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The American Civil War of 2005 as predicted by John Titor

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 02:58 PM
And what did Titor say about bicycle's ??

"After the war, the main problem was distribution. Can anyone tell me how many companies in the United States still manufacture bicycle tires today? Anyone who still has a bike in 2008 will find out."

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A spike in gasoline prices is fueling what could be the biggest year for U.S. bicycle sales since the Arab oil embargoes more than three decades ago, a leading bike association says.

Again Real TimeTraveler or not it looks more and more like the world he decribed.

John Titor Q: Does the civil war start in such a way that those willing will have time to remove themselves to safer locations? "Yes. You will be forced to ask yourself how many civil rights you will give up to feel safe." Q: Will you readily be able to identify the enemy? "They will be the ones arresting and holding people without due process." "I would define it as a conflict where organized groups engage in maneuver and armed conflict."

Bush has said after Katrina the military should be used in the event of natural disasters, this violates the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (18 USC 1385), now Bush says that we should use the military for the bird flu, or for National Emergencys:

During the Civil War, Lincoln used the military as a federal police force. Civil rights vanished overnight. Americans were arrested at the whim of politicians, incarcerated without trials, and their property seized without due process. The infringements of Constitutional law were so aggregious that the people enacted Posse Comitatus in 1878 to protect themselves from the federal government.

This is like the third time I have used this link, Its a Must Read for Americans Armed manuver and combat, we have the Armed manuver from one side, do you think the miliary won't start "Training" for policing America? or have they allready. Military Training must beconidered Armed Manuver even if it is only 1 side doing the manuvering.


posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 03:17 PM
I'm glad you brought up the federal police. Can you point me to the legislation that creates the federal police ? any pictures of the uniform ?

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 04:17 PM
It wasnt a police officer shot in NO that i was talking about, it was the 5 (yes FIVE) FEDERAL officers that were shot and killed BY the police (with three more wounded) - that makes at least 8 federal officials that engaged the police in a shootout. I know this because i have relatives in law enforcement down there.

Instead of facts you spout propoganda. I guess one can never fight against unending propoganda being currently injected into our minds. We might as well all close our minds and give up.

BTW - can you think of an event when you were 8 years old that describes the current situation? If it were me, i'd have to use "Carter's botched iranian hostage rescue" or "iranian hostage crises" or something similar - and it wouldn't come close to being exactly right, but it would give indicators.

An open mind is good, but if its so open that the wind blows through, thats bad. A closed mind is bad, but one so closed it never opens is worse.

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 06:10 PM
I don't even remember how was the world when i was 8 years old...

i'll go look in old news.. oh yeah Bosnia and Rwanda. The military went in Bosnia and there was a genocide in rwanda... But i wasn't enought informed of the events to have an opinion about those...

And General Electric is doing well, they have enought money to built a time travel machine

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 12:25 PM
1st post

hi everybody, i guess you'll love to hear that this thread prompted me to register here, my first contribution, for all it's worth:

found somewhere in the 20s and 30s of this monster thread....

Titor said that there would be Waco type events in 2004 (GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD ROTH -


2. He said that by 2008 everyone would realize the world they once enjoyed is now over. The very next sentence he states again the Civil War begins in 2004.

(my emphasis)

i got to read JT's ramblings as late as 2003, probably a result of my preocuppation with computer hardware related flamewars in 2000/1, so i never got the chance to ask a him a few unpleasant questions, oh well, i'm digressing...

the link i provided will lead you to a story of a young woman being killed by 'less lethal' pepper gun, it should be noted that their riot gear was brand spanking new back then, purchased in time for the election.. i'd wager if ONE side prepared for conflict that would still make it a conflict, even though the intended target population need not be aware. just in case you'd like to know, i'm personally sceptical of JT, since eg. there was a chance the federales would up the ante wrt 'crowd control' equipment everytime they get a decent excuse, election 2004 -> more weapons + demented trigger happy looneys -> incidents, probably fatal... or something. btw Roth Joint, if you were less fixated on Tasers, you probably would have cought her case already and my appearance would have been much less likely. well that's timelines for you...

i don't wish to insult anyone, but there are certain posts which are way over the top, imho, wrt to taser usage and how it's OK to risk somebody's life just 'cause you feel like it (that is, only if you wear the appropriate badge). i was about to search for passages to illustrate my point, but they wouldn't do much good out of context anyways, if you desire, i will look them up and post links to what i'm referring to.

