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I think the Impeachment is an attempt to negotiate out of being investigated.

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posted on Oct, 21 2019 @ 02:15 PM

originally posted by: bloodymarvelous

originally posted by: chr0naut

There were 10 instances documented in the Mueller report. They empirically occurred. The only unresolved issue is as to motivation - was there intention to obstruct the course of justice?

With recent issues pointing to Trump's general motivations, I think the case against, strengthens, act by act.

And all 10 of them are weak.

We shall see.

A decision by vote of Congress, has not been made yet.

Would you care to share your lottery pick for Wednesday with me? Tell me what horse will win the next horse race?

Pretty please?

Sure; 13, 23, 5, 11, 41 and 59.

That's Lotto, though, not a horse race, LOL.

If it does turn out that you somehow knew Trump was trying to obstruct justice (rather than avoid a circus spectacle), then at least I will make some money.

Hint, I'm not a lotto millionaire. LOL.

My picks are as good as anyone else's except these are all prime numbers. If they did end up to be the winning numbers, it would be less likely than expected (although I would expect the winner with these numbers to get a bigger cut of the prize pool).

originally posted by: chr0nautPerhaps he forced the resignation of Sessions for reasons that had nothing to do with the national interest?

Read Jeff Sessions' resignation letter.

I think he forced the resignation of Sessions because Sessions took his request for expediency and (without cause) assumed it was a request to not investigate. Rather than what it so obviously was: a request to hurry the investigation up so it could be over sooner.

Spinning things like that would probably motivate me to fire someone too. I would think they were dishonest in general, which is a bad trait in a FBI chief.

Sessions recused himself because he was honest and because he saw a conflict of interest in himself being primary in the investigation. There is no way you can spin that oppositely as you just suggested.

Recusing himself wouldn't be why I would fire him.

It would be spinning the request for expediency into something sinister. Directing more resources to an investigation to speed it up is hardly an "obstruction"

Evidence gets cold if it takes too long to be chased down. More hands means more terrain covered more quickly.

While that may be true, I would expect that a thorough and painstaking investigation would take as long as it takes. Forcing an investigation to fit a brief timeline means that proper forensics and consideration of complex issues would be rushed. Some things just take time.

... and, paragraph 2 of Trump's letter firing Comey explains Trump's motivations. Does that sound like the national interest, or was Trump's thinking more in his own interest?

Trump's letter firing FBI Director James Comey.

I read it as sarcasm.

... and that is appropriate for a President firing an AG?

If that were the case, then Trump doesn't seem to be taking the job seriously.

Perhaps all his rallies were just stand-up?

Taking that dog and pony show seriously? That's a good thing?

Then what is Trump's platform, if all those rallies and speeches were just unfunny stand-up routines?

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