever see you completely in your divine form, as vivid as I can see this paper?

Arjuna, could concentrate his mind on only his target and saw only the target. You see me now in this form, but also see the paper and the pen and the candle and the carpet. When you completely concentrate on me, you will see only me. First learn to see a single physical point. Aim and shoot and you will reach me.

Is this your permenant form?

Akal Murat - I have no form. I am the golden light. This form is only for you.

What does the spiraling serpent/snake symbolize?

The spiral of time, space and soul. This is the microcosm itself. It is formed of colours, vibrations, these are it's notes of the spiritual DNA. The physical is it's fractal physical form.

I may run out of questions

(I now see a book)

Knowledge will create further questions
Wisdom will create further answers

Will I forget your form?

I am engraved in your mind.

(I now try to do a drawing, but end up with something hopeless)

I hope to see you like a life like image someday

Tat Astu(so be it)

Thank you, and love!

(Smiles and then fades into the golden red light, yet he was still present.)

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
I am Brahma

He is from the Brahmin caste?

posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 11:56 PM
Indigo_Child wrote

How does one attract/extract the teeming energy from space?

Extract from the energy well with a container
The container is the containment field
More energy = more powerful field

Using a resonant circuit, the flow of positrons become electrons - the unmanifest becomes the manifest

How is the containment field made?

Circuit of magnetic field of high flux and crystals - will extract from energy well.

How is this circuit made?

You won't understand(lol)

Try me?

A motherboard, with a resonant circuit, the field generated by it - is like a net that traps energy and the finer the net, the more energy trapped. The arrangement of the circuit and the magnets, induct the electricity .

See if you can get a digram of this device(Schematics) . I have a lot of electronics work behind me. And it would be interesting to see if it works, Free engery would change the world. Not to mention we would be rich. LOL J/k money is not the answer to all problem but it would give us more time to do resarch about this and other metaphysical topics.



posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by National Security Agency

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
I am Brahma

He is from the Brahmin caste?

No, he said he was Brahma. Maybe, because I recognised his form as Brahma. Brahma is part of the Vedic trinity of the creator, preserver and destroyer. However, the form I was shown, was just for me. Otherwise, he said he was just pure formless energy.

He demonstrated this to me by making me ascend the Charkas - electromagnetic spectrum, after white, I had become the same red golden white light that was around me and had merged into it. I then realised that what seemed like apparent stillness and red golden light, was actually formed of infinite souls. It was quite literally the soul world.

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