how come it's suddenly OK to kill yes KILL somebody when he/she's at less then full health? i don't get the reasoning, next time i get catch a severe cold, would it be fine and dandy to taser me dead just 'cause i failed to maintain full health?! by the same token, anyone allergic to certain antibiotics could be culled because therapies have to be standardized or somesuch nonesense - of course, the entire point is moot anyway, because i seriously doubt that every dead taser victim was somehow deficient in health, sure individuals probably vary in terms of electrotolerance (is that even a word?) but that's certainly not an illness, more like a feature like fair skin (more susceptible to sunlight) is that reason enough to be 'selected', in the darwinian sense, nowadays?

then there's the trouble with 'obedience' - including the dreadful consequences of disobeying - which is used to justify tasering little girls, aren't you ashamed to even try rationalising such sadistic practice?i certainly hope that you (you know who i mean if you're one of them) are doing it in vain hope to appease and for nothing else, the alternative would be just too cruel, wouldn't it?

oh, btw, appeasement never works, but i guess anybody with a dose of knowledge of history already knows that.


i'd like to ask a question: answer any way you wish:

Do you believe a policeman / federal agent / soldier / anybody should have dictatorial powers over you, no matter if there's clearly no danger involved to anyone, or not?

if the answer is anything but a resounding NO, then we all might as well let this thread die, shut up and avoid growing too fond of being alive, or we'll be mercilessly blackmailed by friendly totalitarians, who are overly concerned with our 'safety' and 'security'.

PS: JT being real or not is imho irrelevant at this point, what's going on isn't, so be advised, the intensity of denial is directly proportional to the anxiety of the poster.

[edit on 10-10-2005 by Long Lance]

[edit on 10-10-2005 by Long Lance]

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 12:55 PM
"PS: JT being real or not is imho irrelevant at this point, what's going on isn't, so be advised, the intensity of denial is directly proportional to the anxiety of the poster. "

first, welcome !
secondly, this thread is about an american civil war, as predicted by John Titor. As an american, a civil war here is a topic that inspires passion from me. I have no anxiety in relation to this, as it struck me as creative fiction from the day I read it.

and for the record, still no waco events, no civil war, the ice caps are melting at a faster rate, and there is no such thing as the federal police.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 03:38 PM
i wasn't directing my remark about anxiety at anyone in particular, i regarded the merciless repetition seen in the middle of this thread as a clear sign of universal frustration, i mean what for? (applies to both 'sides' mind you). first, the standard response was simply 'no waco style events so far which is OK and understandable, once Roth Joint brought his library of taser cases to bear, the nature of these incidents was challanged (paraphrased: 'only criminals' , 'failed to obey', etc) as soon as that was out of the way they were again simply not comparable with waco. well, duh, why not start there? so much forum space for nothing.

any comparison depends on the criteria used, if you compare scale, media attention, death toll and so on, tasers and waco are quite different, otoh if you compare the pattern of double standards, blatant disregard for law & constitution, there are many parallels (as pointed out ~100 tines, lol) was anybody involved in the waco bloodbath ever tried in court for it? how many of these 'less-lethal' killers? just curious, because a 'normal person' can't just walk out on a violent death, gotta convince the jury first, you know?

regardless wether the 2008 Olympics will be cancelled or not (the only definitive prediction i'm aware of), what's happening right now in the west is not for the faint of heart, if the brakes are not applied soon, like yesterday, tbh, something ugly is bound to happen, even if looks nothing like JT's version of history. special powers are NEVER revoked, and that's a serious problem. complacency is even worse, i mean what has eminent domain got to do with war or terror? nothing you say? now please tell me wether any of you think the gov't would have gotten away with such sweeping claims without 9.11?

is that OK with you? would you fight over this issue?

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 03:43 PM
thanks for reminding me about the olympics ! the repetition comes from the OJ factor.

most people had their minds made up before the trial if OJ was guilty or not, evidence be damned.
Most posters here have their minds made up about titor, evidence be damned. so you get the old theory that if no one is listening to your logic

pump up the volume and repeat yourself

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 05:02 PM
People, time to take a deep breath, relax, and read. This Titor story is the biggest example of human ignorance I've ever seen on this site. People have accepted him as fact without any TRUE substantial evidence.

This is an short and unorganized thread about the many EDUCATED assumptions one can make.

There are three groups of people on this site, AND ONLY THREE.

1. People that are strongly with Titor's story.
2. People that are strongly against Titor's story.
3. People that act like they are neutral yet, it is evident that they believe that Titor was real.

Why do people want to believe that Titor was real? Why do people act like they "want" a civil war? I couldn't understand until a little while ago until I examined some aspects of society. People WANT a civil war, what can be the possible reasons for this? It could be that they WANT to use that gun they have collecting dust in the closet. It could be because the WANT to raid the local grocery store or steal a few cars in the impending anarchy. It could be because they WANT to escape from their boring lives, what can be better at doing that then shooting up the neighbourhood. These reasons are rather "clean" next to the racial and discriminatory reasons that some people many want this war to occur. All of these reasons are FACT about why people would want a war to start.

All of Titor's claims are vague and could be assumed at the time period he made them, end of story.

His claims of microwave weapons could have been assumed during the late 90s. Any non-lethal weapon can be made lethal, isn't it possible to kill someone with a pellet gun?

He made no mention about the Sumatra earthquake, or any other disaster. He evaded questions about the future of the environment.

Titor not being detected on the internet might have been indicated that he was using a UNIX based computer at the time. Those systems are difficult to trace by any means, that's why people never found his location. That's maybe why he got so tempered in his replies about the UNIX problem. He may have been a geek in denial of UNIX's flaws.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 05:35 PM
There is topic civil war here not John Titor is a hoax.
Let me write topic once more
I need to repeat it for people who read but didn't understand.
The American Civil War 2005, so topic is civil war on American soil in year 2005.
What else is the topic here: "AS predicted by John Titor"
So It is not about John Titor it is about possible civil war, it is about conflict where armed groups are involved etc.
Secondly, people are not for civil war and they don't want to use weapons collecting dust etc, but if your rights are permanently on regular bases being abused by administration of violence, sed supression you can not ignore it forever, because first they came for.... and I wasn't.
There is no one single man who can ignore this happenning more and more.
Tazer deaths are all Waco and whoever says it isn't is lying on purpose or unintended but lying. It is illegal and excessive usage of violence.
Someone says here should we let people got killed just because they are not electroresistant enough?
My answer is no!
There is enough violence in the street anyway.
People go in civil war out of fear, out of fear for their survival. If they feel threatened they will fight back. There is not issue about guns, even if you don't have gun you can fight.
We can name John Titor a prophet, because he told of the things to be.
If his prophecy is his history that is not provable, but as someone already said on several topics how many proof do you people want?
I have nothing more to say right now, but wanted to stick to the topic, so no more about John Titor is or isn't time traveller proving the civil war is not present danger.
And one more thing, do you really think they like to put it on CNN or FOX news if some unrest is developing?
I woudn't put it in the media if I were in charge, too.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 05:49 PM
Let me read what the forum is called for people who didn't understand it... Predictions "and" Prophecies. The little "&" may have sparked some confusion. But it clearly says Predictions and it also said prophecies. If it was just about a civil war then it would be in another forum. But since it's the Predictions & Prophecies forum that means that John Titor has some resposiblity in this prediction.


posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 06:01 PM
Sorry Mancow but i think the two are intertwined, JT and the civil war... one proves or disproves the other.

Ever since iv'e read about JT ive been trying to think of some concrete ways to debunk him (that may not be aparrent to anyone considering my previous posts - but i just hadnt found one i felt worthy of yet).

Heres my first crack at debunking:

Jt says that his time travel device knows its when/where by some sort of gravity detector that is so highly tuned, if its just slightly off it will bring the timetraveler 'out of warp' and into whatever time period it was currently passing though. How could that be? Doesn't gravity (at any given 'spot')differ throughout even just one year?

The moon effects gravity (keeps earths wobble stable, the ocean tides etc) on a daily basis and in cycles (ie its effects on any one spot varies between any two given moments with a varying 'swinging back and forth' type effect). Also, the differing 'angle of earths inclination' between summer and winter would also slightly (miniscule, but a change nontheless) change gravity.

Isn't his idea of a gravity meter flawed? Could someone shed some light on this for me, i don't really know that much about gravity, so its all just a thought.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 06:58 PM
if the "american hiroshima" spoken of by paul williams comes to pass in a week or two and if what i hear about mosques being small armories is accurate, we could easily see armed conflict in the final part of the year.

all it takes is some mullah over there ordering american muslims to resist being taken to camps [ that if they DO go they will be put to death ], and it's anarchy time

i know this is off the wall BUT........ what if titor was nothing more than a psychic who decided to present himself in the guise of a time traveller? he sure as heck succeeded in getting his predictions [disguised as factual reports from his time travels] heard and considered on the internet, didn't he

anyone care to respond ??

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 10:35 PM
Somehow, saying "I told you so" Isn't that satisfying. I only hope that you all have taken some precaution for the upcoming calimity.

Natural Disaster is going to destroy America from within in the form of a great earthquake to the St.Louis Area, and to make things much much worse this will disrupt the Yellowstone Super Caldera causing it to erupt. The USA Govt. already knows about it,...because they are causing it using Tesla's scalar technology from Space and the HAARP array. The Republican Party, the Party of Abe Lincoln, is using this Calamity to enforce a Police State on the American People. The Christian Right Wing of the Republican Party wants to use the American Force to usher in the new Age of the Second Coming of Christ. Both Abe Lincoln and George W. Bush cater to the desires of the Christrian Church. Rome will be destroyed And the Church will be moved to within the American Empire. The United States of Jesusland is now upon you.

The enabling act that Bush has requested is the final piece to the puzzle.

Who would have thought that the first Scalar War would be used by the World Greatest Power against its own people.

Welcome to the End Game.

[edit on 10-10-2005 by Where2Hide2006]

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by GoldEagle

1. People that are strongly with Titor's story.
2. People that are strongly against Titor's story.
3. People that act like they are neutral yet, it is evident that they believe that Titor was real.


that's probably quite accurate, tbh, i'd love to be indifferent towards JT's story, but i can't, there's too much coincidence, although, curiously, i do not expect these events will come to pass like a B movie.

let me try to explain if i don't make any sense, sorry for that.

whenever people have a conversation, they assume a lot, explicit information is rare, perhaps even scarce, we live in a context which we take for granted, IF there were hints of deviating backgrounds (assuming this guy actually was some sort of alien) chances are we (and JT) would overlook them. has anyone asked him about Nostradamus, for example?

let this sink in for a millisecond, all this guy was talking about was WW3 and how evil we are, no mention of the past, except for Jesus Christ of course and, duh, the Y2K bug. as silly as that may sound when typed into the same sentence. Y2K didn't happen, which can be assumed the biggest cop-out ever or, if we still believe he's in a way real, or a sign of something more fundamental, basically that our world looks similar but the nuances of history are different, therefore our reaction to future events will be different, too, which i strongly assume, for purely irrational reasons of course.

as i've indicated earlier, a development can be predicted, sometimes over long periods of time, presidential elections going hand in hand with a police /crowd control arms race being one example, it's perfectly clear that statemen's percieved need for security and importance knows neither moderation nor limits, eg. summits usually held in citys, inhabitants kicked out as if they were peasants, is it so wrong to expect the trend to continually worsen? it isn't it's ingrained in the sytem, there is NO choice, NO chance to tear around the steering wheel barring superhuman efforts.

i suppose you are familiar with the a political theory where crisis are understood as opportunites to (re)shape the political landscape, like they did in 9/11 ? if not you'll probably vaguely remember it, some people loved to talk smack in the wake of 2001.. that's exactly the case here, we're living through a period of boneheaded collectivism, the art of politics is understanding when to do what and patience can be very useful (Bismark, paraphrased) - or detrimental if you pick the wrong time, or more accurately, miss it.

question is, will the crisis which, is imho, next to inevitable take the shape and extent of JT's horror story or not? i doubt it, i believe, and that's only personal intuition if you wish that we are not complacent enough to let this happen, which we won't know until 'it' hits the fan. you see Y2K could have easily been dismissed as BS, as many still believe. (for the record, i DON'T, i heard of strange surreal horror tales half a year later that Berlin's emergency services had beedn FUBARED by Y2K resulting in ~10-20 people slowly dying while stuck in car wrecks for hours and many homes burning down to the basements while being 'contained' by garden hose firefighting by local residents, while, on the harmless side, a local photo studio had to close a week earlier because all buisiness data had been lost in a Y2K related crash)

ok, so long as we're stuck in the pigheaded currents of history, our world will look like JT's in the beginning, because what's happening is just the final manifestation of things gone wrong for decades, it would take more decades to correct it, if we could - or 'reboot' aka. revolution. that's exactly what's missing in JT's fairy tale, fighting, yes, atrocities, yes, effective broadscale resitance? no. Russia supposedly bailed them out by the use of well, questionable means.

- - -

by Master Wu

...Isn't his idea of a gravity meter flawed? Could someone shed some light on this for me, i don't really know that much about gravity, so its all just a thought.

glad you mention it i was at first unsure wether to discuss this aspect here, but i feel it's at least partially on topic. one thing that struck me as odd wrt John Titor, from the beginning was his awfully slow method of traverse, i mean HG Wells' idea of a time machine includes a short trip where time spent traveling is merely used to 'navigate through time' as you'd drive a locomotive, most 'slider' and timetravel novels include no delay at all, the time machine is more like a jump drive, operating instantly.

i have never ever stumbled across timetravel fiction including rather modest 'range' (60 years) and hours of travel. this is as far as i know, uniquely JT, whatever that means (wether he's just a freak thinking outside the box or the real deal) plus it's completely consistent with his descriptions of a 'gravity lock technique', which would (in case it existed), if i understand it correctly, slowly travel the path of minimal deviation discerning of which would of course take some time, limited by sensor input and speed of calculation determining 'time rate' (faster proc, faster travel), so no, imho, there's no inconsistency with VGL units, because even the closest variety of your universe still features Luna circling Terra, changes exist but they are minimal on the chosen path. sry for spelling errors and looong post :p edit: bold text got out of hand

[edit on 11-10-2005 by Long Lance]

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 12:06 PM
Titor said he was not going to try to Stop the civil war because in his opinion, his side won.
Titor said he would not give info about natural disasters and large terrorist strikes, because there wasn't anything we could do to stop them.

First natural disasters:
He said "what would you tell some one that 100,000 people are going to die tomorrow" Just how many Natural disasters have happened in our history that include that many dead?....the Tsnami is the only one I know of.

Civil War USA:
If president Bush gets his way and gains military control of natural and national disasters, then you have the Federal side Engaging in Armed manuver and combat against civilians...if they quarrintine lets say Memphis Tenn. and you live there and try to escape you bet the military will kill you. However I don't believe Congress will give these powers to a president meyered in controvercy/scandel...rovegate,Delay,Frist, BS Iraq War...ect..ect. But if he does succeed, pray for our country, and our way of life, for the USA the way we know it will be over.

All of this talk about John Titor, don't you think it would cause differances in what he predicted?


posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 12:35 PM
didn't titor characterize the civil war as city folks how move out of the cities to avoid the erosion of their const rights, and rural folks ? didn't he go out of his way to say it was not a conflict between democrats and republicans , or civilian vs state ?

any americans out there ready to take up arms and kill other americans ? by the end of this year ?

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 09:32 PM
first off, as far as "facts" go. did any of you saying anything having to do with science, prove with your own experiments that time travel or the ice caps were melting.

you act like the government cant buy people out. now thats ignorant. scientist arent making some huge amount of money, and a huge bonus from the government to make an article thats title is false and sum of the information is inaccurate is extremely likely.

now, since everything you people said about science had just been shut down, what facts do you have? not many im guessing other then personal opinions.

this situation goes just like religion, UFO's, or string theory to me. "Cant prove it, its not true. Cant disprove it though, and its not false."
meaning if you can neither prove nor disprove it, stop acting like your personal opinion matters in proving it(or disproving it)

and thatsjustwierd:
where are your links and why dont you ever read what people say? winds do effect the surge...your a brilliant one

roth joint:
thanks for posting links, at least you come somewhat creditable

everyone else:
unless your a scientist who can prove he/she has come across an amazing discovery effecting any part of this topic i suggest you stop fighting why your right. its pointless. you might as well go into religion and beliefs section and tell them god doesnt exist....then watch the outcome.

in other news. i like how 3 cops felt it was necessary to punch a 64 y/o man 4 times in the face, knee him in the stomach. and forcfully arrest him while he lay in a puddle of blood. then further more hit a reporter who was catching it all in action.....want the link

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 10:01 PM
Came along this site and here is a chatroom chat titor had on the website....

TimeTravel_0 : The civil war in the US has two sides.
TimeTravel_0 : I fought on one side.
G° : they usualy do
wyrmkin_37 : proceed sir................
TimeTravel_0 : The other side got nuked by Russia.
G° : i see
G° : not north and south again was it?
TimeTravel_0 : In 2036, they are our largets trading partner.
TimeTravel_0 : No...more like city angainst country.'
wyrmkin_37 : majorities against minorities.......
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
TimeTravel_0 : You know...guns versus no guns.
TimeTravel_0 : Power versus no power.
TimeTravel_0 : Un troops versus no UN troops.

This looks like a government vs. citizens war. The people using UN troops is the government and the people not using UN troops is the citizens. Possibly happen if Bird Flu comes and quanantine's are forced? Side that got nuked by Russia is the government.

"From the age of 8 to 12, we lived away from the cities and spent most of our time in a farm community with other families avoiding conflict with the federal police and national guard. By that time, it was pretty clear that we were not going back to what we had and the division between the 'cities' and the 'country' was well defined. "

Government controlled the cities.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 10:29 PM
^welcome to the thread, guess your alil behind. o well

anyway like i said before, none of you can "prove" anything. unless one of you are some sort of scientist that can do such experiments.

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